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Monday, 6 June 2011
06:59:04 PM (GMT)
Name; Mien Goriss Age; 13yrs. Gender; F How They Type;
She talks in small-caps.
Title; Ninja of Nightmares Interests; Video games are LOVE to her! She enjoys anything gorey and is considered sadistic. Mien also takes a liking to boy love but it doesn't amount to how much interest she has in blood and violence. She wishes she could be a super hero and often likes to act like one despite her antagonistic characteristics. Also likes birds very much. Specibus; ClawKind Modus; MessengerbagModus Chumhandle; Boisterous Feather {BF} Sign; A picture of a riceball Picture or Description; Hair: Is dark brown with yellowish orange streaks and it goes down to her buttox. Eye:{This doesn't have to be realistic, right?} A hazelish green. Skin: Chocolate :9 Piercings: Four on her ear. Corrective Wear: Purple reading glasses Clothing: Wears a purple turtle neck dress with cuffs. Has black leggings and black buckle shoes. Name; Eloy Nazera Age; 13yrs. Gender; M How They Type; The use the most perfect grammar they can but sometimes uses, like, to much commas, in a sentence. Title; Magician of Fate Interests; Chess is his game, and sports are lame according to Eloy. Whenever he's mad at you, he demands that you play chess against him or any other sort of witty game that makes you use your brain power rather than brawn, which results in having him fight with Yergen quite a bit. Has an interest in amphibions. Specibus; RulerKind Modus; BackpackModus Chumhandle; Enchanted Permafrost Sign; The mathmatical symbol, pi. Picture or Description; Hair: goes a little below chin and flips upward, a dark dark with ice blue in it. Eyes: Hazelish-Green Skin: Once again, chocolate.....:D Piercings:LAKJSFJHASF Corrective Wear: Glasses need for far away...They are black. Clothing: A blue polo shirt with black pants and fingerless gloves. Also, nothing special with shoes, it's black also. {Should I give him Suspenders or whatever it's called?} Name; Raimon Rilloj Age; 7 alternian Solar sweeps{14} Gender; Male How They Type; Rraimon Rrilloj: "Okey, guat du yu need?" Left-Original letters Right-The letters/symbols he uses R=rr H=J {Hat=Jat} B,V=l3 Wh=Gu {What=Guat} J=LL {Justice=Llustice} ee=i ou=u {You=Yu} ay=ey{Okay=Okey} n=ñ All vowels have accent marks above. puncuation=~ Blood Color; Thunder Yellow Homeland; Land of Thunder and Despair Title; Gills of Glory Interests; He likes anything that tastes sour. Likes to complain about stupid random things. Secretly loves to plant flowers and shiz. Doesn't like most animals much except for fish. Has a bunch of pet and likes to clean things up. Erm..Yeah Specibus; HalberdKind Modus; FannypackModus Chumhandle; RuthlessRecondite {RR} Sign; Picture or Description; Name; Yergen Yosh6a Age; 7 alternian Solar sweeps{14} Gender; Female How They Type; Yvergen YoshGa: "vwaht doo yoo vwant?" Left-Original Letter Right- The letter/symbols she uses th=s or z u=oo t=d f=v k=g "Y" is in front of every "e" "every" = "yevery" "V" in front of "W" What= Vwaht. Scrambles a few letters here and there. Puncuation: # {No one took that yet, right?} Blood Color; Cocoa brown Homeland; Land of snakes Slithering creatures and Doom. Title; Whisperer of Snakes Interests; Adores reptiles in general but mainly snakes, loves piercings and whenever she's bored she'll play with the little matroyoshka dolls. She also likes to play sports and is very atheletic. Uhmm...Geez, does this have to be long? Well, Ug, shiz. Specibus; Snake looking whipKind {SnakewhipKind} Modus; BasketModus Chumhandle; Barratry Anaconda {BA} Sign; Picture or Description; Name : Age : Birthdate : Gender : Sexuality : Likes : Dislikes : Occupation : Favorite Foods : Talents : Species : Languages : Personality : History : Descrpt / Picture : Character apps baby.~ Name: Devaraja Ryuubutsu {He usually goes by Ryuu, meaning "dragon" by strangers and most "acquaintances"} {Devaraja: Means king of gods} {Ryuubutsu: Stands for poisoness dragon} Gender: Male Age: 17 Personality: ☼What are they like? How do they interact with others? Quirks? Strengths, weaknesses, hobbies, annoyances, etc.☼ Quite a devious devil, yes he is. Devy is known to be cold hearted, meaning he lacks affection and warmth. He is shown to be a ruthless human being and can be treacherous towards those who have great trust in him so he can achieve his main goal: Being overlord. The best way to depict him would be arrogant, since he believes he's the most important person in the world and Hanu being second to help pursue his plans. Despite being untrustworthy filth, he can be very loyal towards Hanu without he knowing it. His relationship with Hanu is reversible as at some points he could be somewhat caring, although he can be frigid. He has superhuman strengh because of the experiments and does not even notice it much. Ryuu thinks it's normal to punch a vending machine that is either out of order or ate up his change just to receive his food or drinks. Type: ☼Meister or weapon? Specify type of weapon if you are one, and transformation info if you want.☼ Weapon Transformations: Trishula-inherited by family. Morning Star- received during a battle. Cat 'o nine tails- received from meister.{Hanu} Race/Species/Nationality: A mix breed of a dragon/reptiles and human. Appearance: ☼Preferably anime picture☼ [Picture goes here, blah,blah] -Height/Weight/Body Type: 6'7'' 175lbs/79kg He's pretty muscular, but not extremely. -Typical Outfit: He normally wears his checkboard jacket, which is green and black with a bit of red accent. Ryuu also has wrappings around his arm along with his red eyepatch with a green shinigami academy symbol. Lastly, he wears black baggy (and sometimes tight) jeans with a chain hanging from his pants with black punk boots. -Hair/Eyes/Face: His hair is black, obviously because he's indian and he has a few natural pieces of aburn/copper colored brown hair swirled in there. He has two different colored eyes, the right one is red(under the eyepatch) and the left one is green. Ryuu's face is rather jagged and has an intimating look of a delinquent. He also has a dark shadow under his eyes due to loss of sleep(since he exercises 24/7) and that he's always starving for souls. -Piercings/Tattoos?: There are two dragon tattoos on his back, one being black and the other being white. He has both of his ears pierced and sometimes wears studded earrings in it's place. Ryuu also has a rod earring going through the industrial area of his ear. History: ☼Family, how they ended up at Shibusen, etc.☼ Ryuu comes from a first class family in India who owns a company famous for selling a grand variety of exotic foods and spices. Although, that company is actually a secret laboratory used to experiment on human beings and animals. They will do anything to complete their experiments to create a "better world". As one of their experiments, they used Ryuu WITH the consent of his old man and fused many reptile genes into him along with the ability of using fire and poison, trying to make an superb human being. They were planning on using other animals for their project, but they had something else in store. The scientist believed that they could awaken a powerful dragon inside of Ryuu if they injected a variety of reptile DNA into him and, of course, the dragon's ability such as fire and poison. Later on, his father went on a business trip to Oregon to drop off goods and to speak with co-workers/scientist about the "ultimate experiment". Other: Name: Zhi Yang Gender: Male Age: 16 Personality: ♠What are they like? How do they interact with others? Quirks? Strengths, weaknesses, hobbies, annoyances, etc.♠ Zhi appears to be rather harsh and bossy towards his friends but subdues that nature around strangers trying to give a good impression. He gets annoyed easily if you mess with his things and are being absolutely sloppy. He doesn't like to share anything and tends to go off on his own. Zhi doesn't like being around people in crowds, for he is claustrophobic. Type: ♠Meister or weapon? Specify type of weapon if you are one, and transformation info if you want.♠ Meister of a Shuriken. Race/Species/Nationality: Chinese mixed with Bengali, Human,American Appearance: ♠Preferably anime picture.♠ [Picture here] -Height/Weight/Body Type: 6'2 150lbs -Typical Outfit: -Hair/Eyes/Face: His hair color is black with electric blonde on half of his hair length(from the lower area of his ears to the bottom of his hair), and he has blonde bangs. Zee usually wears his hair in a low ponytail, and his hair length is a little past his chin. His eye color is grey. -Piercings/Tattoos?: He has a clip earring near the top of his ear and a regular piercing with a studded earing. No tattoos. History: ♠Family, how they ended up at Shibusen, etc.♠ Zhi's mother was Bengali while his father with Chinese and they both met eachother in Bengladesh, due to his father going on a business trip. Zhi was born in Bengladesh and was brought over to China where he discovered his friend Li. He always deemed Li to be his sidekick when they were kids and would boss her around, since she was such a klutz. They both grew up in the big city of Hong Kong(Kong Mok) and would be seen hanging around their favorite park where they pretended to be super heroes and conquered the oh-so-bad villians. As Zhi hung out more with her, he devoloped a little boy crush but never told her. As they grew up, his feelings for her sort of dimmed down and thought of her more as a sister. Other: Name: Li Nekriuhs (Neck-ree-oos) {This is not her real name, it's only a psuedonym} Gender: Female Age: 16 Personality: ♣What are they like? How do they interact with others? Quirks? Strengths, weaknesses, hobbies, annoyances, etc.♣ She has a calm nature and acts naive at times, not sure what the world is like. Lii hates it when you talk about height or weight seeing as she weighs more and is taller than Zee, which she finds horrifying. Type: ♣Meister or weapon? Specify type of weapon if you are one, and transformation info if you want.♣ Weapon:Shuriken Race/Species/Nationality: Chinese mixed with Cuban, Human,American Appearance: ♣Preferably anime picture.♣ -Height/Weight/Body Type: 6'4'' 155lbs She is rather curvy and a somewhat muscular. -Typical Outfit: -Hair/Eyes/Face: She has golden blonde colored hair with dark brown streaks in it, also, her bangs are brown. Her eye color is blue. -Piercings/Tattoos?: She has two pairs of ears piercings (Shown in the picture) and no tattoos. History: ♣Family, how they ended up at Shibusen, etc.♣ Other:
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