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A broken music box doll - The death of XenaCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 9 February 2011
12:01:36 PM (GMT)
Xena's musicbox

Xena got up from the cornor that she sat in at night. She was leaveing to go and see
Xavien. She pulled on her best dress, put that little bow in her hair, pulled on her
stripey socks and her large shoes. No coat. She wanted to look nice. Xena gathered
some paper,crayons,acouple of her dolls and a music box and put them into a small
bag. She opened a portal and stepped though.

Xena arrived at a beach. The sand was white and the sea was blue as ever. She sat
down alone on the sand. "hello Xavien" She took out all the things from her bag. "I
came to see you again today as promised!" She started drawing with the crayons. "I
miss you alot..." these words did not actualy discribe how Xena felt at all. She
wound up the key in the music box and a little girl with blue hair and a boy with
white hair poped out and started twirling and dancing around forever stuck in that
one place twirling. Oh how Xena wished to dance with Xavien again...

Xena heard foot steps. She turned her head to see a boy with a duck and a...well lets
just say goof...sound good to you?
"hey little girl what you doin' here all alone?" Xena looked angrly at the boy and
stood up. "your Sora arn't you? You have no right to call me little!" Sora backed up
alittle. "woah what did I do?"
"you killed Xavien" Sora froze. An orginization member? But he didn't remember
killing any one called Xavien... "I think you have the wrong person..."
Xena stamped one foot. "I am Xena number 17 of the orginization and I am going to get
revenge for my family!" Suddenly her giant hammer appeared in her hand. Sora's
Keyblade appeared in his as he prepared for battle.

After some time Sora picked himself up off the ground. "hey look it's Xavien!" he
shouted as he pointed away from Xena. She turned and looked when suddenly. There was
a sharp pain in her back. The keyblade went straight in. He turned it round. Xena
fell. The sand was dyed red in seconds as she lay there with the key in her back.

"I'm a bad girl..." She whispered to herself as tear ran down her face. "I wanted to
kill people...I wanted to be princess..." She shifted. She heard a fermiliar voice.
"you're not a bad girl Xena. You're a good girl" Xena looked at what looked like an
angel with green hair. Behind her was sevral other angels. "your safe it's okay..."

Xena slowly picked herself up. She looked at Sora. "I guess I'm not a puppet..." She
said quietly. "I am but a wind up doll on a music box..." And with that peices
started to fall off of Xena. Little glass jigsaw peices. Until only the key and a
pile of jigsaw peices where left. Sora picked up the key and a small peice of the
jigsaw. "hm..."

Xena awoke in a field of green grass. The sky was blue and full of clouds. She was
under a tree surrounded with colourful flowers. There where butterflys and birds and
she was pretty sure that was a lake over there...
There was somthing else though...a boy...

The boy ran to her and picked her up bridal style. "Xena!" "Xavien!" He spun around
with Xena in his arms. They stopped. "is this heaven Xavien?" "well I only see you
and I so...It must be" They hugged and kissed one another and ran around. What Xena
had been longing to do for years...

If I where to be reborn again I hope that you'd play with me then

‹.::SHINee♥Locket::.› says:   9 February 2011   850291  

Why's Sora such a bastard? ¬.¬
‹OpalM-W› says:   9 February 2011   335686  
because he thats the way he rolls >:l 
‹.::SHINee♥Locket::.› says:   9 February 2011   820480  
‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says:   9 February 2011   478902  
Cause that's what he was born as ^.^
Born as a bastard, lives as a bastard, dies as a bastard! XD

Great story by the way! ^.^ 
‹OpalM-W› says:   9 February 2011   805578  
thanks ^^ 
‹Tama_♦› says:   9 February 2011   919167  
Aw, that's just not cricket! XD
Fair enough to fight and win, but cheating like that? Fail, Sora,
‹OpalM-W› says :   9 February 2011   646951  
YEAH Sora chew on that! >8l 


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