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Wednesday, 11 January 2012
06:33:28 PM (GMT)
'So lets look at the subject ill tell you why im discusted  Tonight i belive sex
is our topic
Ok so sex isnt evil , for marrige is why people made it. But I know you are like
'Come on man thats to out dated, its 2012 'bro we do it for recreation.An hey when
you are in college you do it while your wasted. '  But i want to qustion this logic i
want to pop off this seal. I wanna qustion some thing we already thinks a done deal.
So think of a rape victim for exsample and once its reviled,
When her brusis go away is she tottaly healed? 'Nah the damage is lasting you can see
it in her eyes. But if it was just a plain recreation, then why did it ruin her life?
I mean if sex is just for fun then why dose it take such a tole? Mabey its cause you
dont just have sex with a body you have sex with a soul. ------ (SKIP) 
..... So now my lifed revolved around the next girl i could get, my life revolved
around this girl named sex. Sure id get at her on the txt but I got to confess, it
seems the longer we dated the bigger the mess.

So dudes think twice befor you desire her just cause shes hot. Cause the truth is
your body makes a promise, wether you do or not. sorry i degress not lets get back to
the topic,How there are some dudes who still pressure her, even tho' she says stop
it. Your /not/ a man your just a boy that can shave, and put on a good cover. Cause
if you dont respect her when she says no the you /defently/ don't love her. So how
about you start studying  her heart, and not study her booty. OR mabey invest the
same time in her that you do in Call Of Duty. Cause what makes you think you can get
this girl then all of a suddent get naughty? You should have to touch her mind and
her heart first befor you /ever/ touch her body. Cause she longs to be accepted she
longs to be loved, so she gives her self up to another guys lust. She thinks it feels
good at first but then she gets bitter. Cause the promise of satifaction, it never
delivers. Shes like 'I dont want to but its to tempting...' So she keeps opening up
the present just to find that its empty. Thens she starts to get confused. She keeps
geting rejected by all of theses dudes. They tell her on a scale of ten she's a Two.
But that 'anit true if she only knew! '

Credit To Bball1989  For makeing the video in wich i stole this thing from~
        And as for the males that see this, who dont do this bolderdash I apolgize
but most of you need a reality check  

<3 TarotMaster

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