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Monday, 11 July 2011
09:26:14 PM (GMT)
"She's quite a sight, don't you think so?" Edwin, one of the bartenders, startled
Shizuo who was staring into space. "Man, the way she sips on that beer... how
finesse. Look at those legs, will you? Though her hairstyle is weird, she's a
beautiful thing. Ah, I think I'm in Heaven..."

"Hey, snap out of it, kid. She's just a girl. Not any different from her kind." The
blond shook the shorter bartender out from his thoughts now. Not that he hated girls
or females in general, he just never was interested in them, in their gossips and in
relationships. Perhaps this was because he was always after a certain pale skinny man
who oddly could no longer remember him. But the taller man gave a look at the girl
his workmate was talking about and felt his heart skip a beat. Well, Erwin did have a
good taste in ladies. He confessed to himself that he had to take back the phrase not
any different from her kind. She looked like a cute doll more than human to him. It
was his first time so see such innocent beauty in her. And her hairdo was more than
out of the ordinary. Then the girl glanced at them. She gave them a shy smile that
sent a small grin to appear on Shizuo's face.

"I think she noticed you. Go get at her and give her what she wants." Shizuo told
Edwin even if he was the only one who saw the extraordinary customer smile at him.

"The hell, Heiwajima-san? I'm so shy. You go to her and give her what she wants."
Edwin sweated as if he was caught committing a crime.

"You want me to flirt with her in front of you?" Shizuo teased the nervous lad.

"I never said that but I'll pay you to serve her. I'm too anxious to act right now."
Edwin admitted while he took out his wallet. He pulled out a wad of bills and tucked
it in the black vest's pocket of blond. "Thanks." He smiled up at the tall man and
left the counter. Stupid, shy, coward was the best 3 words he could describe Edwin at
the moment as he left to attend another customer instead.

Shizuo glanced at the peculiar girl sitting on the same stool some other peculiar
girl (or rather, peculiar guy in a girl's outfit) from another part of his life once
sat. He missed that woman but most of all, he missed the real person behind that
feminine countenance.

"Can I get you anything?" After pushing those thoughts of Izaya, he asked the
redheaded female. She shyly bowed her head down to her bloated chest. Then she looked
back up at him with her cat pupils and pink irises. The corner of her pink lips
arched up in a devious smile.

"I want a kiss!" She whispered. She batted her eyes and leaned in close to the
bartender. Shizuo was reminded of the rain when he smelt her scent. Ah, rain brought
him so many memories.

"Chicks don't come to me. Do you even know who am I?" He curiously questioned the
girl in the blue dress.

"But I'm no ordinary lady." And she displayed a cute smile on her pale face. However,
she looked puzzled when she saw a smile sneaking up on the bartender's face.

"Come with me to the backdoor, then." He took in her familiarly soft hands into his
own. He led her to the backdoor and they stepped into the alley.

The grey clouds started to take in a darker shade and the wind howled cold whispers.

She took his face in her hands and stared lovingly into his chocolate globes that
were gazing back with the same tenderness.

"Can I really kiss you?" She neared her pale face to him. A little space kept their
lips from actually touching. "Don't you have a lover that would get mad?"

"Actually, I lost my lover two weeks ago. I knocked him out of safety and the pouring
rain just made it worse."

As if the Heavens above heard Shizuo, the clouds began sobbing fat drops onto
Ikebukuro. It was once again, a cold rainy night. The sky's tears kissed lightly on
their skin.

"But I've got him back now."

His hand clutched the girl's red locks and carefully pulled them out of her head. A
mess of black hair was revealed underneath those red hairs. He threw the red wig down
to the ground and said, "Nice contacts, Izaya. Never thought pink would look good on

The informant wrapped his skinny arms around the hunk. In return, he tightly hugged
the man in heels and messed up his dark hair some more.

"I spent good money just to pull of this cute disguise!" He snorted when he pulled
away. "I completely do not understand why you saw me right through it! I mean, I look
incredibly hot as this girl! I was so damn sexy all eyes were on me as I strutted my
way to the bar. Girls were jealous and boys got their own erections. Man, Shizu-chan,
why? How did you know?"

"Because I love you," was his simple reply. Those pink cat eyes stared at him. "You
are no ordinary lady. You even wanted a kiss from the beast of Ikebukuro. You're an
incredibly hot and sexy man and I'm always turned on by you." He bluntly continued.
"You are Izaya – no one else is like you. That's why I know it's you because I love

"Shizu-chan..." His voice cracked. "You're... so sweet... you make me... cry..."

"It's okay. No one will notice it because of the rain." He joked but he got elbowed
in the stomach by the cross-dresser. "I guess I'll just have to kiss those tears
away, huh?" He leaned forward and started planting kiss all over his face, starting
from his forehead, to his thin nose, to his two slightly puffy cheeks then to his
pink lips. His tongue was welcomed in Izaya's mouth. He pressed his lips deeper to
the touch. The dark-haired man moaned in pleasure and had his tongue swirl around
Shizuo's. The blond breathed in his rainy scent as he carefully chewed those pink

"May... I... ask..." He said in between kisses. "What... happened... two weeks ago...
in the hospital room... where you... acted weirdly?"

Izaya heard his question but instead of answering, he moaned louder and pulled
himself closer and closer to the hunk. Shizuo greedily kissed his lips and suddenly,
he caught the informant's tongue with his teeth.

"Answer me." He let the words out while he had his tongue in between his pearly
whites. The younger man mumbled incoherently and he finally let go of his tongue.
Then he jumped at him, plummeting himself on top of the hunk. They crashed on the wet
ground with their lips locked again. After a few heated moment of passionate kissing,
Izaya broke the contact.

"When I was hit by that stop sign, I thought you really wanted to kill me. Shit, you
don't know the pain, no, the agony I had to endure! And when I woke up with your
prodding tongue, I decided to play a little trick. I crushed you and then you fell
for it and your face... Ohmigwah, the precious expression you had on when you left! I
wish I had a camera. Anyway, I just really wanted to test if you did love me. Guess
you really did so," He pause to purposefully land his lips on the bartender's own.
"Thank you, Shizuo."

The blond smiled when he heard his real name being said so sexy by the other man who
was still on top of him.

"Ne, Shizu-chan, are you going to give me what I ordered?" The girly dressed man

"Oh, you want more of this?" He neared his face to Izaya's, teasing him by only
brushing their lips before pecking his pink ones.

"Definitely." He said as he showed to Shizuo his own belt in his hands.

"Hey! Since when did you – "

"Relax, I just ordered for a kiss. Are you thinking of erotic scenes with me?"
Shizuo's cheeks burned and he was glad that they were in a discreet dim alley. But
was it dark enough to conceal his tomato-red face?

"My, my, how interesting of you to think, dear Shizuo." He caressed the bartender's
face and then he gently bit on his lower lip before letting his tongue slip inside
his mouth. He met the other man's tongue that quickly made its move, coiling at his
own. Soon, it was Shizuo's tongue that dominated and made Izaya quite submissive. The
blond enjoyed the feeling of the other tongue being so obedient to his leading one.
He hugged the small man tightly while massaging his quite beefy thighs. Every time
Izaya would break away from the kiss just to breathe, he pressed his head down to him
by force. It was difficult to breath in such a heated situation but the warmth was
just an amazing feeling while out in drizzle.

Their kissing was becoming too intense and suddenly, a splash of water exploded into
their faces. The water surged and trespassed into their noses just as they breathed
in some oxygen. The sharp sensation was too cold for their noses, making them pause
for a while, not really understanding what just had happened. But, something had
exploded – the loud pop came from somewhere really close to them. And when it
popped, the rain didn't held back it's quiet sobs and decided to pour out all the
water in those grey clouds.

The blond quickly sat up and also made the skinny man sit up with him. "Did somebody
caught us and sprayed at our faces?" he worriedly asked and his coffee-brown eyes
darted around suspiciously. When Izaya let out a hearty laugh did the bartender
calmed down.

Then he noticed Izaya. Something changed in him. He couldn't really figure out why
because he still had his pretty face, his usual skinny body, that dark mess on his
head... so what was missing?

The said man suddenly slipped his hand inside his dress. Then he realised what were
missing when he pulled out two deflated balloons. Izaya threw those balloons out to
the opening of the alley, somewhere close to the bar's entrance. Then, he leapt on
the hunk, sealing their lips with a kiss.

He pulled away to only say, "Lesson learnt: balloons are fragile in intense
situations!" Then he went back on kissing Ikebukuro's monster.

This time, Shizuo pulled away to tell him, "When will you stop dressing like a girl
just to get my attention? You know you always had it. Do I not fight you because you
attract me?"

"I do? Well, you never fail to amaze me, which is why I always get in your way.
Strange, but I don't even know or remember why we were fighting. Oh, yeah, it's your

"It's yours. You slashed my chest and ruined my new uniform. Remember that, will you?
You started our unending wars from then on."

"I insist that the blame is on you." The informant was still persistent on his
opinion. "You said that you don't like me and look at what you're doing to me now."

"Look who's talking! You wanted a kiss – I'm just smooching up on your lips. It's
your fault for having such a beautiful face, a great body and lips so sweet like
honey." He blurted it all and it rained harder. "Oh, damn, I wish it would rain like
this every day of our lives."

Those curious pink globes narrowed at him with a puzzling stare.

"Didn't you ever notice? We always kiss under the rain." The memory of the candy
floss experience suddenly rushed to their heads. Shizuo smiled when he remembered the
day he saved him when he fell off from his building. Izaya smiled because he felt
stupid for doing such a risky thing but it was worth it. And now, it was pouring and
they both knew that they still weren't finish making out.

"Ah, dreams to come true!" the cross-dresser happily declared. He remembered his
words about liking kisses under the rain. Now, he got lots of kisses every time he
was with Shizuo and under the rain. He thrashed his arms around the bartender and
gave him a long sweet kiss. "Now, if only it would also rain inside our house."

"What?" Shizuo was surprised with what he just heard.

"Oh, you don't want to live in a house? Well, that's okay, I can settle in an
apartment. Actually, I'm okay anywhere so as long as I'm with you." He tightly
embraced him while his heart soared in happiness.

"You said our." He pointed out with a blank face as the arms around him tightened.

"Of course! We'll be living together from now on. Like real lovers! Even if we're
gays, hell, does it matter? We shall have breakfasts in our bed, lunch dates in fancy
restaurants and dinner by the candlelight on our special dining table! That would our
fucking awesome everyday. Oh, hell yes! Don't you want it?" His pink-coloured cat
eyes stared at him, hopeful that he would agree to that. "I'm a great housewife! I
promise!" He half-joked. "And I'll love you eternally." He added, giving him some
more hugs.

"I love the sound of it." The blond squeezed the shorter man. Even if at first, it
frightened him. He really hated to admit that he was gay. He was afraid of being
labelled that the most. But then, he was homosexual all out of love.

Even if we're gays, hell, does it matter?

Right now, what mattered to him was that they get home before they both caught a
cold. Without any warning, he lifted the informant in a bridal style.

"Are we getting married first thing tomorrow morning?" The man in his arms excitedly
asked. It was a joke, they both knew, but they smiled like bells would ring after

"Hm, then that'll give you a permission to be a girl just for a while – since you
are going to be the bride." He kicked up his red wig and caught it in mid-air. Once
he attached it on him, Izaya was quickly transformed into the cute peculiar girl.
"I'll be taking you home in my little untidy house for a while. And, no, I'm not
thinking of erotic scenes with you. I just... I just want to be with you." He started
walking with his broken bride in his arms.

"Ne, Shizu-chan, even if it's not raining, let's still make memories together." He
giddily said. "Erotic or sweet stuff, it doesn't matter."

"Yeah, but I'll never forget our memories under the rain!"

Their laughter pierced through the chilly night. The huge smiles they wore could
almost rip their faces. Tonight, no dinner by the candlelight but they had each other
for warmth from the cold night. Tomorrow, Shizuo was determined to prepare their
breakfast while in bed. A lunch date at a certain Russian restaurant was his other
plan. And lastly, dinner by the candlelight was a romantic way to end the night that
he predicted would be a shivering one. If it did end up being a chilly night, he
would just snuggle with the skinny man under silky sheets. The day after tomorrow
could possibly end up similar but maybe even better?

Bonus scene

The yellow-haired bartender walked his way through the hammering rain like it was

Edwin slipped on his blue rain coat after he had closed the bar. He stepped out into
the pouring rain and saw that man, carrying that redhead female in his arms as if she
was a bride. The girl had a smile on her pale face, her eyes gleamed happily as it
looked lovingly at Shizuo. The tall man was simply walking home like this as if he
did it everyday. Edwin felt only a tiny bite of jealousy but shoved the thought away.
Then, he noticed something wrong with the girl. It was like something was missing but
he couldn't really tell. Shizuo let out a hearty laugh which caught the girl to
giggle and soon, even Edwin was chucking.

"Shizuo's laugh is totally contagious!" Edwin said to himself as walked against the
strong wind. "No wonder he doesn't laugh that much. Man, he's such in Heaven with
that lady. How lucky!" Then, his foot stepped on something rubber. Despite the dark,
he knew he could make out a shape in the dimly-lit streets. He shoved his
round-rimmed glasses back to place before he bent down and picked up the rubber thing
he had trod on. He curiously eyed it, not really figuring what he was holding. He
sniffed and a realisation hit him as strong as how the wind blew his brown locks in a
mess. He blinked behind his lenses and wondered if he was just imagining things or
was it the truth the the girl's extensive chest somewhat... deflated?

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