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UK RiotsCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 10 August 2011
04:12:39 AM (GMT)
Pretty sure this isn't news to you by now.
But people are being warned to stay out of the UK because of this.
I have never been so ashamed to be British.
For fucks sakes we have the Olympics next year we really do NOT need this on top of
everything else we need to sort out.

exquisite says:   10 August 2011   323367  
I agree. What once used to be a nice country, is getting ruined by
scum like that. When the hell are they going to release the army on
those looters/rioters? 

It's pretty typical really, the only reason that it hasn't reached all
of London yet, is because they don't care about the worst-off areas.
The police wouldn't let them touch the good bits, it's too much of

‹colours and carousels♥› says:   10 August 2011   852199  
Exactly! They aren't even rioters anymore so I have no idea why the
BBC still insists on calling them that. They're looters; criminals,
plain and simple. Calling them rioters makes them sound like they're
fighting for som sort of common cause. 

I hope it calms down; the copy-cat riots elsewhere are just as
pathetic. Way to jump on the bandwagon. 
exquisite says:   10 August 2011   213323  
My friends did briefly join in the riots, but only because they had no
choice. Their neighborhood was being evacuated and they found anger in
that. Which I understand. They stole simple things to prove that
nothing of value would be lost, though. The police needs to get this
under control, otherwise good people will start to become bad people
through the rush. 

But damn it, this is not the kind of country I want to be remembered
living in. This needs to be stopped. 
musicxbeckyxmusic says:   10 August 2011   511688  
I completly agree with everything you said; it's just gone way past
ridiculous now. 
Like you said; I'm actually ashamed to be British at the moment. It's
just stupid. 
There isn't ACTUALLY any reason for people to be 'rioting'; sure it
started off as a protest over that guy, but that was down in London. I
don't know why it's spread up North to Manchester or anywhere in fact.
It's just petty criminality now and they deserve everything they get. 
They're effecting innocent people, destroying their neighbourhoods and
homes.  Also, they 'helped' people only to then mug them.   It's not
riots, they have no cause what so ever anymore, they're just
destroying things for the sake of it. 

Sorry if I interupted there. xD
erised says:   10 August 2011   848929  
I actually think the riots are priceless. Let the establishment see
what they're doing to people and that we won't all just sit there and
take it.

I've never been more proud of my British heritage.
StarDust says:   10 August 2011   916600  
Well I'm not sure about being ashamed to be british, even if we
started a zombie apocalypse, I still wouldn't be ashamed to live in
this country, but the looting is stupid. The looters should be ashamed
of themselves. It's giving young people a bad name, because it's not
just young people looting, but the media and people blame us.  

Yeh the worst thing about it is the huge amount of money that'll be
needed for repairs, especially with so much money being spent on
olympics. I reckon the caught rioters should get community service to
re-build the shops they smashed up and building they burnt down. Not
to mention the lives they've ruined, the buisnesses. People have even
had their lives taken away. 

Got to be said though, they wouldn't be looting if they were satisfied
with their lives. So it is not entirely their fault, but the nation's
on a whole. They need to teach children at school to have more respect
and teach them about the real values of life. How people in the middle
east fight for freedom, how terroists threaten the peace, how people
are killed by their leaders for no reason through Genocide. Because we
live in a well-off, safe country and so many people take it for
‹fuckup› writes:   10 August 2011   336548  
Notice the media and everyone are calling it 'UK Riots', even though
they've only been in England, whereas if they were rioting in
Scotland, it'd be 'Scottish Riots'.
I don't think we should be ashamed to live in Britain, we should be
proud that we love our country enough to not smash it up. The majority
of us British actually have a brain and see how idiotic this is.
‹.............................› says:   11 August 2011   695531  
All because of blackberry phones...
erised says:   11 August 2011   573851  
That's just the medium by which they talk, if they didn't have them
they'd use someone else dumb ass. 
‹.............................› says:   11 August 2011   258955  
One of my pals has one she got tons of messages on her phone 
erised says:   11 August 2011   925868  
Yes.... But if blackberries didn't exist they would just use some
other method of communication. 
‹.............................› says:   11 August 2011   801694  
Yh I know they used Twitter and other sites too 
erised says:   11 August 2011   288191  
So it's not blackberries fault.... Obviously. Blackberry didn't make
them to anything. 
‹.............................› says:   11 August 2011   648947  
Oh well

I'm just irritated didn't get any sleep helicoper was above our street
all night 
erised says:   11 August 2011   752928  
Doesn't matter if you're irritated or not, think before you speak. 
madeofbones says:   11 August 2011   703373  
It's interesting how this all started as a peaceful protest of a man
being shot, now three people so far have died. I wouldn't say I'm
ashamed to be British, I just feel shocked and horrified by the event
and how close to home it is. The copy cat riots following/alongside it
makes you think about the mentality of some people.

^blackberries fault? That made me laugh, all they did in the riots was
shut down to prevent anyone contacting others to join in the riots :T.
They didn't start it, it was just a bunch of angry idiots.
madeofbones says:   11 August 2011   790668  
**shut down it's messenger 
‹colours and carousels♥› says:   12 August 2011   433568  
Wow okay I clearly missed a lot here.
At least, on the up side, things have calmed down and people are being
charged for their crimes. And to be honest, that's really all I can
ask for.
Bootheghost says :   29 August 2011   593243  
Jokes, no need to worry, my dad's just taken on a new job in charge
of the anti-terrorism for the Olympics. 8D

 aka he sits on the roof of the stadium with a shotgun

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