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Monday, 13 December 2010
04:21:46 AM (GMT)
Xena slammed her door shut behind her and broke down into tears on the floor. She
had just heard the news. Xavien was dead. Sora had killed him....She was...Alone...
All of her friends where dead...There was only a couple of people left. But Xena
figured that they wern't too bothered about her. She was as she began this whole
With out any one. No one in the world loved her...Not even her dolls...She knew it
was their job to love her. She had asked one or two if they actually did love
her but they never answered. Why was it always her? She had put a smile on her face
for the Orginization to try and make them happy. Why was her efforts always so
futile? Nothing ever worked...They all seemed to treat her like she was just a stupid
little child...She missed Xiannon and Shexia...and Demyx and Zexion...They all
Everyone always looked as though the end was near...as though there was no hope for

Xena lay on the floor shivering violently. She was frightened. She didn't want to be
alone and unloved. She was pale and looked dead. Xena sat up. She would sing...for
Xavien...he'd like that. So she sang her last song...
It was in Japanese but in english it went somthing like this...

The stars sing as they float on the water's surface.
My heart continues cuddling closer to you

The glittering dews sing as sunlight trickles through the forest leaves.
Will I be dreaming of you as I sleep?

Counting the lives sinking to the bottom of the water,
I believe that some day my wish will be heard.
For now I will freeze this eternal serenity,
as the tears of lovers change into a sea.

If the day should come when you can finally smile after countless nights,
then I will never have to cry again.
That we may come across each other after countless nights in my dream,
allow me to sing this song.

So that I can see the smile of my loved one once more,
I believe in the promise we will make in the faraway future.
Because you will be there in the future, connected to me under the same sky,
shall we return to that day, led by our feelings?

There's no end to the tears I shed just for you,
as I sleep while thinking nonstop only about you.

Right now, I will sleep thinking nonstop about you, my love. 

What sounded like screams to Xena was the song of a lonley child to the members that
had heard.
Suddenly the window of her room smashed and the glass slid over to Xena. She shaped
it into many diferent things...a heart...She didn't need one any more...
If Xavien wasn't there for her to share it with there was no point...She didn't need
one...and the Orginization didn't need her...
The heart smashed into little peices. Xena brought a shard of glass to her thoat. As
long as she was alive she'd be cursed with lonleyness.


She couldn't.
She dropped the glass. Xavien wouldn't want it. He'd want her to live out the rest of
her life.

She was going to kill Sora...And then...She would....

Xena stood up and opened a portal.

‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says:   13 December 2010   622967  
Epicness ^.^ Liking your stories ^^
‹Tama_♦› says:   16 January 2011   324724  
Tis very pretty :D
But seriously guyses... everyone has now written a) death of their OC
and b) death of other OCs apart from me, and I feel like I should but
seriously, would it even be that emotional? Is anyone even close to
Xiulan? How sad ;_;
‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says:   16 January 2011   502867  
Awwww, I like Xiulan ^.^
I'm sure Xaveria likes Xiulan too, she may not show it.. But I'm sure
she does, since she doesn't really annoy her, take the piss out of
her, or make her angry on purpose xD ^^' 
‹Tama_♦› says :   16 January 2011   616526  
lol, lucky then that I decided not to have Xiulan go and poke
Xaveria's stomach when Marluxia left XD 


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