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Rant #5: Old people.Category: (general)
Wednesday, 18 August 2010
02:05:16 AM (GMT)
Today's rant is about something that I really dislike, and I really shouldn't
considering these are the reason I exist, but I can't help but feel annoyance towards

I seriously want to punch most old people in the face. Not all, but most. I love my
grandmother to death, and I'm definitely not directing any of this towards her or any
of the cute old ladies that I may have met in my life. But to the ones I see every
fucking day when I'm at the mall or McDonald's or the park, FUCK. YOU. There is
absolutely NO need for you to stare at me in public places like I'm an alien or
something. Yes. I am quite a few years younger than you, and my body isn't covered in
wrinkles and age spots like yours is, but that doesn't give you the right to stare at
me. It makes me feel awkward and to be honest, it makes me want to go over to where
you are standing/sitting, and if you're not already in a wheelchair from the problems
old people tend to have, it makes me want to do the job FOR YOU.

Seriously. When I'm walking down the street, listening to my iPod in complete peace,
minding my own damn business, I think it's really disrespectful for an old lady or
man to drive by and turn their head and practically stick their head out the window
to stare at me. Like, holy fuck. When I see an old person walking down the street, I
don't take extra time to watch them until they're out of sight. I just notice them
and go on with my own business.

And yes. I'm a teenager. I do teenager things. I tend to hang out at the mall and be
noisy. I tend to have a good time. I tend to not give a fuck what anyone thinks.
Yeah, I listen to music that isn't "folk" or "country" and I do cause trouble at
times. I. Am. A. Teenager. Times have changed since 1933, and I really hope old
people don't expect us to act like innocent little kids or anything. Don't fucking
look at me when I'm at the checkout at a store, buying new clothes that you don't
think are appropriate, because to be quite fucking frank, it's none of your business
what I do, and you have no right to look down on me because I'm not like you.

/end of rant.

PS. No. I won't get off your fucking lawn. If you think you can do something about
it, grab your cane and come on outside. See how far you'll get.
PSS. Today's rant topic was suggested by a good friend of mine named Natasha. Thanks.

Rwarr says:   18 August 2010   580000  
Wut. I didn't know old people would look at teenagers and stare
because we're not old. Maybe the attitude you seem to give off. People
young and old stare at me. Maybe you just notice when it's old people?
lol. People always look down on eachother. It's just how some people
are I guess.
goregalore says:   18 August 2010   765972  
Hahaha, it's mostly old people around here. They're so fucking
Stoic says:   18 August 2010   428266  
Plus old people tend to have that ''old people smell.XD
goregalore says :   18 August 2010   225440  
Yeah, that's just disgusting. LOL. A lot of them smell like mothballs. 

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