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Wednesday, 8 August 2012
11:22:40 PM (GMT)
A young girl came out of the house giggling and laughing topless, “You old
pervert!  You know better then do that to me. I wont do that thing you like doing
tonight. You just lost…” before she could finish her eyes just focus on a young
priest standing in front of her; she over her breasts, with her hands. “HEY! What I
tell you about not finishing. You are so naughty you know that,” Said an older man
that came out of the house. He looked them standing there, “Oh shit! Marissa come
back here and put on some cloths.” The sixteen year old came back and took her
shirt from his hand, “giveme!” she said. The young priest watch the girl as she
vanished back into the house. “Hey, don’t stare at her. Its not polite,” The
older man said. The younger name looked at him, “what you do is a sin and is
punishable.” Laughing at the priest he sat on a bench outside of the house. “What
does it matter to you? Beside what brings you here priest?” The young priest took a
letter from his robe, “If you are Byakuya then this is for you.”  The older man
looked at him, “I don’t know who you are talking about.” He just looked up at
the sky. “Maybe you need to go into town to find this Byakuya person.” The young
priest looked at the old man’s demeanor, “Byakuya the priest!” He said to him.
The old man looked back at the young priest, his eyes sharp as blade that could kill
and cold as the ground. “Boy, you come here to die then that is fine by me,” the
older man got up. “N..No I was order to find you and give you this letter.” The
young priest said as he slightly trembled at the glare of the old man. Byakuya took
the letter and open it. “The holy order needs you back brother. The darkness once
again raise and we must stand against it.” Byakuya took the letter and wad it up
and throw it onto the ground. “I’m done with that a long time ago.” He said to
the young priest. “Please we need you. Our numbers are not as they use to be,”
the young priest said as he got closer to Byakuya.  “Marissa bring some drink,
child.” He said as Byakuya offer the young priest a seat. Marissa came out with a
bottle and three cups. “Give….Uhm what is your name priest?” Byakuya asked him.
“Oh I’m Father Simon,” the young man said. “Pour Simon here a drink.”
Marissa pour a drink and gave it to Simon. “Oh I don’t…”before he could
finish Byukuya cut him off. “Drink Priest! Fighting against such darkness you
either have the stomach for it or not.” Marissa pour Byukuya a drink and gave it to
him and poured herself one. Simon took a drink of it and gasp and cough slightly.
“Hahaha! You need to drink more Simon,” Byukuya said as he takes a drink. Marissa
came and sat on Byukuya lap. Simon looked at the young girl, “uhm does he? Uhm..”
Simon tried to get his words out. Marissa just laughed and drank her drink and place
it on the table. “Does he sexually abuse me? Torturement my body over and over
again?” she said with a wicked smile on her face, “Of course.” She laughed.
Simon just then realized that Marissa had fangs. “Hell Spawn!” Simon yelled as he
jump from his seat. Marissa’s eyes narrowed at him, “Do I come to your house and
call you virgin whore?” She said with a tone in her voice. “What are you doing
with that thing?” Simon said as he looked at Byakuya. “Don’t worry your pale
blood, Simon. Marissa here don’t take human blood that much. She is not evil.
Per-say.” Byakuya said with a laughter in his voice. Marissa fangs came out, “but
I do take blood even if its from this one.” She said as she bit Byakuya on the
neck, taking some of his blood. He gasp slight and act it up in front of the young
priest. Simon gasped and looked around for something to hit Marissa with or try to
stake her through her heart. But instead he tried to pull her off of Byakuya,
“Hell’s whore get off of him.” Marissa kicked the young priest away, and looked
up at him. “What is your problem? And you playing like you are all in pain and
wanting this one to save you.” She said to Byakuya as she smacked his arm. He just
laughed, “no need to try to save me Simon. She only drinks from me. And is no treat
to anyone except those that made her like this.” Simon stood up, “will you come
to help us?” He asked Byakuya. “Aw I’m not into that anymore.” Byakuya said
to him as he poke Marissa. Simon looked at them both, “Someone said they saw Dante
at the western abby of Saint Cecily.” Byakuya looked at him, Marissa clinch her
teeth together. “He is not alive.” Byakuya said, Simon took a step back,
“brother Thomas said he saw him with his last breath.” Marissa stood up, “We
are going!” Simon looked at her, “this is no place for a child, even if you are a
vampire.” Byakuya looked at him, “She is not a child but normal age she should be
36 but since she was turned at 16 her appearance haven’t changed.

‹Obsydian.› says:   11 August 2012   323070  
You are such an amazing writer! Thanks for writing it ^_^
‹Monkey boy› says:   11 August 2012   731149  
Aw thank you.. ^^@obsydian 
‹Obsydian.› says :   12 August 2012   178834  
Your welcome 


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