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Cinnamon, glitter, purple, brush, saint. Because Flobyn. That's why.Category: OCs
Sunday, 8 July 2012
01:06:33 PM (GMT)
"Hey, Flynt?  C'mere a minute..."  Robyn cupped his hands together, and hearing
Flynt's footsteps behind him, turned swiftly and blew the contents at him.
"Ah!"  The Marine sneezed, coughing afterwards, "I really don't think you should be
allowed near cinnamon... Horrible stuff...!"  He laughed, fanning the overwhelming
scent away from him.
Robyn grinned, "Aren't you supposed to be able to anticipate attacks?  Being a
soldier and all- HEY!"
"You were saying?"
"I'll be covered in glitter for ages now!"  Robyn sulked, ruffling his hair as Flynt
wiped his hands on a dishcloth.
"You blow smelly stuff at me, I blow fairy dust at you."  He smirked, poking his
tongue out.  "You'd suit being a fairy, you know...."
"Oy!  You can't insult me in my kitchen!  You idiot, it's pink as
Flynt laughed, "One, I'm a Marine.  I can insult anyone, anywhere.  Two, would you
rather purple, blue, green, or assorted?"  He asked seriously, reading the labels of
the cake glitter.
"I hate you."
"I know."
There was a pause as Robyn attempted to rid himself of pink glitter, designed for
little girl's cupcakes, then he looked up, jumping as he saw Flynt significantly
closer than he had been a moment ago.  "What?"
"What what?"
"Why're you looking at me like that?  It's the look that Em uses when she's done
something I won't like."
"I haven't done anything!  Except blow glitter..."
"Then you're going to do something.  I have two younger sisters.  I know these looks,
He smirked, raising an eyebrow, "I'm not going to do anything..."
"You are!  I don't trust you!"  Robyn backed up against the sink as Flynt took
another step closer, and felt around on the draining board for something.  His
fingers closed around a handle, and he pointed it quickly at him, shouting "Stay
back, I'm armed!"
"...With a pastry brush?"
"What?  Oh...."
"You splashed me, if it's any consolation to your crappy weapon."
Robyn groaned, turning to put the brush back, then yelping as he felt warm breath on
his neck. "I- I told you that you were about to do something I wouldn't like..." 
Stop stammering!
"You don't like it?"  Flynt murmured, the grin clear in his voice as he rested his
hands on either side of Robyn, leaning on the sink.
He looked down at his hands and swallowed, "You- You're not nice to me..."
"I don't claim to be a saint."
"You're worse than the Devil!  Bad doesn't cover it!"
"You mind?"  Flynt raised an eyebrow, prepared to stop if it really made him
There a pause, and then a quiet "Not in the kitchen."
Flynt grinned, wrapping his arms around Robyn's waist and picking him up rather
uncerimoniously, "As you wish, fairy boy!"

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