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Very confusing point in the life of a 16 year old girl a.k.a me D:Category: (general)
Tuesday, 12 April 2011
04:16:42 PM (GMT)
Well. There comes a time in everyone's life i guess, where you need to make that
decision. Stay a virgin until marriage...or not? Well, I'm at that point. I have
alot of self-esteem issues (i think i'm the ugliest, fattest thing this world
has to offer), and that isn't helping this delimma. I feel as though i should do
this, cuz for once, a guy actually wants me. I am at that point where I
WANT to, you it, but i also know the consequences and that once my
virginity is's gone. Now yes, I have a boyfriend. But also, I have
issues with flirting with almost EVERY guy. And it's usually unintentional and
I'm completely unaware that i'm doing it, so my friends have to be the ones to tell
me. And just recently, I met this guy.  He has a girlfriend, but, I can't help
flirting with him. He also has made it VERY clear how he feels about me. And
I've been thinking about taking him up on his offer. He is also 16 until the 27th of
this month. But, he's expierenced. I am not, at all. This is my first boyfriend. And
i've never been kissed or had any guy touch me like that before. So it's kind of a
big thing to just up and do it all at once, I know...But...I don't know what to do. I
know what I am doing soon though. Having THE talk with my mother -.- the one
where you say "Mom, I think I want to have sex soon." and she says "...OH MY
GOD...okay now that that's out of the way...why now, with who, when, what do you
need?" awkward conversation gonna go down there...but either way (whether i choose to
lose it soon or not), I'd like to be prepared if that situation comes up, rather then
not be prepared and say yes to that situation and end up prego or something...already
been around that enough. So here I am...Krystal...a confused 16-year-old girl who is
having those urges...but doesn't know whether to listen to my body over my mind and
what my friends are suggesting. I am so glad I could get this out on "paper".

‹-Lane_› shouts:   27 February 2012   403921  
Keep your virginity! Hold it close!
xxbeautifulxsilencexx says:   28 February 2012   677616  
‹-Lane_› says:   28 February 2012   898927  
No, no. I'm serious. 
If you haven't made the mistake already, don't. Ask anyone. %90 will
tell you they wish they didn't give it up to that guy. "that guy". You
I am still with the guy I gave mine up to, but sometimes sex
complicates things. 
I don't know. Just make sure YOU are ready. 
xxbeautifulxsilencexx says:   28 February 2012   912265  
Oh I know. I stil have it. I'm waiting. 
‹-Lane_› says:   28 February 2012   557634  
Good girl! ;0 
I envy you.
xxbeautifulxsilencexx says:   28 February 2012   255299  
Oh don't. I don't even know what I'm doin with my life right now.
I may be wasting my time waiting for this one guy.
Who knows. 
‹-Lane_› says:   28 February 2012   866699  
I'm in a situation, too. But try to be positive, hun! If you have a
positive outlook on things, your life will be more better. Sorry I'm
going Oprah on you.
xxbeautifulxsilencexx says:   28 February 2012   526027  
Ehhh probably not.
All good. 
‹-Lane_› says:   28 February 2012   334698  
I know, I need to practice what I preach, as well. :] Lol.
xxbeautifulxsilencexx says:   28 February 2012   372435  
‹HelloHow'reYou?› says:   29 February 2012   343416  
If you're with your boyfriend but you're having urges for
someone else then don't have sex with anyone right now. 
It should be with someone you trust, with someone you think it will
last with and preferably with someone you love. Don't do it until
you're with the right person, it'll be so much more special and great
if it's with the one you love. Also if you do it with your boyfriend
while you're flirting with other people, how do you think he's gonna
feel? Boys have feelings too and sex can be emotional for them also.
Just saying my opinion.
xxbeautifulxsilencexx says :   29 February 2012   119139  
Opinion appreciated. 
But the guy i love...its complicated. 

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