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I got slapped and a number...Category: (general)
Wednesday, 16 January 2013
12:44:16 AM (GMT)
Went to walmart today with my sister. I went off to the sporting goods and headed
off to the women section. I got done and came to the women section and there was this
girl looking at bras.
She picked up one that looks nice. I came up to her and said, "wow those look nice."
She look smiled and said, "Yes they do." I smirked and said to her, "you know those
things are called boogie holsters." She just looked at me as if I was crazy. "Its
true women are packing weapons, and guys don't have a chance against women." I told
her. She laughed and said, "very true."  I nodded and said, "well you are getting a
nice boobies holster for your big weapons." First blushed and then got mad, and
slapped me. After rubbing my face I said to her, "well lace boobies holster show more
of those dangerous weapon." She took a breath and said, "maybe I should just whip
them out and put you out of your misery." Oh she had me blushing so much I was
shaking my head. We laughed and I was going to go off but she gave me her number
saying, "Next time I might just take you boobies holster shopping with me."

‹Rider_the_Villainess› says:   26 January 2013   337953  
You bastard!!!!!!! Ugh I knew it -slaps you and kicks you in your
notorious_monkey says:   28 January 2013   941489  
what the Hell???

*rub face* 
‹Rider_the_Villainess› says:   30 January 2013   785681  
just ugh i cant believe you!!!!!!!!
notorious_monkey says:   30 January 2013   937259  
Come on I can flirt a little bit..not like you haven't done that. 
‹Rider_the_Villainess› says:   31 January 2013   430285  
i havent!! i actually thought that you wouldve done the
same.......guess i was wrong
notorious_monkey says:   31 January 2013   398750  
Well I do happen to flirt a bit now and then.
Maybe its just me that do harmless flirting to make people day more

Even if I do flirt I always keep only one girl in my heart. But I
guess you don't see it that way. 
‹Rider_the_Villainess› says:   1 February 2013   148659  
hmph hmph....
notorious_monkey says:   1 February 2013   419790  
I still in love with my villainess @Rider_the_Murder 
‹Rider_the_Villainess› says:   4 February 2013   595820  
are you really....or is that a front??
notorious_monkey says:   5 February 2013   196594  
would I have waited all this time if it was a front? 
‹Rider_the_Villainess› says:   5 February 2013   368979  
-crosses arms-
notorious_monkey says:   5 February 2013   420488  
You don't trust me do you? Fine I'm the bad guy, maybe you should
leave. Better yet maybe I should just go. This is why love is so
complicated @Rider_the_Murder 
‹Rider_the_Villainess› says:   6 February 2013   620133  
fine then ill leave.....goodbye
notorious_monkey says:   6 February 2013   954184  
You're running out on me?@Rider_the_Murder 
‹Rider_the_Villainess› says:   7 February 2013   842111  
yes wanted it that way.........
‹•Allodoxaphobia•› says:   7 February 2013   924243  
Just saying... 
He like flirts with a lot of girls on kupika. How is this new?
notorious_monkey says:   7 February 2013   495252  
Why are you doing this? @Rider_the_Murder 

You don't know me and sure as hell don't know who I talk to on here. 
‹•Allodoxaphobia•› says:   7 February 2013   435953  
Because your friends' list isn't a hint.. 
notorious_monkey says:   7 February 2013   393830  
Those are actual friends not ppl I would flirt with.
‹•Allodoxaphobia•› says:   7 February 2013   410295  
notorious_monkey says:   7 February 2013   112223  
Whatever I don't flirt with ppl on here.  I don't have to justify
myself to you. @RushOfColdWind 
‹•Allodoxaphobia•› says:   7 February 2013   680374  
Okie poke-oh 
‹Rider_the_Villainess› says:   8 February 2013   820435  
i dont even know you and leave him alone. Right now your not helping
me with my situation with him. so do me a favor and stay out of this

and you!!!! right now i hate Wal-Mart and there god damn whores
notorious_monkey says:   8 February 2013   252658  
I don't go there to pick up the whores there. I enjoy making fun of
people. most of the time. @Rider_the_Murder 
‹•Allodoxaphobia•› says :   9 February 2013   436457  
Dude, it's in a public diary XD 

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