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Wednesday, 31 August 2011
11:07:01 PM (GMT)
So this entry actually isn't about me, it's about a friend of mine and really I'm
just so fucking pissed right now. Like, okay so this requires a lot of back-story but
it's about my friend "Anthony". And he was a pretty straight edge kid until he met
this guy named "Lucas'. As soon as they met Anthony went from attending school
everyday with amazing grades to skipping school, doing drugs and fucking daily and
really I mean I guess there's nothing wrong with that as long as that's really what
he wants to do and not something he's being pressured into. BUT I don't know
whichever the case he went spiraling down hill, I'd met him in this group therapy
thing and he was special because he didn't really have a vice but he went batfuck
crazy with Lucas and I guess that since he had a big family and his parents are sort
of like mine, always on the go, "important" people he clung to the first person to
show interest in him. But unfortunately, Lucas was into drugs heavy, he was a drug
dealer. I know Anthony gave him his virginity and I know he slept with 1-2 people
because Lucas asked but I think that's it. They partied really hard almost everyday
and Anthony ran away from home and was staying with Lucas who was a little older he
had his own apartment and Lucas introduced him to James and Elliott and they all
became best friends. James was also a drug dealer and Elliott was a prostitute trying
to a housewife. He's really sweet, gender-queer, I think James had a daughter by some
chick but I dunno he has three kids now and despite Elliott being a guy they all call
him mommy. I think it's a pretty cool and unique situation. ANYWAY he started hanging
with druggies and prozzies and he was a druggy and he was MADLY in love with Lucas
but he liked James a little too because James was a bit sweeter and I guess he was
attracted to how cute James and Elliott's relationship is. 

Long story short, James and Lucas are in this car driving and they get rammed in the
side by a drunk driver on the passenger side. James was driving and he was injured
pretty bad but Lucas died and Anthony has been devastated since. He put everything
into their relationship and I mean EVERYTHING. He's spent the last 2 years on and off
finding meaning in life and then losing it and trying to kill himself. He's been sent
to mental hospitals and everything because his parents just don't know what to do and
then there's James. James felt guilty but him and Anthony stayed friends and with
Lucas gone and James being a lot like him even in appearance, Anthony's crush grew a
little. James is a horrible flirt which exasperates things and recently Anthony and
James did it. (Elle and James have a VERY open relationship, mostly because they know
no one will ever come between them and anyone else they do is just sex) ANYWAY
Anthony, going through one of his depressed periods lets James seduce him and he was
so upset when he called me. James and I mean him and James were REALLY good friend
but James treated him awful! He said it was a little painful but more than anything
he was hurt by the fact that he was treated like a whore and he said it was demeaning
and that James was rough and both he and i know that is NOT how he is with Elliott
and it I don't know I feel like James shouldn't have fucking touched him KNOWING that
Anthony really liked him and KNOWING Anthony is in a really dark place. I think he
took advantage of him and he made him feel horrible. You should have heard how
miserable he sounded. He wishes they'd never done that and despite everything he
still is in love with James and I know it has a lot to do with Lucas but I don't know
it just pissed me off. All the shit Anthony has been through because of James's best
friend and James turns around and does that. Anthony and Elliott are pretty much best
friends it's just fucked up especially since Elliott used to be a prostitute. How do
you treat and ex-prostitute classier than you treat your dead best friend's
boyfriend? And I know the relationship is different because he adores Elliott but I
just feel like he's purposely screwing with Anthony knowing he's unstable.

Xx_idome_xX says :   1 September 2011   999031  
Babe, that is SO fucked up. :/ Right now, I really want to beat
James' ass. I wish I lived closer so I could do something. I feel
helpless over here. :/

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