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Homecoming is supposed to be perfect when It's your first one, right?Category: (general)
Saturday, 29 October 2011
03:45:01 PM (GMT)
The night of every normal girls dream to have their first kiss with the perfect
boyfriend and dance the night away?
That's not what happened to me.
not at all.

I was supposed to have a gender swap date,
him in my dress, i wear his suit.
it started out like that,
but we then changed before the dance,
and we had a bit of fun,
until he became a crude inconsiderate asshole. 

Until he became demanding,
and posed as a threat to me,
posed as the perfect "date-rape"

wan't to know what happened?
he followed me.
he grabbed me,
he made my friends "leave me alone",
and he hurt me.
he wouldn't let go of me.
he forced me to dance with him.
I said no, and I pushed him.
he just grabbed me more.

in his arms I was a fragile glass doll,
I'm tiny,
and lightweight to him.

he was like the little kid playing with his moms glass doll,
and nearly breaking it,
too many times.

what started this all, the worse to me realizing it was a recipe for disaster?
when he pushed me and made my friend Ryan, who, I did in fact have a crush on since
the eighth grade,
When we were talking about his graffiti and how he was going to help me learn a few
more cool tricks to throw into it.
Ryan is the one who gave me my talent and passion for graffiti art, urban art.
Ryan is My inspiration.
and Eddi-ray made him look so hurt, so depressed, after pushing me away and yelling
at him.
that is when I nearly balled my eyes out.
when I should have left the dance.

I found my friends, seniors.
and Stephen.
I hugged them.
they stuck with me,
knowing he was doing something wrong.
they hid me,
they danced with me.
They tried to help me have a good time.
It worked, for a moment.

he got jealous.
he got mad.
he threatened my friends,
which made me stand up.
he told me to shut up then grabbed my arm, hard.

I nearly cried.

Matthew found out what was going on,
Matthew tried to stop Eddi-ray.
Matthew apologized for Eddi-ray.

after Eddi-ray threatened my friends,
he didn't realize a teacher was watching him grab at me.
the teacher made my friends, all guys, escort me to the front of th school while I
waited for my mom.

Matthew hugged me tightly and told me to be safe.

Eddi-ray ruined my first homecoming.

and I don't think I'm ever going to go to a dance again...
no winter formal,
no junior prom.
no senior goodbye dance.
none of them...
I don't think I can...

Eddi-ray traumatized me last night,
at the homecoming semi-formal dance of October 28, 2011.

ImperfectWings says:   29 October 2011   458649  
Please Wendy.
Let me fucking castrate him .-.
I want to.
Let me do it.
This has to be why I hate men.
-hugs tightly-
I do know how you feel though Wendy :c
If you want to talk more about it
Im here.
Message me. Text me
I will sure as hell fucking respond.
I will be here through hall of the recovery okay?
Something like this has happened to me before, so I understand in a
-hugs tightly- >~<
‹[Belongs.In.Neverland]<3› says:   29 October 2011   128176  
i wan't him DEAD
i'm so...
dove i cant stop crying...
i'll text u when i get in the car 
‹Dr.giggles› says:   29 October 2011   488504  
can i kill him? :[
Diamonds_in_the_sky says:   29 October 2011   366433  
Awe Wendy I'm so sorry. He's a jerk!
ImperfectWings says:   29 October 2011   183156  
Let me fucking kill him.
It would be my pleasure >[
I never got aq chance to do anything about the guy who hurt me-- so
why not do something about the guy who hurt someone who means the most
to me.
Okay hun, I'll text back right away 
‹Loli› says:   29 October 2011   853555  
Please dont forgive this guy. :[
obesecherokee says:   30 October 2011   470117  
ill take you to prom if you want
‹[Belongs.In.Neverland]<3› says:   30 October 2011   971822  
I love you zachie<3
That would be amazing if you could. 
‹[Belongs.In.Neverland]<3› says:   30 October 2011   215163  
I'm not going to. 
‹Loli› says:   30 October 2011   673508  
please don't.
‹unoriginal› says:   30 October 2011   380886  
I'm sorry, I know this must have hurt you, but people have gone
through worse. Just appreciate that he didn't cause any physical/life
lasting damamge. I know how bad it could have gotten, you're lucky to
have had your friends there.
‹[Belongs.In.Neverland]<3› says :   30 October 2011   167816  
I've had worse.
much, much worse.

this triggered my ptsd, locked in emotions.

it wasn't somthing that should have happend. 


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