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Lunch Date: Stimulating Conversation - Ménage à troisCategory: naughty stories
Sunday, 23 September 2012
03:16:26 PM (GMT)
About a week passed before we met for lunch again. I drove up to Sharon’s work, I
went in to get her and to my surprise there she was talking to that woman that was in
the elevator with us a week ago. I started to turn around and head back out the door,
but before I could I heard Sharon calling out. "Hey you, don't even think about it, I
can't believe that you didn't even call this poor girl. And after you made her blush
and she gave you her number. I'm so embarrassed for you, I can't believe that
I......" Before she could say another word I place my hand over her mouth. "Please do
forgive her, sometimes she just goes off in fits of insanity." I said to the young
woman. She just glanced at me with her gray eyes and smile, "Well I was expecting for
you to call." Nodding my head, "I'll make it up to you, I promise.." Before I could
remove my hand from Sharon’s mouth she slid your tongue between my fingers. I
turned and looked at her, "that’s gross." I said as I removed my hand. "Aw - you
know you liked it," Sharon said as she smiled at me. We all got into my car and
headed down to the lakeside cafe. The waitress sat us close to the window that over
looked the lake. After taking our drink order she left us to our conversation.
Marissa shy gray eyes looked at her cold glass of water, "I bet you never had a lunch
date like this before." Sharon said to Marissa as she took a drink of her water.
Looking up Marissa smile, "I really don't know what to expect but I'm game." 
Sharon’s eyes smile as she entertained some mischievous thought. Patting Marissa
lightly on the hand Sharon said, "He'll be gentle with you, and if not I'll take care
of him."  I looked at Sharon, "Oooh I'm so scared of you now." I smiled and grin, as
the waitress brought us our drinks.  
As I took a sip of my tea, Marissa lean forward and whispered, "Just think of me as a
submissive woman that you can do anything with."  I choking and coughing I looked at
her and then at Sharon. Suddenly a hand patted me on the back, "Sir, are you ok?"
Asked the waitress; I nodded my head as I try to get recover from what Marissa said.
With a grin and a slight blush Marissa looked at me as she took a sip of her drink.
"Oooo, a submissive woman ready for the taking," Sharon said. Glancing over quickly
to the table next to us, I saw the pair of older woman looking at us. Trying to no to
draw too much attention, I looked at Sharon with disconcerting look. Sharon just
smiled at me as she lean toward me. "Just think about it a bit and then work your
magic," she said as she continued on, "imagine that we are on a medium size boat.
Just the three of us, me and Marissa are lying out on the deck getting sun tans.  Or
we could be on a sandy shore of a island beach," Marissa lean forward and eagerly
awaiting what I would say. Knowing that beach stories are fun but wasn't too
creative. I smile as a thought ran through my mind. In a soft whisper I said,
"Imagine, if you would, a Masquerade party. At a club down by the New Orleans bay
area. We have a private booth that overlooked the party. The booth has a two way
mirror. We can see them but they can't see us, unless the lights are on." Marissa
smile from ear to ear, "Oh yeah - one other thing I know you well enough that two
women at the same time would totally blow your mind. So I'll be there to watch."
Sharon said. I smile at Sharon as a wicked smile cross her face. "Oh you would be
just to watch, I know you well enough that you can't just watch, without getting
involved." I told Sharon. She laughed at me, "We'll see." I looked at Marissa, "When
I come into the room, you are standing there at the mirror looking down at the crowd
of people.
You notice me as I came into the room, but didn't say anything. You where dress in a
short 17th Century barmaid outfit. I notice your long silky legs and your ravishing
body, I walked over to you. I stood behind you and place my hands on your hips and
lean in and whisper to you. 'Mmmm barmaids are made to be ravaged.' I would then kiss
you lightly on the back of your neck." Suddenly a hand was placed on my shoulder,
"uhm are you ready to order?" The waitress said with a nervous voice and a blush upon
her face. I wanted to die right that, but only blushed and nodded my head.  "As you
might be able to tell, he likes things hot and spice; even a bit saucy at times, do
you have anything on the menu like that?" Sharon said to the waitress. A horror
shocked came over my face of embarrassment. I kicked her under the table. "Ouch,
apparently he has too much on his plate right now." She continued to banter me. The
waitress face was now flush red and the moment seem to be an eternity. We placed our
orders with the waitress and she left to the kitchen area. But before she went she
lean in towards me and whispered, "uhm you can continue now."  A blush came over my
face as she walked off. Sharon and Marissa lean in, "I should be making money off of
you...But then again I would hate to actually share you with too many women." I
looked at Sharon as she smiled from ear to ear. "Please do continue," Marissa said to
me.   I looked at her, "Yes, I was kissing the back or your neck. I would let me lips
ever so lightly trace up and down the back of your neck, lightly kissing it. I would
then wrap one of my arms around your waist as my other hand caress your face lightly.
I would turn your head and firmly kiss your lips, as I press your body against
Sharon smiled, as she watched Marissa eyes get larger, "While you two are kissing
each other by the mirror I would come into the room quietly. I have on a long coat
and underneath I would be dress in leather strips. Oh yes Mistress bondage." Sharon
said with a grin on her face. I looked at her, "Mistress bondage? I thought you were
just watching??" Sharon smiled and looked at me, "Hey watching, playing? What the
diff?"  Marissa now as into the imagery, "please continued." I took a drink of my tea
and continued, "We would notice Ms. Bondage woman coming in to the room. I whisper to
you to put your hand on the mirror and not move a muscle, as I pull down the top of
your barmaid custom. Your breasts are exposed and my hands would run up your body
until they get to your breasts. I would cup them and squeeze them firmly..." As I
paused, Sharon added her bit to the story. "As he is caressing your breasts, I would
come up behind him and kiss he neck and whisper to him and you, 'she'll make a sweet
little slave girl. I want to hear her scream and moan with pleasure, begging for you
to have your way.' I would push his hips into your Marissa, telling you, 'beg for it
little girl.' I could hear you moan and whisper yes."  "UHM!" A voice came from the
other table and we all looked up and smiled at the older woman at the other table.
Sharon started to giggle and Marissa try to regain composure as her face was red as a
beet. We all started to laughed, the people in the restaurant looked in our direction
and was clueless to our conversation. Perhaps with the exception to the table with
the older women that might have been ease-dropping. I excuse myself for a moment. I
got up and ask the waitress the directions to the restroom. She show me the way since
it was on the way to the kitchen area.
I went into the restroom, "Man those are two hot chicks you are with." I looked over
it was one of the waiters. "Yeah they are both remarkable women." I told him. A few
moments later I came back to the table. "So was she good?" Sharon asked me. I looked
at her with a perplexing look, "what are you talking about?" I asked Sharon. "Well
you both where going for a bit and I thought she might have been giving you a
blow-job or maybe you were making scream for her daddy." Marissa burst out laughing
and Sharon couldn’t help but do the same. I was now totally embarrassed to be seen
with her.  "You know I was only teasing you. She seemed to be a sweet girl, but
knowing you, you might corrupt her." I looked at Sharon, "Oh who is corrupting whom?
And tonight you will pay." Sharon's face got serious, "yes I must be punished,
daddy." I just shook my head.  The waitress came over with our lunch, "here you go,
enjoy." We started eating our food with polite conversation. After taking a bite of
her tuna Marissa looked at me, "please go on with your story." I swallowed the shrimp
that I had in my mouth, "let were facing the mirror as I caressed your
breasts and Sharon was grinding the front of my pants into your butt..." I told
Marissa as I looked at Sharon with a sausage half way in her mouth. I grin, "Well I
would press your body against the large mirror. Your breasts are pressed firmly
against it, and if people could see they would be shocked. I would take my hands and
slip them under your short dress, teasingly play with your panties My fingers would
slowly slip in between your panties and soft smooth skin."  Sharon swallowed her bite
of sausage, "While you are teasing Marissa, I would unzip your pants and reach in and
stroke your cock. I would pull it out and rub it against Marissa’s butt, letting
her feel your long stiff cock. ‘Make her beg for it,’ I would tell you.” I took
a drink for my glass and notice the waitress came back around, “is everything ok
here? Do y'all need anything?” Before I could answer her, Sharon said, “Yes
everything is great, there is nothing like stimulating conversations to go with
lunch.”  The waitress smiled and shook her head, as she placed her hand on my
shoulder. “Well enjoy, and if there’s anything I can get for y'all let me
know.” She said as she walked away.
Sharon grinned from ear to ear, as I looked at her. “OMG I think she is has wanton
desire for you. Did you see how she looked at him and oh, she even placed her hand on
his shoulder.” Marissa grinned and laughed slightly as she listened to Sharon going
on. We started to finish our lunch and Sharon nudged me to finish the conversation. I
looked at Marissa right in her gray eyes, “I would slip your panties down letting
you step out of them, exposing your sexy ass and legs to me. I would lean in toward
you and tell you to spread your legs more. Exposing yourself even more to me.”
Sharon grin, “I would take his cock and slowly rub it against your swollen pink
opening. I would tease you with it each time as you moan and pant with pleasure. And
when you can’t take it any more I push my hips against his and drive his cock into
you.”  I looked at Sharon, “Are we penis envy here?” Sharon eyes glared at me,
“She only has 45 minutes for lunch. So you need to move it a bit not to make her
late.” I looked at Sharon, “so wham bam thank you ma'am?” Marissa laughed and
the older women next to us laugh. Which made us all wonder where we really talking
that loud. Marissa said shyly, “well you can’t just leave a girl hanging and with
a hard cock inside of her.” I just smiled, “I would hold you still against the
mirror as I slowly slid my cock deeper inside of you. With every thrusting motion the
mirror would vibrate as you lean against it. I would pull your arms back pressing
your breasts and body against the mirror.”  Sharon placed her glass down on the
table. “I would lean against the mirror as well facing you and tell him to go
deeper into you. Whispering to you ‘scream Marissa, scream;’ While I fondle my
breasts in front of him.” I looked at Sharon, “I would lift Marissa off the
mirror, impaling her on my cock and taking her over to the table and laid Marissa on
her stomach. I continue to pump my shaft into your hot pink opening.” Sharon
quickly cut in, “As he pumped you harder and harder, I tell you to beg for more. I
would climb on the table and stand over Marissa body and expose aching pink opening
to you. I would take your head and placed against my opening.” Before you could
finish the waitress came back. “Can I offer you any dessert?” Marissa and Sharon
both laugh and giggled. “Never mind them I think they had a little too much to
drink.” The waitress looked at me with a perplexing look on her face, as she
remembered she didn’t serve any alcohol to our table. I just smiled, “ah no thank
you. We are in somewhat in a hurry.” The waitress smile and handed us the ticket.
“I can’t believe y'all have such dirty little minds.” I said as I paid for the
bill. “Marissa, I’m so sorry that we didn’t finish the conversations, I think
it would have been most interesting.” Sharon said to her as she patted her on the
shoulder. Marissa looked at me, “it’s ok, and beside we can have many more lunch
dates.” She leaned over toward me, “If you went on I wouldn’t be able to go
back to work, well not all hyper and excited.” She said with a grin on her face.
Just as we were about the leave the waitress came over, “I hope you enjoy lunch,
hope y'all come back to see us again.” She said as she handed me a note. Sharon
came over to one side of me and Marissa the other side. “Come on let’s see what
this note said.” Sharon said as she took the note from my hand as we were walking
out. “Marissa I think out little lunch date group just got a little bit bigger.”
They laughed and Sharon patted me on the butt. “Down boy, down…”

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