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The Sky Realm [Chapter 2: Sharilet]Category: Stories
Friday, 21 December 2012
01:43:04 PM (GMT)
The woman was some sort of witch, escaped from a book of horror stories, escaped
from a tortured imagination.  Her hands were bloody; she wiped them on her hair.  Her
hair was thick with grease and dried blood.  Spiders and worms crawled all over her
skin, hiding in her hair and under her tattered cloak.  She reached out a skeletal
hand, and insects swarmed towards me, making me itch.  And then-- she was gone, and I
was drowning in a sea of blood.  My breath became bubbles, and I choked, gulping in
the thick liquid, flailing frantically-- No.  I was in a dark forest.  But these
weren't trees... They were buildings.  Tall, skinny buildings, that went on forever
in endless, monotonous rows... Rats scurried past my feet.  I looked up at the night
sky but saw no stars.  Something was moving behind me; I could feel it, getting
closer.  Slow, black horror spread over me, thicker and darker than the sea of blood.
 I could not cry.  My eyes burned with fear, and my heart beat painfully hard in my
chest; my mind was racing, yet wordlessly-- something was getting nearer, nearer.. 
It was beside me, behind me, above me.  I screamed at its talons sunk into my skull.

My eyes flew open, and I was alone.  Was I?  Yes-- but, the horrible feeling
remained.  Pulling my knees to my chest, I shivered and wept.  The dark feeling was
everywhere, permeating the air, threatening to crush me.  I pulled the soft white bed
sheet over my head, not wanting to see anything.  Sounds, the creaking and moaning of
wood and metal and glass suspended in the sky, and someone speaking softly in the
bedroom below mine... 

I threw back the blankets, kicking them away.  I stood; my bed, a massive, beautiful
canopy bed, that covered thirty square feet and was as tall, was a field of snow in
the moonlight.  I walked across it, not leaving footprints in the snow, only
wrinkling it.  I climbed down the steps, carefully, and sat by the huge bubble
window.  The City twinkled innocently below.  I looked back at the darkness of my
room.  The ceiling was cavernously high.  The carpet was so soft that falling down
was like jumping on a pillow.  Strange and exotic jellyfish floated and swirled in a
sun-shaped aquarium near the door.  Chandeliers made from gold and bronze and adorned
with sapphires, emeralds, and peacock feathers hung above me.  There were chests and
closets filled with beautiful clothing and shoes and headdresses on the left side of
the room.  On the right side, there was a small window, into which I could whisper
anything I desired, anything at all, and a servant would bring it to me.  This room
was designed to be my paradise. 

But it was dark.  The chandeliers could not keep out the darkness.  It swelled in the
corners of the room, grew in the shadows, swirling and waiting anxiously for
nightfall, when it could emerge and envelope me.  And I was alone.  So alone. 

I needed someone here with me.  Someone to keep the darkness away, or else hold my
hand and suffer through it with me.  

My hair itched; my mind flashed the image of the filthy witch woman, insects
swarming, tiny legs on my skin, slimy, spiny antennae probing through my hair, and I
shivered and jumped to my feet, shaking my nightgown, expecting spiders to fall from
it-- No.  That was only a dream.  My hair itched because of my extensions.  I
sprinted over to the large, ancient mirror in the corner of the room.  My hair
extensions were new; of course they itched.  But I finally had the hair I had wanted
for so long.  It was long and silky, a mane of black, with streaks of red, pink, and
silver.  Beautiful, and no insects to be seen.  My breathing steadied.  

I looked out at the City.  The solarsphere was getting brighter, shining over the
City, a mechanical memory of the ancient sun of long ago.  Without it, the City would
be nothing; just as dark as the rest of the world.  But it warmed us.  It generated
power and light, and it gave us hope.  The luminaries who owned it built the sky
realm, so they could be closer to its magnificence.  The solarsphere was life itself.

And it was mine, too.  As the daughter of a luminary, I was a princess of the sky
realm, one of many beautiful girls who sparkled with gems and precious metals, who
walked on the clouds and looked down at the city with gentle adoration.  I was at
home in the sky, surrounded by luxury and beauty unimaginable.  The stars of the sky
and the stars of the city hummed a serene melody as I danced under diamond
chandeliers and slept in a snowy canopy bed.  Life was but a dream. 

And life was but a nightmare.  Sky villas boasted some of the brightest light around,
being so close to the solarsphere, which made our electric lamps surge with warm
energy.  But the darkness could not, would not be banished.  It crept into crevices,
glaring at us with simmering contempt.  It slithered into the minds and hearts of the
luminaries, taunting them, whispering that they had failed to kill it, and that it
would rule them.  It walked along beside us in the brightly lit hallways, our own
shadows, our own secret fears.  

I could not be so alone any longer.  The darkness was following me, offering me the
only company I did not want.  Someone had to help me.
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serendipity29 says:   21 December 2012   369453  
This chapter is very well written too! The one thing I noticed was
that you stated that her hair extensions were new twice, "My hair
itched because of my new extensions. I sprinted over to the large,
ancient mirror in the corner of the room.  My hair extensions were
new; of course they itched." But other than that, the imagery is
amazing. I love this series.
‹✖[[AntisocialButterfly]]✖› says:   21 December 2012   584858  

Thanks again~

I'll see if I can adjust that.. 
‹Dadagamekingrules40› says:   21 December 2012   784685  
Loving the story. Very great imagery going on.
 Really got the mind depicting various scenes!

P.S.  Still waiting on the jellyfish!
‹✖[[AntisocialButterfly]]✖› says:   21 December 2012   879968  


‹Dadagamekingrules40› says:   21 December 2012   206133  
I meant wanting of the jellyfish. I feel like there wasn't enough
‹✖[[AntisocialButterfly]]✖› says:   21 December 2012   665094  
callidus says:   22 December 2012   801768  
Wow, I'm really impressed! Normally when someone advertises a story
on Kupika it's an illiterate mess that's impossible to read; but this
is good! I can't wait to read the rest.
‹✖[[AntisocialButterfly]]✖› says :   22 December 2012   631035  
Thanks! And I know lol.. 


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