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I'm turning my brain inside out, please enjoy the show.Category: Thoughts.
Saturday, 23 February 2013
04:23:51 PM (GMT)
Do you know what? 
There are so many people in the word, and there are so many more than the ones you
think you see; I mean.  Everyone is almost more than one person.  Things happen, and
your self fractures, splits, and then you have someone else.  I mean, like
characters.  Every character in books, movies, music, was first in a person's mind. 
But now they're separate.  But they can be a person, too, if developed far enough. 
But they aren't considered "real".  They speak and think and act and have a name but
they aren't real.  Now here's a trippy thought, what if we're all God's characters.
hahaha.  But no, I don't really think that's the case.  *sigh*

Well, for me, I know that I can become my characters if I want to.  I can write from
their perspective.  If I give them the room, they'll grow to whatever size I allow. 
They're like real people.  Except they're not material. 

I don't know where my brain is going with this; it's just that if I looked at the
masses, everyone, humanity as a whole, I know that there are so many more people
there that you can't see.  Some of them have become part of our culture.  Does this
make any sense?  But some of them will never even be born.  Some of them are trapped
in the dark corner's of a person's mind.  Some of them will never breathe or have
that lightning spark of realness, because their creator denies them and pushes them
forcefully back into the shadows. 

I sound like I'm on drugs right now.

Okay. How about, 

going through life, people realize more and more about themselves.  And sometimes,
they discover parts of themselves that don't really match up with the rest.  And they
think, "This isn't who I thought I was."  Like, if a person knows himself to be calm,
confident, and collected, but then discovers that he has a dark side, an angry side,
a side that is incongruent with his preformed perception of himself.  So, he may not
want this part of him to be a part of him.  So he'll allow it to separate.  Then it
will become someone else.  He may even give it a name.  Or simply think of it as
Someone Else.  Then, whenever that side of him shines through, whenever his angry
becomes uncontrollable, he will be appalled with himself; he'll say, "That wasn't me!
That was Someone Else.." and so on.  Do you get it now?  

So, our characters are essentially pieces of ourselves that we have, for whatever
reason, allowed to separate from the whole. 

So there are infinitely many people in existence, if you consider thought and
abstract concepts and illusory imaginings to be existence, which I do.
Last edited: 23 February 2013

branches says :   23 February 2013   263801  
but they're not people really are they ?
I mean the way you describe it it's more like a point of view or voice
or whatever

I don't mean to disagree with you about nitpicky bits btw


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