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Friday, 5 April 2013
05:26:18 PM (GMT)
30- Writier's Choice - L O S T

Seventeen so far.  Seventeen opportunities he saw her and she looked through him.  It
was the only way, though.  He couldn't see her until she was 26, when he'd finally
finish with this ridiculous jumping and find her again.  He'd seen it the first time,
and couldn't forget about that kiss.  The one he was never supposed to see, and he'd
created a timeline- an impossible timeline of himself, and he'd discovered that he
could see her safely any time before she was 15.  That left a year for her to forget
the strange boy in the jacket before she finally met him.  Before she finally saw

This was the only time their timelines matched.  Kieth was six, and had never even
heard of Jumping.  This time there had been a man.  An incredible man, a happy man,
with a red-headed friend and a nurse.  The woman had found him in the orphanage in
1756- the only one in Wales, and had held his hand as they ran from the burning
building.  She sat with him later that day, and failed miserably in explaining that
the world wasn't flat, and that aliens existed, and that this 'Please Box' was magic.
 Kieth had ignored her, running instead to the man in the funny bowtie who was
smiling at him from across the room.  The woman was wearing a very short skirt, and
it made the little boy uncomfortable, never mind all this blasphemous talk of
'universes'.  The funny man had explained things in a simpler way, and said that he
could show him the future, in a place called London.  Keith, of course, had heard of
it, but only in the tales that his tutors would tell him.  The man had given him some
modern clothes, claiming that they'd allow him to blend in, although the boy severely
doubted that in any universe a stiff blue jacket and straight blue trousers of the
same material would all him to be normal.
The Please Box landed in a park, next to a statue of someone the nurse called 'Peter
Pan', and the four of them stepped outside, with Kieth clinging to the Doctor's hand.
 After an hour of introductions (both to the landscape, scenery and inhabitants of
the Police Box), the Doctor allowed him to have a wonder around the park, so
long as he never left the fence.  Kieth happily complied, running off until he found
a family.  It was a small, broken up family, which didn't seem to have either a
mother or father, but it seemed that the boy and two girls were related, all sporting
the same raven hair, and sitting in a cosy group on the floor.  Kieth had stood for a
moment, simply watching, before sitting down under a bush with his legs crossed to
watch the siblings.  The brother was reading to the girls, but a story that Kieth had
never heard before.  The youngest of the sisters kept looking over to the boy beneath
the bush, giggling, and finally pointed to him.  Kieth lowered his head to his hands,
afraid of a thrashing, or worse, from the boy who had just looked over.  He squeezed
his eyes shut and prayed as hard as he could to turn invisible, but before an 'amen'
passed his lips, there was a tap on his shoulder.
"You has a funny hair."  The little girl giggled, reaching out a chubby hand and
ruffling it, completely destroying his neat parting.
"E-excuse me, miss?"
"You has.  A funny.  Hair!"  She grinned, immensely proud of herself for this
incredible new hair style.
"Forgive me, miss, my name is Master Kieth.  Who are you?"
Another fit of giggles, "You talks funny too!  I'm Lynette, but you can call me
Lynnie, like Minnie Mouse, and I'm four! Like a big girl now!"
"Lynnie?  I'm of six summers..."
"BIRDIEEEEEEEE!  Birdie lookie, a boy!" Lynette called back, and the remaining boy
and girl stood up to examine him.  Kieth froze, hugging his knees as he looked up at
the three people.
"Lynnie, you haven't been mean, have you?  Are you okay?  You look a little
scared..."  The 'birdie' asked, offering a hand to Keith, which was taken and shaken,
as he was taught gentlemen do.  The boy raised an eyebrow, and opened his mouth to
say something before he was interrupted by a shout.
"Keith!  Keith where are y- Oh!  Hello!"  The Doctor grinned happily and walked
towards them, helping Kieth up and scanning the family.  His eyes settled for a
moment on the middle child, but introduced himself to the boy, "Hello!  I'm t-  I'm
Keith's father, sorry, has he been a nuisance?"
"My father..?"
"Yes, shush, you'll blow my cover... Ha!  Bright chap, isn't he?  Sorry, Fourniers,
must dash!"  The Doctor chuckled, grabbing Robyn's hand and shaking it, and waving to
the girls.
"Sorry, how'd you kno-"
"Bye!  Nice to meet you Robyn... Lynette and... Emilie, isn't it?!  Yes, alright,
I've said too much... Have to go, bye!"

n i n e
This time, Keith had overtaken Emilie.  She was eight, and he was fifteen.  By now,
although he still hadn't tried it, the Doctor had told him about Jumping, and he'd
recieved several lessons from a certain Captain Jack.  He'd been living with the
Doctor, and had outstayed Amy and Rory, though apparantly they'd see eachother again.
 Although many times had passed in which he hadn't spoken with the Emilie girl, he'd
seen her several times, and although he adamantly refused it, Keith got the
impression that the Doctor was purposefully picking times that would cross with hers.
 This was their ninth encounter.  The swing encounter.  Although he was only seven
years older than her at this point, he supposed that he'd done at least twenty years
of living, and probably looked like the adult she mistook him for.
Keith had known on their seventh encounter, when she was on her first date, and a
stubborn pit of envy brewed in his heart and wouldn't move, he knew then that the
Doctor was doing this on purpose.  He liked Emilie, and she never knew his name.  It
wasn't fair.  He had finally thought that, at a park in the middle of Autumn in the
school day, he thought they wouldn't meet... But it seemed as though fate drew them
together every time...  Was he really destined to fall for an impossible girl?

e i g h t e e n
The Doctor had warned him this day would come... The day he'd be able to re-meet her
at last.  There had been a break at number eleven, where they were both sixteen, and
they'd met for a few years, and Keith had stayed put... And then he needed to leave. 
Things had become complicated, and he'd messed with his own timeline, causing a rift
and a change.  A change that meant Emilie met someone else, and he fell in love with
her best friend.  Except because that was a doomed timeline, the version of himself
that loved her friend was destroyed, leaving the real Keith to follow through the
story.  Every moment was torture, but even moreso was having to watch the doomed
timeline- the one with Emilie and the stranger- being followed through to make sure
it really was doomed.
And now today.  Emilie's birthday, and the Doctor's last gift.  A final Jump for
Finally, he was going home.
Finally, she would welcome him, and he would welcome her with loving arms.
Last edited: 5 April 2013

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