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I suddenly like math !!MATURE CONTENT!!Category: Sex story
Sunday, 17 July 2011
06:40:29 AM (GMT)

It started out a normal day, boring classes, bad lunch. But when you got to Math and
saw the new substitute, it was like insta-boner. You ran to your seat, hoping no one
noticed. At the end of class, I went up to the sustitute. Everyone was gone. I
unzipped my fly, and you could see my dick, large and sticking up. The substitute got
the message. She bit her lip, looked around, and quickly closed all the blinds in the
room. Now it was just her and me. She unbuttoned her shirt and slipped out of it. She
took off her skirt and revealed a sexy red lace thong underneath. I took off my shirt
and pants. We stared at each other for a second, then she threw me on the ground, got
on top of me, and kissed me passionately. As she did this, I reached around to her
back and quickly unclasped her bra. (LIKE A BOSS... sorrryyyy I had to do it!) She
gasped, but then smiled. I touched her breast, pinched her hard nipple, and she
moaned, "Oooh, yes, yes, YES, I wanna feel you touch me... Yes. Yes! YES! Oooh
yessssss." I had thrust my fingers into her vagina. I couldn't help it, she was
begging me for more, so I guided my large dick out of my boxers and thrust it into
her vagina. She moaned in pleasure. I began to fuck her, until I remembered I had
probably just gotten her pregnant. I hesitated, but she thrust her hips forward, her
eyes shining with the sensation, so I didn't stop. 

We must have remained like that for awhile, because I heard the bell for the end of
the day ring. But that didn't stop us. By now, my dick had been covered in her cum. I
took it out of her and she licked it clean. I then fucked her mouth, moving in and
out with solid movements. I shot my juice right into her throat and she gagged. We
then stopped. But she didn't want to stop, so she got on top of me and began humping
me, with such force it almost hurt. Almost. I didn't want her to stop. I said this,
and she didn't. She humped me until the clock said 4 p.m., but we didn't care. I had
my energy back by now, so I went down and began eating her, slowly, teasingly, until
I felt her vagina tighten around my tongue then... Her hardest, largest, messiest
climax of the three she's had, exploded all over my face.

Eagerly, she licked it up, panting from the climax. We then lay there and stare at
the ceiling, both of us naked and covered in eachothers juices. I sighed happily. She
moaned. That was a sign, that she didn't want to stop. So I got on top of her and
squeezed her boobs with one hand, while I fingerfucked her with the other. She moaned
and sighed and even screamed once. She told me to never stop. But I had to. It was
almost 5. We had been at this for almost 4 hours. We both dressed and cleaned up, but
we knew this wasn't the end. I got in her car and she drove me to her house. Before
we were even inside, she was riding me. Luckily, her door was unlocked. We went
straight to her room. Do you know how hard it is to go upstairs with a woman riding
you? Very. But I knew it would be worth it. 

I threw her onto her bed, taking off the rest of my clothing. She lie in her giant
pile of pillows, shirt unbuttoned, bra unclasped, and skirt unzipped and falling to
her ankles. Her straight blonde hair, bright red lips, and shining brown eyes tempted
me. I jumped on top of her, and kissed her, biting her tongue, her lips, wanting to
taste her. She grabbed my dick and played with it, tickling it and sticking it up her
pussy. She climaxed again, spurting it on my dick and herself and her bed, but she
didn't care. Panting, she gave me a blowjob and I squeezed her hair, thrusting my
hips forward and bringing her head closer to my crotch, and my whole dick was in her
mouth. I almost choked her, but she wouldn't let it out of her mouth. She bit and
sucked and tickled it with her tongue. It was amazing. When we were done, we lie in
her bed, staring at the ceiling like we had done in the classroom earlier. I looked
at the clock. It was almost 10. We had been at it for nearly 9 hours. What an amazing

I've never seen that substitute again, but I know she will return. The school has a
list of substitutes they go through on a loop, so I know one day she will turn up
again. And when she does...


‹Jameson Tokes› shouts:   17 July 2011   317047  
‹OnceUponAStar› says:   17 July 2011   273105  
i think im wet
‹Visably-Vacant› says:   17 July 2011   641074  
jpv23 says:   18 July 2011   764331  
i have a huge boner now
‹BuckyBarnes› says:   2 August 2011   598254  
I'm sorry... not really... but this kinda sucked.
emmanuel1 says:   25 November 2011   557644  
my dick just grew an inch
idi0t says:   25 November 2011   656468  
okay i don't read these sorts of things but
this was bad
kinda makes me want to write one 
a good one
but ew
brookie1011 whispers:   4 December 2013   351649  
im more into  lesbian sex stories you should make on up (good one) of
me and you btw my name is brooklynn
DirtyGirl says :   6 July 2016   987514  
Can you please do one with, like a mom raping her daghter? And, also
how experienced are you in fucking, Brooklyn?

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