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Is this cruel or what? DxCategory: (general)
Saturday, 18 December 2010
06:59:35 AM (GMT)
There's a girl that I know, all my friend hated her but I went against their advice
and brought her along to our trip to Glasgow. Nobody seemed to mind her being there
and she just fit right in, but then she walked off with two of our friends and phoned
to say they were going their own way. A few minutes later she phoned again demanding
to know where we were T-T

There was a large group of us, about 8 girls and 3 boys. I only knew one of the boys
and I said he could invite his friends so he didn't feel awkward. We were all just
hanging out and talking, walking around and acting crazy whilst getting lost
repeatedly. I started talking to one of the guys and I started to like him, tall,
cute, funny and ever so slightly crazy, the kind of guy that I've never been lucky
enough to get to know. We meet up with the three girls later and the one no one liked
was upset as her 'boyfriend' wrote his msn pm about another girl. She was on the
verge of tears and I hugged her, and comforted her and gave her advice on how to talk
to her whilst the others looked sympathetic. 

A while later she asks out the boy I like, the day after I tell her I like him, and
she claims 'she liked him from the start and he liked her too', even though she was
hung up on another guy for at least two days after the glasgow day until she got over

It hurts to say they never spoke once and if I hadn't invited her, I wouldn't have
been stabbed in the back :/

Everyone is convinced she's done it to get at me and to fuck it bad that
I'm the only one, once again, who doesn't hate her?

Iloafyou says:   18 December 2010   606040  
No. I've the same problem, people can do whatever they like to me,
and I just can't hate them, I just avoid them. Now, if they do
something to someone I love, they will die ^.^ Maybe you should try to
help her? Or just avoid her, sometimes people are just like that.
‹SetTheWorldAlightAndLaugh› says:   19 December 2010   656572  

If anyone hurts someone I love they can be sure they're gonna regret
it ^^

I can't help her because she won't talk to me properly now and I can't
avoid her because she goes to my school, but I don't want to cause I
don't hate her, my friends want me to avoid her though TT-TT 
Iloafyou says:   19 December 2010   921131  
Maybe the only thing you can do is ignore her, don't talk to her
‹SetTheWorldAlightAndLaugh› says:   20 December 2010   975594  
Things seem to have gotten worse, she's complaining that I've invited
her boyfriend to glasgow and said im going to flirt and make him dump
her. Like that's possible with over 11 people going, or like I'd even
do that Dx

She told my friend I've been glaring at her all the time, but I
haven't seen her since the last time we were at glasgow which was
before she was going out with him o.O 
Iloafyou says:   20 December 2010   405551  
Well, try going to glasgow, not flirting with him and making him dump
her, and just ignoring her complaints?
‹SetTheWorldAlightAndLaugh› says:   20 December 2010   442127  
I try ignoring everything but then I get told stuff by all my friends,
and I wasn't going to flirt or anything ;P 
Iloafyou says :   20 December 2010   232992  
XD Well yeah. Maybe if she sees that, and that the things she is
saying aren't bothering you, she'll stop bugging you. I dunno, it's
always worked for me 0.0 Could you tell your friends to just ignore

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