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YET MORE DREAM (I must have slept for ages xD)Category: (general)
Friday, 27 July 2012
08:12:40 AM (GMT)
Dani grinned, taking Aiden's hand and skipping away, glancing at Flynt to release
him, "Much fun we have!  I'll take you to her, and kill much fun!"  She babbled,
dragging Aiden along behind her.  He glared straight ahead, resisting the temptation
to look back, especially as he could feel Flynt's eyes burning into his back.
The words followed him, and Aiden flinched.  It was true.  Every word of it.  He
wasn't wanted there.  They wouldn't even let him sit in a car without doubting his
loyalty.  Well, he was loyal.  He'd show them that.  He'd stay on the winning side. 
He was intelligent, and he knew where he wouldn't get hurt.  In any way.  Dani had
said that they'd like him.  These people wanted him.
"Oh, Aiden, it's a pleasure to meet you."
A smooth female voice emerged from behind him, blocking his exit from the alley.  A
figure stepped into the light, a subtle mask marring her features past recognition. 
She smiled, placing a hand delicately on his shoulder and leading him around.
"Dani tells me that you want to join us.  This is right."
Aiden nodded immediately, "I'd be stupid not to."
The woman smiled serenly, "Indeed you would.  And your fri-"
"They're not my friends."  Aiden interrupted, his voice full of spite, at
which, the woman's smile grew.
"No.  You've got us now.  We want you here."  She dropped her hand from his shoulder,
"I am Masquerade.  You shall work with me.  You work for no one."
Aiden shook his head, "Where do I start?"
Masquerade smiled.  A cruel one that mirrored Aiden's almost perfectly.

Dani ran out ahead of Aiden, hands flailing as she sent people collapsing all around
her, their screams almost carrying her forward, "MISTY MISTY MAN FRIEND!  Erin!  Dani
friend make, ja!"
Erin turned, having managed to at least make her gun workable.  A fleeting smile
graced her lips for a second as she turned back to Flynt, who was steadily realising
that she wasn't bleeding when she was shot.  The android's head tilted a fraction to
the right as she launched another attack on the soldier, "Now we have Mist and your
little friend.  It was a shame that he didn't stay put in your headquarters... And
such a weakness he has for those little girls..."
Flynt's eyes grew wide as he fought back, "You BASTARDS!"  He snarled, his punches
now with more anger behind them.  The android merely smiled as she blocked, waiting
patiently for something she knew would happen-  And there it was.  An arrow flashed
between them, piercing the ground next to Flynt.
Erin took a step back, planning to continue her attack in Phoenix's direction, "I'll
leave you two alone."
Flynt took a few staggering steps backwards as Robyn landed in front of him, hazel
eyes cold and empty as he drew back his bow, aiming at Flynt.
He rolled out of the way as his friend loosed the arrow, frowning harshly as he drew
back again.  The emotions didn't work properly with Robyn's face, and Flynt replaced
his guns in the holsters.  He was not going to fight him.  "Robyn, STOP!"
"No.  I'm going to kill you."  He said, his voice almost robotic, "And then she'll be
pleased with me."
"No!  What about Em?  What about Lyn!?  They need you, stop this!"  Flynt reasoned,
dodging arrow after arrow.
"She has them.  They don't matter to me."
"What the hell are you talking about?!"  Flynt cried, lunging forwards and taking
hold of the bow, twisting the tip of the arrow away from his heart.
Robyn glared, fighting back as best he could, although he was much smaller than the
other man.  He relinquished his firm grip of the bow in favour of pulling an arrow
from the quivver, hesitating only for a moment before thrusting it forward, embedding
the tip a good four inches into Flynt's shoulder.
The General staggered backwards slightly, raising his hand and looking at Robyn in
disbelief as his fingertips came away bloody.  His own gaze hardened now as one
thought shot through his mind, tainting his vision.
This is not your Robyn.
He snarled, pulling the bloody arrow from his shoulder, wincing as he did so, and
dropped it to the floor, glaring with a burning anger as he wound backwards and
punched the outside of Robyn's elbow, making him drop the loaded bow and cry out in
pain, "I'm sorry..."  He spoke the words almost to himself.  He knew that they'd have
no affect on whatever was left of Robyn, and punched again, aiming to deter rather
than kill.  In whatever form, this was still his friend.
It's not him anymore.

Aiden walked with purposeful strides, knowing that even behind his helmet, Salem was
watching him just as intently.  He stopped about ten meters away, simply glaring at
Salem, until one of them spoke.
"What're you doing, Aiden?"
His head tilted slightly, and a flicker of confusion passed over his features, "Isn't
it obvious, Equinox?"  A smile passed over his eyes, and he disappeared, a heavy
metal pole smacking into the side of Salem's helmet, knocking him sideways.
Aiden stood, holding the pole as a staff, and raised an eyebrow, a faint smirk
"You're going to die by my hands."

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