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Saturday, 29 January 2011
01:28:12 AM (GMT)
Okay lets start off here. Today, January 27, is the worst day of my life. I hate today. I will never be happy on this day of any year. So.. Why the fuck wont people leave me alone? "Oh, Izzy my life sucks and is so worthless and no one loves me. I need someone to talk to me, and I know you will ..etc" You know what FUCK ALL OF YOU. I mean that with a lot of kindness. Ever to stop and thing I have problems to? No? Oh, yeah that's because I don;t expect ANYONE to fucking care. Yeah, I have what 2 people I can really trust? And even then it takes a lot for me to tell them EVERYTHING. I only trusted one person. Guess what.. They're gone. Life's a bitch everyone fucking accept. No ones going to put up with all of your shit for too long. Think about other people for a fucing change. Think about "Hey, maybe they have problems too" Guess what I do. I alway.. ALWAYS.. listen to everyone tell me there problems and try to help them as much as they can. What pisses me off is when you people complain about the same god thing over and over again. GUESS WHAT. No one is going to help you if you won't fucking listen to what they can. I honestly think most of you fag fucks like being depressed and shit. You don;t do anything to fix what's bothering you. Oh, and I can't fix every fucking thing. Everyone depends on me too fucking much. Hey. Cure and Nikki thanks for appreciating me. yeah yeah "Izzy everyone loves you. You;re nice..." blah blah blah. I'm too fucking nice. I'm tierd of being so fucking nice. People just run me the fuck over. Yeah, I'm ranting. I don't care. Got a problem with it? QUIT FUCKING READING IT.<3 Do I want sympathy? FUCK NO. I want people to actually atleast pretend they give to fucks about me. Too much to ask to fucking pretend? Well, I'm sorry I'm so needy then. I don't care if people read this and stop being my friends. I don;t care if people read this and feel the need to talk to me. And people who have their heads up their asses and think they're better than everyone. Quit reading this if you have a life and it's so fucking perfect. I'm done being the nice guy. I'm done being the person people run to. I'm done being put through a fucking guilt trip. I'M DONE. Do I love my life? Yes. I do. I love it a lot now-a-days. Do I love how people treat me? No. I hate it. I can't stand it. The human race sickens me to the fullest extinct. I'm not saying I hate you all. I'm not saying that y'all are bad friends. I'm not saying I'd be better off with out anyone. I'm saying to act like you care. If not to me. At least someone else. The world is filled with people and some starving. So why the fuck is everyone complaining about petty shit? <3 Izzy P.S. Thank you Dean and Ricky for making me laugh today.
Last edited: 29 January 2011

‹General☣birdoman› says:   29 January 2011   117774  
‹IzzyImperfection☣› says:   29 January 2011   750192  
‹General☣birdoman› says:   29 January 2011   930354  
goodmorning says:   29 January 2011   733635  
<3 i hope everything is okay. i love youuuu.
‹IzzyImperfection☣› says:   29 January 2011   960331  
Thanks hun
I love you too 
‹Jess; THE shit› says:   29 January 2011   869052  
This rant just gave me way more respect for you.
‹IzzyImperfection☣› says:   29 January 2011   929019  
‹Jess; THE shit› says:   29 January 2011   976304  
You're welcome?

It's just, I thought you took shit from people. 
‹IzzyImperfection☣› says:   29 January 2011   175952  
I use to, but I'm tired of it. 
‹Jess; THE shit› says:   29 January 2011   933912  

I see. 
‹IzzyImperfection☣› says:   29 January 2011   315177  
‹Lexi Loves You ♥› says:   29 January 2011   431964  
FUCKTHESYSTEM says:   29 January 2011   387259  
What's wronnngggg?
‹RachaelAnn.<3› says:   29 January 2011   591978  
I'm sorry. if I've ever done that to youu.
‹アレックスは雨が大好き› says:   29 January 2011   921410  
mmm I didn't know so I will stop messaging you ..
‹IzzyImperfection☣› says:   29 January 2011   672693  
just a lot
You haven't
You've never done anything to me. 
‹アレックスは雨が大好き› says:   29 January 2011   387893  
Oh upps never mind Izzy ^^
will keep talking to you but you need to take it easy dear ^^ 
‹IzzyImperfection☣› says:   29 January 2011   512477  
I will(: 
‹アレックスは雨が大好き› says:   29 January 2011   707204  
your a good friend ^^ 
‹IzzyImperfection☣› says:   29 January 2011   324227  
Thank you(:
So are you(: 
CureZen says:   29 January 2011   311397  
0.0 holy damn iz. you alright?
‹Cross› says:   30 January 2011   214893  
‹xsilentxtearsxfallx› says:   1 February 2011   312625  
So..I just wanted to say that I know we haven't talked in forever,
but I still care about you. Lots. So. Yeah.
toffie says:   1 February 2011   807964  
‹life.moves.on› says :   1 February 2011   941110  
Best diary entry I have seen on kupika.

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