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One week down♥ (:Category: (general)
Friday, 27 August 2010
11:29:15 PM (GMT)
So I survived the first week of high school. Haha yess! And at the high school
people told me that I was going to die and shiz. BUT NOPE. I'm alive and well. (: 
Anyway I love all my classes EXCEPT Health. I hate the teacher, well not hate but idk
not my fave, and the people I sit with aren't like the people I would normally talk
to.. So yeah. 
So Geometry I think I'm the only freshy there ): in that class anyway. But yeah. They
seem nice but like I don't talk. 
English= My favorite class. (: Cool teacher. Love him! He's hilarious. And we didn't
get homework today! :3 yes! Haha. So I think this class will be fine. Hopefully. 
Spanish- I actually like Spanish class now. :O that's a shock. I only have this one
problem getting there from English. Ugh not fun. But the class is fun. Love the
teacher. She played some youtube vids with like counting in Spanish and stuff. Very
Biology- Not bad. Ms. M is really nice and talkative haha. I haven't got my book yet
soo yeahh. 
Lucnhhhhh. 'Kay so I still miss St. Doms and lunch time over there 'cause I sat with
my best friends. But don't worry I have friends at BHS. But only 3 of us sit at that
table. It's kinda boring and stuff. But oh well.
Fresh Sem! AHhhhhhh I love it. Youtube vids. Sneezing panda. <3 Aha. Loveed.
Health- Eh. EH. EHHHHHHH. No thanks. Don't like. Never will like. So yeah. 
WORLDHISTORY<3 Haaaaaaaaaa. Okay I got a 55% on the pretest! x) That's good cause I
BS'd the whole thing! Class average was 46% same as the Standard History class [I'm
in honors history so yeah] But haha. I love this class and the people. (:
Robertttttttttt! He's going to be like my new bff! Yes yes indeed. So I was dead in
health today but I totally woke up in History. Wouldn't expect that right? (:We
played the name game yesterday. And today we got our books. Which meant going to the
first floor and then we were all talking and stuff.  Funfun. All the people there I
can pretty much see myself talking to them except Paul x) Haha. 
So Pheonix (sp?) I love that kid! Except he's just a bit taller than me and I'm like
no you're not awesome anymore. Haha(: But he's cool. Stylish too! 

And Robertttt he's pretty nice but he's so slow at getting ready! History is my last
class. And I was like ROBERT! Walk with me to D wing? :D And he almost was going to
but he had to go get his instrument in A wing but like I have a bus to catch I was
going to wait for him but couldn't, needed to get my stuff put away and what not. I
still have issues opening my locker so yeah. 

So overall the week was good. I had a major breakdown at first but I'm okay now. ♥

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