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English III Journals;Category: backups.
Wednesday, 8 December 2010
10:29:27 PM (GMT)
this is mostly a back up.
October 27, 2010 Does everyone have a dark side? I think so. Every human has the ability to snap, and suddenly do something out of character. There is the idea of yin and yang, which although has its religious background, it also is very realistic if one thinks about it. All of us have a balance of good, and evil, and if someone, or something, or some event causes one’s balance to become off- of course there is a reaction. Whether this person’s reaction is “good” or “evil” depends on what caused the reaction, of course. Everyone has their breaking point, and everyone, as I said before, has the ability to do something “evil” or “dark”, giving them a “dark side.”
October 29, 2010 What gives life purpose? Perhaps, love gives life purpose. I’m not saying this as a “silly teenager” who is in love, I’m saying this as a girl who has lived long enough to know that love makes life worth living. Love from family, and friends, gives one the endurance to go on. Knowing that someone, no matter what you do, will always care for you, and worry for you, and be there for you because they love you, gives one the push to try, and to continue with life. Love, is life’s purpose.
November 2, 2010 To me “seize the day” means, do everything you can today. Don’t wait till tomorrow, because you never know if you have tomorrow or not. You don’t, and can’t, control how long you’ll live, and without that knowledge and ability, you must take advantage of the time you have now. Take advantage of today, and don’t wait till tomorrow. Live life as if today is the last day, the last chance; you have to do what you want.
November 10, 2010 Some ways that people handle a personal and painful loss are through writing. When it feels like the whole wide world is crashing upon one’s self, and no one is around to listen to you, and help you through the crash, writing is always there. You can vent everything out, and although it may not make sense later, it feels good to get everything off your chest- and out of mind. It makes it easier to concentrate on the rest of the world, and it makes it easier to concentrate on your own personal well being, instead of feeling the pain.
November 16, 2010 Why do you think society values physical beauty as much as it does? I think one person suddenly decided, “If I make this perfect image of a man and woman, people will model themselves after it, and thrive to be that person, and I can control consumers through that need.” I don’t know who decided this, but they are a genius. It started with fashion, and how people became judged by it. If you didn’t have the latest clothing, the most expensive, outrageous garbs, you were lower class- and less important. Then it became about appearance. If you were beautiful, it didn’t matter how poor you were. If you were stick thin, had perfect hair and skin, you were considered beautiful. I suppose it could have started with men’s judgments, and then the women turned tables and began judging all by themselves. The value of physical beauty outweighs the value of spiritual, or inner, beauty the majority of the time in our current society.
December 3, 2010 Aspects of my life that are not under my control (I’m sure you’d rather a sentence, or paragraph and whatnot, but it’s a list. I apologize.): • My parents • Who dies • If my fish Francis decides to eat or not • Whether or not we get boomerang, and I can watch the Power Puff Girls or not (to my dismay) • How people take, or respond, to things • What people wear, whether I think it is completely inappropriate, or disgusting- or not. • If people want to be completely ignorant, and then rant about it on facebook Aspects if my life that are under my control: • My behavior • My appearance • What I eat • If I’m ignorant or not • And if I rant about it on facebook, or not • How I respond to things • Whether I carefully arrange my words to prevent someone getting irritated with me (whether it’s ridiculous of them or not, another thing I can’t control), or not

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