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Chapter 2: A visit from DobbyCategory: (general)
Saturday, 14 April 2012
06:02:49 AM (GMT)
After the potions lesson, the Gryffindors and Slytherins trooped down to the Great
Hall for dinner. Harry, Ron and Hermione made their way down to dinner together. 
'Harry, you really shouldn't have done that', hissed Hermione.
'Oh take it easy, Hermione', said Ron. 'It's not the end of the world'. 
The trio arrived in the Great Hall and each sat down. 
'Hello', said Fred and George in unison.
'Hello', said Harry and Hermione; Ron had already shoved what appeared to be half a
steak and kidney pie in his mouth.
'There's Quidditch practice tomorrow, Harry', said Fred.
'Ah thanks, Fred', said Harry gratefully. Had he forgotten, Angelina probably would
have ripped his head off. After they finished dinner, they all went to the
common-room. Ron picked up a hissing and spitting Crookshanks from a comfy chair
to the fire and dumped him unceremoniously into Hermione's arms. Hermione glared at
him and put down an extremely disgruntled Crookshanks. The Gryffindor common room
quite loud; Fred and George were playing Exploding Snap, two first-years were having
a shouting match whether Cedric Diggory was or was not having a torrid affair with
Pansy Parkinson , Neville was picking himself up after falling over Oliver Wood's
broomstick, and Hermione was punctuating all the noise with loud, disapproving
'Bloody hell', said Ron uneasily. 'We have twelve inches on the transfiguration of
animals for McGonagall, we have to do a drawing of a Niffler for Hagrid, and we have
to practice the summoning charm for Flitwick'. 
'We better get started', sighed Harry. There was much scribbling of quills and
rustling of parchment as they bluffed their way through it. Then they finished off
the drawing, then it was time to practice the summoning charm. They and Hermione
to a lonely corner and got out their wands.
'Accio quill', said Hermione clearly and the quill zoomed directly into her open
'Accio quill', said Harry and the quill zoomed straight into Ron's stomach. 
'A-accio quill', said Ron shakily and the quill simply gave a twitch and didn't
After an hour of practicing, a bleeding nose, and a severely poked eye they gave up
and went to bed.
Hermione walked up to the girl's grasping a squirming and non-co-operative
Crookshanks; Harry and Ron went to the boys. They changed into their pyjamas, bade
each other good night and got into bed. Harry found he was quite dozy, and fell
asleep quickly. 

He awoke several hours later with a start: something small and extremely giggly was
squirming around under the blankets with him. He drew his wand and jumped up,
prepared to duel. However, a small head with protuberant green eyes was staring back
at him.  
'Dobby?!' said Harry incredulously. 
'Dobby came to see Harry Potter sir, and give him a present', squeaked the elf. With
that Dobby pressed a golden snitch-shaped cookie into his hand. 
'Thanks, Dobby', said Harry. Dobby looked as though he would faint with happiness
ran back to the kitchen, giggling madly.
'Mad elf', Harry thought to himself and got back in bed.

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Thanks for helloing and commenting, it means a lot.


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