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ehh, doing this because I can.Category: (general)
Monday, 17 October 2011
01:44:48 PM (GMT)
1. What’s his name? - Austin.

2. How long have you been dating? - Roughly three months now but it only feels like a
couple of weeks♥.

3. Can you tell him anything? - yes, and I can trust him that he'll understand and
help me through it.

4. What’s his favorite color? - Red. waitwait, maybe it's blue. aw fuck, I keep
getting mixed up between the two! it's one or the other anyway.

5. When is his birthday? - eh. eh. soon? I'm sorry I'm terrible with dates and with
remembering things~

6. How old will he be turning? - fifteen.

7. How much do you see each other? - aw shucks. my heart just dropped. We've never
seen each other, unless you count cam, then it's every day. We're in a long distance

8. On a scale of 1-10, How much do you like him? - 1000/10

9. Do you love him? - yeah, a lot lot.

10. What’s his full name, first/middle/last. - Austin Feehely, pronounced aw-stin

11. Have you ever been to the movies with him? - No, but we plan on watching movies
on the couch together, with blankets around us and a bowl of popcorn.

12. What movie did you see? - We want to watch a lot of scary movies together. His
reason is because he wants to hold me and tell me that it'll be okay. My reason is
because I'm easily scared, I get a rush from being scared and I like scary things.

13. Name a memory you shared with him? - getting to speak to his mum for the first
time. He was so shy and he kept laughing, it was so cute (:

14. Have you met his parents? - well, I've spoke to his mum. I say hi every time I
hear them.

15. Has he met your parents? - Nope, my dad still doesn't know and my mum doesn't
like the fact that we go out and doesn't want to speak to him.

16. How many siblings does he have? - one, an older brother named Leo.

17. Have you kissed him in the rain? - Ah no, we've never kissed...

18. Can he make you in the best mood EVER? - haha, yeah. I could be feeling really
down and even just hearing him say "Hi!" makes me smile like an idiot.

19. What’s his moms name? - I... I've never asked, I'll be sure to ask when he gets
on skype.

20. Is he funny? - very, he's hilarious.

21. Name his favorite quote? - “People shouldn't be afraid of their government.
Governments should be afraid of their people.” ― Alan Moore, V for Vendetta

22. What is his favorite thing to do? - game, or talk to me.

23. Does he have any pets? - A dog named olly. but he pronounces it funny, like

24. What does he want to name his kids, when he’s older? - stupid names, from
games. But he's agreed to call out first born son John.

25. Someone hits you, What does he do? - pops a cap in their ass, nigga.

26. Do you hold hands often? - We will, don't worry.

27. Does he cuss? - yeah, a lot.

28. Does he have a job? - nope, only fourteen bro.

29. Do you hug him alot? - Well... I want to... this may sound silly but sometimes
when we're both lying in our beds he'll lay on his side and I'll lay on mine and
we'll pretend to hug.

30. Does your family like him? - I... don't know, I think they do but they don't
understand why I'm in a ldr...

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