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Changes.. First entry too ^^Category: (general)
Monday, 30 August 2010
11:50:45 AM (GMT)
I don't really know where to start. 
So much has changed since I last came on here. 
Like I turned 18. 
Split up with my girlfriend. 
Went Drag Racing.

Let's start with my birthday....

Well my birthday was in May, I turned 18 :D I didn't really do much though. Which is
a bit rubbish. I invited my girlfriend round but she didn't want to come over. I'd
left it too late to arrange anything with my mates, as I was waiting to see what my
girlfriend said. Because she took so long deciding, I couldn't arrange anything. So I
just stayed at home with my family. Now you may think " Oh that sounds nice" Let me
tell you, it wasn't. My sisters ( I have 3 of them. They're all younger. Aged at 16
15 years and 18 months.) had been arguing. Obviously not my youngest sister. She's
only 18 months! But the other two had been arguing for ages. One of them, the 16 year
old, had gotten off with my 15 year old sister's boyfriend. That would obviously
cause a lot of trouble. They was both 'Drunk' and didn't know what they was doing, or
so they said. Apparently it happens all the time, even before my 15 year old sister
got with him. So we was sitting there at the table, eating our buffet but no one was
talking other than me or my Mother. My sister's were both moody, my Stepdad was just
being himself, unsociable and my Baby sister was eating her food. Well atleast it was
a nice sunny day :D I had a BBQ :D Wooo!!
So now onto my presents. I got a load of little 18 stuff, ya know the little badges,
cuddlies, mugs etc. I got a Samsung 22" Telly!! ( BOOYAHHH!! ) A couple of 360 games.
£ 300 in spending money :D I put that away towards going Drag Racing with my mates.
Now my girlfriend, baring in mind that we had been together over a year by this point
and I'd spent over £100 on her for her birthday, got me, A mug. One mug. Costing
about £5. I was devastated! I mean she'd spent more on me at christmas! I know the
thought counts and all but one mug. Needless to say that put me in a downer. She even
had had the cheek to ask me if I was spending my 18th at hers and not with my family!
I mean come off it girl! I think that's why I only got a mug, because I didn't spend
my 18th at hers. Atleast I invited her to my birthday! She didn't even Invite me to
her 16th! I had to wait until 2 days after until I could see her!! 
Anyway I was happy with what I got, except the mug :P I don't really ask for much
anymore. That happens when you get older, you stop running out of things to want. 

The break up with my girlfriend..

Okay I'm not gonna write much here. I don't like talking about it. Only my family and
a couple of my closest friends know everything. 
We broke up shortly after my birthday. ( No it wasn't because of the mug :P ) So that
would have been coming upto 4 months now. We'd been together since the 19th of April
2009. So it was over a year. She was the first girlfriend I actually loved. ( I only
say "I love you" If I actually mean it. ) Yeah that'll do. No more on that

Ooooo Drag Racing :D

So I go Drag Racing yearly with some good, close friends. It costs a bit but that's
why I put my birthday money away for it :P See I do have brains  This year was
rubbish!! We got rained off on the first day! It was also my mates 28th too! So after
being there only 3 hours, we headed to the hotel. Once we arrived, we flirted a bit
with the staff and managed to get ourselves booked in early! Everyone was teasing me
going, "He's 18 now. He's a man! We're gonna get him some tonight!" I was like great,
just what I want, to be made fun of all weekend... But it stopped pretty much after
that. We got into our rooms. Me and Scott ( the one who's birthday it was ) had one
room and my other mates, Roo ( Andrew ) and Skoops ( Neil ) had the room across from
us. Roo and Skoops came over to our room and we watched some TV. Nothing interesting
was on, so we cracked out the alcohol. Baring in mind it was only 2:30 pm! We done
shots, cans, bottles before leaving our room and hour later and hitting the town!
Okay, so a Saturday at 4 pm is not the best time to be out! Our plan had been Drag
Racing til 5, then go back to the hotel, get changed, get a cab into town and get
something to eat, waste some time, then Hit the clubs. Now it was 4 and we was in
town. We'd already consumed a fair bit of alcohol and didn't know what to do. We
decided some Bowling would be a good idea. Off we trot to go bowling. We get there,
get a lane, enter our names and away we go. I was made to get the first round in.
They made a bet that I'd get ID' but I didn't! See they think I have a baby face and
to this date I still haven't been ID'! Anyway getting back on track. There I was
bringing the drinks over and Roo goes," Gibbo! That chick is totally eyeballing you!"
( Gibbo is my nickname ) So I just carried on walking. I was like yeah I aint falling
for that. After a few more turns bowling Roo says, " So what did you think of that
chick?" Ermm yeah I hadn't looked at her :S So I turned and she was totally
eyeballing me!! She was your average girl, bowling with her family. So anyway Scotty
totally owned us at Bowling and after our games, we decided it was time to eat.
" All you can eat buffet in a world food center!! We're there!!!" Yells Scotty. Great
foreign food that I'll be paying for and might not like! So we walk in," Table for
four please sir." Scotty says. " No tables for an hour and a half. We're full."
Brilliant! We was all starving and they were full for another hour and a half! So we
march out, angry and hungry. We end up eating a some American type place. I can't
remember that name. But it was beasty! We all ordered the same and waited paitently
for our double cheeseburger with cheesey dips, breaded cheese, onion rings and garlic
bread. So while we're waiting Skoops is talking about how he could get a better job.
He goes on saying I could get a job as a Male Escort. And we just burst out laughing.
Meanwhile I'd been sitting there, looking at this girl on the next table. She was
with her Mother. So next minute Skoops goes, " Don't you think I could be a male
escort.?" She ( The Mother ) looks at him puzzled. Roo says do you think he's
gorgeous? To which she replies, he aint half bad. I look at the girl and she's
sitting there blushing at what her Mum just said. I can't blame her, I would of too!

So after eating eating everyone's like oooo I'm so full, maybe we should go back and
chill a bit. So off we go back to the hotel. By now it's 9:30pm.. Everyone ( apart
from me ) is half dead. We get back and we go into our rooms and just chill. So I'm
laying on my bed and I go to Scotty, when are we going clubbing? To which I hear
iahsdfiolbfuiabf.. He mumbles something that isn't understandable. He's sleeping or
out cold. One or the other. So I think, great.. I get up and knock on Roo and Skoops'
door. No answer. . So i decide right I'm off clubbing by myself. So I go out clubbing
for a few hours. I get talking to this female and I decide, nope I'm not like this. I
won't "Pull" her for a night, just to be forgotten. So I walk off and go back to the
hotel.  Half 2 in the morning and I get into the hotel. Great I think. I'm nearly
drunk, I'm sooo tired and I need to be up by 8 to go Drag Racing again tomorrow. So I
hit the pillow and that's it, I'm out like a light. 
The next day Drag Racing was just as bad, although it was sooo sunny and hot. I got a
tan. Which I still have now, although not as much. We all go home, feeling robbed of
money as Drag Racing was that rubbish this year. 

Well I think that's about it for this entry. Which is also my first ever! Wow! Who
would of thought I'd write this much.. I think I'll start writing more of these. I
dunno yet though. Haha

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