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Tuesday, 26 July 2011
03:38:12 PM (GMT)
By definition, it means the actual state of matter, conformity with fact or reality,
or a verified or undisputable fact.
If by its very meaning it is what is real, then why does it seem so elusive, so
mysterious, so . . . false?
We all deserve honesty, and most expect it, but we all have our moments where we lie,
or perhaps leave part of the truth out.
Why is that?
Why would we strive to give and recieve anything less than what is completely and
honestly real?
You could chalk it up as human nature, and while there is certainly validity to that,
I believe there is more to it.
Maybe we want to keep a part of our world inside, where we can keep it safe, keep
tabs on it, prevent it from feeling the corruption of other minds that try to poke
and prod at our lives.
Maybe we are unaware of what is real and what isn't, so we purposely say and do
things that are false just to alter our perception of reality. 
Maybe lies are the only things that make truth really mean anything. After all, if we
hadn't felt the pain of dishonesty, would we ever seek out truth with so much
Maybe we test ourselves and each other. We hold a little bit back, just enough to
keep our security, but to see if the other person knows. It says so much about
someone, when they see through our little games of hide and seek, and they have to
push harder to find the actuality hidden within.
We often forget and take for granted the truth. We rush through our daily lives,
finding joy and sorrow in things that are often false, or temporary at least. 
In the end, though, what is this life about?
That is an argument that could have no beginning or end, but to me, life is about
We struggle with our beliefs; we skip around from religion to religion, hoping to
find something that seems real to us. 
We often wonder about what happens after we die. What really happens. . . 
We seek out those who are honest and trustworthy, hoping to build a web around our
lives, protecting us from the evil that lies inside what is fake.
We strive to find ourselves, to develop into people that we can be proud of. To be
With so much emphasis on the truth in the world, why is it that we can never know all
of it?
Why is it that we can spend our entire lives searching for something to believe in,
but we can never really know everything that there is to know?
In the end, this life is much bigger than us, and much bigger than we could ever
There are powers at work that we could never understand, so why have we been given
the ability to ask questions about these things? Why aren't we like the other
animals, going through the motions, completely on instinct and heredity? 
We will never know.
And because of that, the best we can do is to search for what is real to us. To be as
honest and real as conceivably possible.
Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that no matter how hard we try, there are some
things that are forever out of our reach.
It is a bittersweet thought, but maybe that is what we all need to take advantage of
everything we are given.
We need to sit back and enjoy the ride, but never stop questioning reality.
It is far too easy to slip back into a mold of a person, always believing everything
that is put in front of us.
We are blissful in our ignorance, but perhaps there is something much more deep and
meaningful in the truth.

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