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rant based off the "get rid of emos and scene" oekaki.Category: (general)
Sunday, 21 August 2011
10:42:21 PM (GMT)
Emo is a fashion.
and a label.
a label that is used to bully and harras  teens, daily.
I would know.
I get called "the little emo fag"

am i emo?
do i act emo?
do i look emo?
i dont follow the "emo labeld fashion"
of all black, everyday.
i like color.

emo is a label.
it ISNT about cutting.
it's definantly not about being depressed, and writing poetry.

emo is just a fasion.
supports that fashion.
through music.
does screamo and metal and crunkcore make me emo?
i thought it was just music.

scene is also a label.
usawally it means "self centerd"
i get called 
"silly scene kid"

but i dont tease my hair
i dont wear kandi braclets up my arms,
and walk around with my shirt pulled down so people can see my boobs.
whats wrong with it though?
its how they feel comfortably dressed.

the "scene"
personality is known as bubbly

im bubbly, fun eccentric.
but also, the "emo"
personality is
its HURT.
its pain.
because they have problems in life,
and they dont trust or believe anyone can help them

so if you say "i have trust issues"
does that make you fucking emo?


Kupika's population is reminding me more and more about middle school cliques.

"im a nerd, i hang out with the asians that do homework dureing lunch"

im an artist.
i hangout in the class room or alone and draw.

im all about sports!
im the jock.

im quiet, and like to be alone.
im emo.

im eccentric and fun!
everyone has to know me.
im popular.
im scene.

^ those are all cliques at the school i went to.
and they all remind me insanly of alot of you people here on kupika.

cliques dont matter.
if you dont like somone?
leave them the fuck A.L.O.N.E

love me.

Caution_Cone says:   23 August 2011   989008  
I like you haha I really do like labels
‹[Belongs.In.Neverland]<3› says:   23 August 2011   964571  
Haha! Thank you...I find labels to be simply pointless xD 
xXxBreathingInSukayoxXx says:   24 August 2011   469135  
I agree! I mean seriously! I don't label myself as "Scene" or "emo"
but I love the color black, piercings, skinny jeans, dyed hair and so
much more. Doesn't make it okay to label someone though! They are who
they are. So next time someone labels you, just be like "I'm not
____...I'm (insertyournamehere)" and fuck with their heads :D
‹Wargarble› says:   24 August 2011   685731  
People say such things because they are insecure and ignorant. =/ 
Society these days has become quite the sad place because of it. 
I wonder which clique I count as.
‹RyanxxxShay› says:   1 September 2011   528666  
People are jealous and want to be the best..they feel they can get
more attention...its a popularity thing..kids now adays want a good
laugh..and if labling someone can make a joke..then thats what they'll
‹✖[[AntisocialButterfly]]✖› says:   25 September 2011   509524  
Emo is more like... A state of mind...
‹gennnnnyy;*› says :   28 September 2011   127624  
emo is a genre of musicx: so I've been toldd >.>

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