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The touch of skin {read last}Category: (general)
Saturday, 4 September 2010
07:17:12 AM (GMT)
They collapsed on her bed, still kissing, tongues entwining hands running all over
each others bodies. Chrissie was struggling to undo his shrit buttons fast enough he
moved his arms back so it was easier for her. He hands were then running up and down
his chest, over his muscles, round to his back, he groaned and kissed her more
passionately. pushing her down into the folds of the bedsheets. She moaned back and
they manouvered together so her head was on the pillows and she was gazing up at him
with either love or lust in her eyes. Sam, neither knoew or cared he just wanted to
experience the ultimate pleasure as fast as he could, he removed his shirt and
started to undo his belt and trousers. Likewise Chrissie was wriggling out of her
dress. Soon they were just in their underwear. Sam straddling Chrissie, leaned over
her and they resumed making out, their breath was coming short now, they just wanted
to be closer, closer, closer to each other. He ran his hands down her chest over her
straining bra, he'd never seen her tits, they looked beautiful even with the lacey
material covering her nipples. She unhooked it and tossed it on the floor, that
motion mesmerised sam for a while until the sight of her erect nipples caught his
attention. Knowing that that part of her was very sensitive he was careful when he
brought his lips to them. He kissed first her left then her right. 
'More' she moaned and with her permission he became more agressive, sucking and
manipulating the soft skin whilst Chrissie's hand fondled the other, her moans
intensified and her legs began to wrap round his hips, almost unconsciously, but
naturally. He moved to her other breast, before she pulled his head up and kissed him
deeply on the mouth, bfore nibbling his lips and pulling away. It was at this point
his dick shot up, erect, only with her legs around his hips she could feel it digging
in, only the material of their underwear seperating them.
'Oh' she exclaimed, then smiled and kissed him again. He pulled back, reached around
for his trouser pocket, meanwhile Chrissie was sliding her panties around her ankles.
The shortglimpse of the wet stain on them jolted Sam's body, his penis seemed to go
taunt, then the smell of her wetness assailed him, it was the most lustful, natural
smell known to man. Grabbing the condom packet his trembling hand heopened it and
after removing his boxers slid it over himself. Chrissie watched, entranced, she
knelt up and moved towards him. Her hand reached out towards his penis and she slowly
stroked it, first upwards, then downwards. The feel of her fingers running over him,
made Sam groan with pleasure. 
'Is that good?' she asked tentively
'Yes' he sighed
She carried on, up and down, up and down, up and down, a steady rhythym. Sam closed
his eyes and let pleasure take over. This was so good. They without warning something
softer, brushed his dick. It was her lips, he looked down, she was bending over his
penis, kissing it gently. She glanced up at him, his face was strained 'Ahhhhhhhhhhh'
was all he managed, he tongue flicked out mischieviously. The condom was ribbed 'for
her pleasure' the packet had said, the sensation of her tongue now running up and
down the way her hands had moved nearly floored Sam. He had to put his hands on her
back to steady himself. She ran the whole length of his penis, mumuring in between
licks, 'Your so big, so long, mmmmmmm' 
Was this a different girl, no longer the innocent princess, Sam found he liked the
change, it was nice to know she was human with human desires. After a while the
feeling of a climax beagn to build up. He whispered 'Stop'
She looked up at him worried. 'If you carry on I might cum here' he said
She slowly moved backwards onto the pillows laying her body out for him to see. The
curls between her legs drew his gaze down. He moved almost trance like towards her.
He knew her most sensitive bit was her clit, wanting to repay the favour he lowered
his head between her legs. Realising what he was going to do she moved her legs apart
and he could see how wet she really was. It was a glistening river from her pussy
which had opened with the arousal, a dark pink hole, inviting his dick in. But for
now he sought out the bright pink skin above it. Her clit had swollen as a result
too, it was hard to miss. He sank his head into the crevice and kissed her clit, her
whole body jerked with desire. He hoped she hadn't cum, it was hard to tell her
juices were everywhere. Her began kissing, sucking and licking her spot. She moved
her legs wider and he grabbed them with his hands as an anchor, she was moaning
louder now, her hands came down to join his head and they ran through his hair,
scrunching when he made the right move. Her hips we raising up, pushing into his face
his mouth, he tasted her juices, it was heaven. 
'Oh god, I'm gonna cum' she cried. Shit he had gone too far, there was nothing to do
but carry on. He licked her from her pussy opening to her clit, over and over. He
breaths were heavy, she was sitting up now, pushing his head between her legs 'Oh
god, oh, oh oh, fuck' she swore, he shoved his tongue into her pussy, and did as she
had said, tongue fucking her, he was so turned on his dick was tingling he might cum
too. 'Ahhhhh, ahhhh, ahhhhh,' she repeated over and over 'Fuck! I'm cumming!' Sam
thrust his tongue on one more time as her pussy exploded all over him. He orgasm
thundered through her pussy, her jucies spurted out, the smell and taste of her
passion and lust was too much and his penis joined her in sending forthe jucies of
his own. Chrissie collapsed on the bed, panting and moaning. Sam lifted his head and
crawling up the bed lay beside her experiencing his own pleasures.
After a littlw while, they were both able to think again.
'Sorry' she said
'I just couldn't wait'
Its okay, I came too' he assured her
'Really?' she asked
'God yeah'
'We didn't actually have sex' she said
'Who says we haven't.... yet'
Her eyes, usually sparkling, gleamed with mischief 
'God that felt so good, I wanna do it again, only properly this time' she said
'Why was that not properly?'
'Well, I don't know, I've surprised myself'
'You've surprised me' Sam said. She licked his face, tasting herself. 'MMMMMmmm I
taste good'
'You do' he agreed.
Chrissie sat up, she ran to the bathroom and returned shortly, still naked,with a
sponge, she wiped Sam's face and between her legs, whilst he removed the spent condom
'Have you got any others?' she asked
'Good, I dont wanna get pregnant'
He slipped the new condom on quickly and almost leaped onto the bed. It was easier
this time, they knew what each other liked and they were much more comfortable
together. Soon they were both aroused again and after playing with Chrissie's tits
again (he couldn't help himself) Sam arranged his body over hers and pushed her legs
apart so her pussy was wide open. He didn't want to hurt her so he went slowly and
carefully, after running his fingers over her clit again to get her juices flowing,
not that he really needed to, she was dripping already he slowly moved forwards
guiding his penis with his hand, when the tip came up against her opening her looked
up at her, she moaned and sent him a look of lust and he pushed himself into her. Her
pussy was tight and the running walls strained to allow him access, she moaned in
pleasure though so he continued to advance, his penis was too big to get all the way
inside her but, no amount of wanking could have ever prepared him for the sensation
of being inside Chrissie. It was unbelievable. He leaned over her and once in
position began to withdraw, she moaned at this 'No stay there'
'No' he breathed over her, he kissed her then raised up so he could push himself back
in again, it was easier that time, her pussy was getting used to having his dick
inside its slick walls. 
'mmmmmph' Chrissie closed her eyes and allowed him to take control, his knees forced
her legs apart even more and her pussy gaped with them, Sam's rocking motion became
rhythmical, her pussy widening and opening, allowing at last his penis, the extension
of him to go deeper inside her, he pushed until all of him was in. Then Chrissie once
again wrapped her legs round him, squeezing her walls around his penis, trapping him,
she still had her eyes closed, it was the best feeling them both togther, joined as
man and woman should be, empty apart full together, like a puzzle now solved.
Some instinct took over then and they moved together, Chrissie opening her legs to
allow him to move outwards then together when he thrust inwards, this was plain
fucking, lust taking over, bodies moving together, in unison, skin on skin, senses
overload. Sam thrust again and again, each time seeming not enough, over until the
next one, deeper he forced himself to go, Chrissie raised her legs, changing the
angle of her hips and pussy, thrusting, thrusting, her pussy walls reacting,
squeezing, tightening then releasing, thrusting, thrusting.
'god, oh god'
'thats good, oh fuck,'
'fuck me, fuck me, oh god, oh fuck, no, ahhhhhh, ahhhhhhh, ahhhhhhh,' Chrissie was
moaning, crying out, turning Sam on even more, she wanted it, he wanted to give her
it. He plunged inside her faster and faster, fucking, in, out, in, out, more and
more. Chrissie's back arched 'Oh fuck, Sam, fuck me, harder, harder, oh god, yeah,
more, yeah fuck me please, more, more im gonna cum, I'M GONNA CUM!' with that she
screamed and Sam shoved himself as deep as he could into her and her pussy walls
contracted in spasms against his dick causing him to cum to and their bodies thrashed
together in mindless oblivion, natural instinct and pleasure mingling in frantic
movement. hardewr and harder they fought, the passion and pleasure tingling throught
their bodies, this time cumming on and inside of each other, together as one.
It was some time before the orgasms stopped thundering throught their bodies. Sam
collapsed on Chrissie his penis now limp, sliding out of her in a rush, accompanied
by a fountain of her cum. 

She wrapped herself around him, and said 'I love you, I fucking love you' it brought
a smile to his face and he replied 'I fucking love you too' and meant it.
Last edited: 4 September 2010

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