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MoRe ThInGs MoSt PeOpLe dOn'T kNoW aBoUt MeCategory: (general)
Thursday, 7 October 2010
11:17:00 PM (GMT)
1) I hate the color neon green
3) I freak out if things are pink ((except for jeffrey star related things))
4) I loved the Billy Mays ((or howeverthehell you spell his name)) commercials. 
Nothing makes me smile like a guy yellin at yu to but his products. I was so sad when
he died TT-TT~~~
5) Only my true friends can make me laugh
6) The color yellow freaks me out
7) I hate preps. Just sayin.
8.) I sometimes walk through cemetaries in my free time.
9) I try to contact ghosts while I'm there
10) I’ve considered just forgetting girls all together and going full out gay. Hate
me if you want, that’ll just show what kind of friend you really are.
11) I HAAAAAATE when people who read stuff I write bug me about updating. I’ll
update when I want to.
12) I have a thing for trannies
13) I hate when people talk about the movie IT. That was one of the first horror
movies I’ve ever seen, and it basically traumatized me and now I’m terrified of
14) I was a major know-it-all in third grade
15) I wish I was a girl sometimes. My dad wont let me do certain things because I’m
a guy.
16) I hate when people fight through the comment section on Youtube
17) I’m sort of scared to cross streets
18.) I’ve sworn to never die ((yeah... i know..... good luck with that one xDDD but
im allowed to dream!)))
19) People who think smoking makes them look “cool” make me fucking sick
20) I hate car commercials
21) I hate it when people call themselves 'emo' or 'scene'. it just proves that
theyre a total poser.
22) I used to hate my name, but I don’t mind it much anymore, though i still wish i
could change it
23) I’ve gotten a brush stuck in my hair before and I had to get it cut out
24) I think lettuce is disgusting
25) I love the word slaughter... cause you cant spell slaughter without laughter :D
((i kno, totally unorigonal... but still :D))
26) The one person I absolutely hate on Youtube is Nigahiga. Yep. Start some shit.
27) I hate Wendy’s
28.) I hate Twilight
29) I hate when my parents eat all my gum
30) When I was five I went to my teachers funeral, and I kept walking around the
cemetery and reading all the graves. The only reason I left was because there was
cake in my mom’s car.
31) I have a reoccurring dream about being raped…had it last night actually. After
having that dream about seven times I don’t really like joking about rape
32) I force my mom to buy me pocky whenever she goes to Walmart
33) When I was in 3rd grade I didn’t know about sex yet and then my friend taught
me about it, and I thought it was really gross so I convinced myself that there was
another way to get girls pregnant: kissing.
34) Obnoxious laughter makes me want to punch someone
35) Ice cream trucks REALLY…REALLY…ANNOY ME
36) Skinny babies freak me out
37) I used to be super shy when I was younger, so much that I wouldn’t leave the
house. Then my friend I met in 3rd grade turned me into a rebel
38.) I think colored contacts and hair extensions are awesome
39) I’ve taken eight pain killers all at once before
40) Ive dyed my hair four times now
41) I don’t get why Japanese people are obsessed with the English language, but i
do get why the english are obsessed with the japanese xD
42) Disrespecting the dead is a huge N-O in my world
43) I don’t get why people drink V-8. It’s so gross : /
44) I hate lamps. light a match.
45) Im a total pyro
46) I think revenge is for weak minded people. Revenge only causes even more
47) Ive built my life around music.
48.) I hate when people say “What’s Star Wars?” Seriously?
49) I hate it when guys are totally OK with lesbians, but they think gays are gross.
50) I hate when people say that bi people need to “make up their minds”.
51) Music teachers hate me, and i love music
52) I’ve woken up with bruises and cuts on my legs
53) I cannot STAND when you’re talking and people cut you off
54) I hate people who think hurting and threatening others makers them a
“badass”. I only hurt when it’s necessary.
55) I’m sort of obsessed with money
56) I’ve considered murdering my father in his sleep
57) I hate cooking shows. Everyone’s so competitive. I saw someone cry over a
cupcake once. It’s just food, people. Get your fat asses off TV and make some
sidewalks or something.
58.) I LOVE when people play with my hair
59) I hate when you’re arguing with someone, and you ask them to support their
argument and they say “it just is”.
60) I hate when people make fun of the military
61) My favorite tv show is invader zim... its so damn adorable!!!!!
62) I hate wimps
63) I think of life as a game, nothing more. when you die, you lose. and im deadset
on winning.
64) I hate when people respond to a message with LOL. How the hell do you expect me
to respond to that?
65) I used to freak out when I lost things like textbooks in school, now I don’t
really care
66) I sometimes call girls ((even those i just meet)) 'sweetie', 'hun', and
'darling'. get use to it. ((but if you dont like it let me know :/ ))
67) I think meat is sort of gross, but I’ll still eat it. I just cant really look
at it.
68.) I love kisses, even from random people i dont know
69) I hate wannabes
70) I hate when teachers brag about me to other teachers…in front of students
Last edited: 9 October 2010

‹XxXImHis_Pretty_RaveGirlXxX› says :   10 October 2010   307375  
lol, I read all your random facts... you sound JUST like me it's
funny. xD

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