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YouTube makes me lol.Category: (general)
Friday, 1 April 2011
08:48:28 PM (GMT)
Uh...yeah. YouTube is annoying at times, but sometimes it's just fun to watch.

So, the purpose of this entry is to rant about a certain user whom I've seen pop up
constantly in the circles I run in.
He goes by the name of halla4763.

At a first glance, he doesn't seem TOO bad. His profile on YT reads, and I quote:
"I love vocaloid videos but am very picky ( i only like the ones that dont sound like
crap).i notice i get lots of hate mail but i will keep making videos so that they get

A typical newcomer to making videos, from the looks of it.
However, when he says he's picky, he means he likes to rip out the souls of any
Vocaloid song he encounters.
A typical troll.
In fact his trolling is sometimes hilarious to read.
I've already had a few pitiful encounters with him.

This video, as some of you might know, was literally my first attempt at Vocaloid2.
Not exactly the best choice, but not absolutely horrid.
Then this user comes in and posts one of the most hilariously rude comments I've ever
"i luv the original version of this song,but what the hell is this anal garbage. this
is the worse remix ever,obama could sing a better song than this. and her english is
the real cherry on the shit sundae. its so fucking awful just listen to it.or
better yet dont listen to it and while your at it turn this fucking video off."

I replied by keeping my cool and explaining that it was my first time using Vocaloid2
and such. Of course it won't be perfect; it was my first time. Jeez.

I go on with my life and sooner or later, I get another comment from him on this

I was into Megaman and I was rather chuffed with my picture. 
I had claimed I had no idea what Megaman looked like up close because I didn't play
the games and any references I found online weren't consistent enough so I just made
my own Megaman.

Check out what he had to say.

"what the hell is up with mega man. his megabuster looks like a giant dog dick.
would explain alot since miku is standing next to him."

Oh lol, the immaturity.
I got a bit more snarly, not realizing it was the same guy from my first video.

I finally drew the line at this video here.

I had desperately wanted to cover this song but I didn't have my Vocaloids with me at
the time, but I had the Lily demo. I rushed to make it and it ended up a bit sloppy.

And guess what he had to say this time?

"holy shit this looks scary,it looks like shes about to suck out someones soul.
speaking of which whats up with her singing,its sounds like shes lacking a soul. i
liked the teto version,but this one just sucks. thank jesus christ that its only 90
seconds long."

I finally snapped and realized that it was the same dude complaining on my videos,
and I finally asked him what his deal was, and if he was just picking on me just for
the sake of...picking on me.

Well, guess what happens next.
I lolled so hard.

"very sorry
im sorry ,im not trying to pick on you,when i make comments on videos i never pay any
mind to the channel so if i said anything on multiple videos of yours im sorry and i
mean no ill will. im not trying to be an asshole i just leave comments so people know
what to do /not do when making videos. im not saying your doing a terrible job in
fact my videos suck too,i know how much time and effort goes into making a video(i
spent 30+hours on a couple of my vids)it all takes practice to get good,you should
take any negitive criticism you get and use that as a guidline to help shape your
videos,jesus christ knows how much hate mail i get lol,but please dont stop making
your videos and again i am very sorry for being an asshole towards you it was never
my intention to pick on anyone it was just an accident."

Yeeeeeeeeeeeah... I don't buy it.
I told him apology accepted because I didn't want to be as troll-y as him.

And then just today I find another video posted by somebody else of a Project Diva

"project dva= parappa the rapper with vocaloids. that dance is so boring to watch,
id rather watch liquid shit dry on a wall than watch this again."

The video poster freaked out afterwards.

"the world hates you too!! Holy crap I looked at your channel and you say you love
Vocaloid. Go listen to Justin Beiber you retarted troller!!"

I simply replied to him saying not to mind him; he's just a lonely soul with nothing
better to do with his life than complain.
Every time I see this user, I lol some more.

...Wait a minute. These insults don't even sound original.
They sound suspiciously like a certain angry NERD I know of.

Oh YouTube, how low can your users stoop?

Kirti says:   11 April 2011   936953  
Poor little troll boy. Maybe somebody would love him if he stopped
being a hippocrite, swearing, and maybe tried using some capital
letters form time to time. By the way, the Megaman drawing is nice.
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   19 April 2011   501340  
Actually, that reminds me.
On that Megaman video, somebody was being whiny and yelling at the
person about how it's YouTube, not DeviantArt. Halla replied back by
mocking how mature he was by not swearing and how his mom would be
I mean, I don't go swearing left and right because I know it doesn't
really accomplish anything. 
Kirti says:   24 April 2011   148240  
He's absurd! Is making our parents proud a bad thing all the time?
(Or, like, any of the time?)
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says :   24 April 2011   840508  
Although, again, it's the internet. "If you're anonymous, you can do
whatever you want" is the mindset. 

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