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Bastard much?Category: (general)
Tuesday, 12 April 2011
09:48:56 PM (GMT)
Okay, so the other day, my friend Nathan and me were talking and everything, and I
ended giving him my phone number. Well everything was fine and all, went on spring
vacation, then I come back. So Nathan seems different, and he blew me completely off
on our morning talks for a midget kid who has so many fucking red freckles on his
face he looks like a pizza with extra pepperoni. As I was saying, I thought this was
strange, AND he just stood there smiling while the little freckle covered shit was
trying to insult the Nazis, by calling them "gay racist bastards LOL"(It is in quotes
because this the exact thing he said). I'm just wondering why Nathan is letting him
say this, this isn't even about me really, but his own great-grandparents are
Nazis(They were alive in the time of the Fuehrer Adolf Hitler). And he states he
loves them very much, so as the little shit continued calling the Nazis stupid, I
gave a little input of my disgust at Nathan and the little shit. While they left
smiling like they won the fuck lottery, I continued my reading of Mein Kampf(Barely
page 106). So, I was wondering about Nathan the whole day, then came P.E. It was fine
and all, and when I had dressed back within my normal clothes and about to leave for
seventh period, Nathan comes up and says "We aren't friends anymore!", Although I had
decided this on my own, I'm a little shocked that Nathan would say this and even act
like he had previously. So on to seventh period, a spic girl exclaimed, "Amzy! Am I a
good friend?" Well I was about to say No, but though it occurred to me that Nathan
was listening intently, so I said, "Yes, you are a good friend." She shrieked loudly
in what I took as happiness or excitement. She then asked, "Am I a better friend than
Nathan?" I replied yes, she squealed and the students around her were muttering as if
this was some top of the news story. Her last question was this, "Is Nathan or me
your best friend?" I replied Neither, but I told her she couldn't count Nathan as my
friend. More muttering. When I asked what this was about, she said that Nathan had
told her that he was a better friend to me than she was. Well, now isn't THIS
confusing? Had he not said the previous period we were no longer friends? Had he not
just stood there and let me be mocked by a pizza? Well, this is the most angering
part of this whole thing, he had given my phone number to a jew, communist, and his
little pizza friend. Yes, the horror! And just one hour before the posting of this
diary, I got a bombardment of calls from all three. They all claimed the same thing,
that I had stolen Nathan's grandfather's military badge, I stated that I had not
stolen his grandfather's badge and had not even known his grandfather was in the
military. Did they believe me? No, of course not. All I got was, "Stop lying Nazi!".
Not only this, but the communist and the jew pretended to be british, however, I was
easily able to see through their illusion. How? They didn't do a very good job,
furthermore, I heard someone plucking a violin in the background(the song Russian
Sailor's Dance) which also happened to be a song the music teacher assigned the
orchestra class(which I am part of) that song to learn. I immediately thought of the
communist boy Geovanni. That and I heard his voice quite clearly in the background.
They kept saying to give back Nathan's badge or they were going to, and I quote,
"beat the bloody shit" out of me. I continually hung up, and when the jew and the
communist stopped, Nathan and Pizza Face began harassing me as well. They think that
I stole his badge, and they kept saying to give it back, and I kept telling them I
didn't steal it. Well, I hung up time and time again, they persisted until I stated
that I was going to file a harassment complaint with the police department. A threat
I fully intend to go through with. Tomorrow, I will talk with the counselors and
learn how I may file a complaint, then when I can, go ahead and do it. I will NOT
tolerate their harassment calls and their threats. They want to pull their little
pranks or spread lies about me? Well, let them do it, and let them suffer
consequences of their illegal actions. This could be the longest online post I've
ever made, and I'm glad I can vent to you good ol' Kupika, even though I should be
writing this in my actual Diary, I'll write it in later, I have no time now.
                                                   Your Local Lunatic,
                                                              Mary Lou ☠
                                                            Heil Hitler! Ave Satanas!

‹Green Spring Grass› says:   15 April 2011   698375  
Happens all the time. *throws dart at picture of Sam*
‹Azathoth, The Blind Idiot God› says:   15 April 2011   192707  
‹Green Spring Grass› says:   15 April 2011   390671  
Some girl who started telling everyone I stuff my bra and a ton of
other shit like I attempted to kill myself and someone else. Which,
surprisingly, caught on and the freaking sixth graders were scared
shitless around me. Almost kicked her through the second story window
to the pavement. 
‹Azathoth, The Blind Idiot God› says:   15 April 2011   525534  
Don't spam my diary with your problems, THIS MY PROBLEMS PAGE. 
‹Green Spring Grass› says:   15 April 2011   204297  
You asked though... I just said it happens all the time and put
someone as my proof of problems. 
‹Azathoth, The Blind Idiot God› says:   15 April 2011   860685  
But I didn't want proof of your "problems". 
‹Green Spring Grass› says:   15 April 2011   284095  
Then you didn't have to ask. Listen, I don't want any problems with
you right now, and honestly I don't care. You're not the only one
having problems like those, and I thought I'd just comment about how
you're not the only one, alright? No need to get sassy. 
‹Azathoth, The Blind Idiot God› says:   15 April 2011   142990  
‹Green Spring Grass› says :   15 April 2011   507490  
Thank you... 

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