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Monday, 9 August 2010
10:59:00 PM (GMT)
Desire with Precautions

I stared at Mason as his critical dark brown eyes judged me, surveying every inch of
me, and then suddenly Mason’s rough hand gripped the side of my neck. I flinched,
expecting him to kill me or bite me, either way I would die, because that’s what
Mason had wanted all along, for me to die. And it wasn’t because he hated me, no it
was because I was the girlfriend of his long time enemy, I was Damon Daugherty’s
girlfriend, a man who had killed Mason’s little sister. Mason had every right to
hate Damon, but did he really have a right to hate me? 
	Mason’s thumb rubbed gently over the scar from where Damon had bitten me, while
his other hand held my head back. I started at him, feeling the water come to my
eyes. I blinked once; Mason growled and forced my head back further against the stone
	“You let him do too much to you; you were foolish just like my sister.” Mason
growled, I could see the glimmer of his canine teeth in the little light of the moon
that there was, the glint of hunger in his eyes as he watched where his hand laid. 
Mason suddenly stepped closer and I tried not to look away from his piercing eyes,
you could never tell what a vampire would do to you, especially Count Dracula’s
son, because whatever Count Dracula’s son wanted, Count Dracula’s son got.  
	I watched with sceptical eyes as his hand that was holding my head back lowered down
to my neck and gripped tightly, and then the hand that was holding onto the scar, the
most sensitive spot on my whole body, where Damon’s bite had left a scar. His hand
lying on that gentle spot sent me shivers all around. But then the weirdest thing
happened, Mason’s grip became gentle and he stroked the scar of Damon’s bite mark
and stared into my blue eyes with intensity as one of his hands pushed back my long
brown hair from both sides of my neck. 
	“You let him abuse you, your love.” Mason whispered I looked down and bit my
lip; the hurt in his voice was shocking and pierced me like a knife, but why? I had
no feelings for this man! But even so I lifted my eyes once again to look up at him
and my heart fluttered. A warm fuzzy feeling turned over in my stomach. 
	“He damaged you and left you with open wounds and scars. Scars everyone can
see.” I broke free of his hold on me then, karate chopping his hands off of me. I
then turned him around and grabbed hold of his arm.
	“And what do you know?” I asked, holding Mason’s hand behind his back and
pulling upwards, hard. “What do you know Spike?” Mason breathed heavily
and then broke free from my grip and took hold of my hands in a death grip. 
	“I know everything Violet, I’ve watched you in the dark for years and know
everything about you, so I could one day, perhaps protect you unlike I did for my
sister. But haven’t you noticed Violet, Damon threw you away after tasting your
blood. One that lets you go does not deserve thee, thee is too great to be thrown
away like trash. He was wrong to have left thee.” Mason whispered, and then he
leaned down to where the scar was, opening his mouth wide, I struggled in his hold as
his teeth meet my neck and bit down.
	In a flash of quick pain my body jerked and bumped into Mason’s who took hold of
my waist and kept one hand on my head as I stared wide open at the dark bleak stone
room around us, wanting to say something but not being able to because his bite had
paralyzed me. All my body could do was react to the pain of his bite as he sucked my
	Even if I wanted to scream, to fight him off I couldn’t... he was too strong and
his bite had paralyzed me. But my body did finally react when he sucked at my blood
harder, I gasped in pain and gripped Mason’s back hard, taking the material of his
light blue uniform vest and squeezing hard as the intense rush of pain waved over me
again. And I was crashing with Mason’s body, as his hands, one gripped onto my
waist and the other on my head, grip became unbearably bone crushing as the desirable
taste of a large amount of my blood reached Mason’s mouth.
	Now I knew why his nickname was Spike, because his bite was truly that, spiky and
shocking as he pierced right through your skin and into your soul.  But then, as soon
as the pain had come it was gone and I looked to see Mason backing up, wiping off his
lips. I reached a hand up to my neck where he had bitten me and felt the warmness of
only my flesh; the wound had already healed before I knew it. I went to ask Mason how
he had done that because Damon had not been able to, but instead Mason charged at me,
grabbing my hands and raising them above my head as his lips hungrily meet mine and
deeply kissed me.
	I could feel Mason’s passion for me through that kiss, everything he felt for me
came surging out at once. And for once it didn’t seem like vampire were like what
they were said to be in fictional books, vampires could love. I knew it,
because I had just felt a vampire’s love for me. I was crumbling in Mason’s hold,
as I realized what I had just thought to myself. Mason in love, with me? That
couldn’t be, shouldn’t be! Because Mason was my boyfriend, well ex-boyfriend’s
worst enemy and had declared war on the both of us, so why? Why had Mason gone as far
as letting himself fall in love with me? I didn’t understand anymore, and thus I
let this dark man take control over me, and surrendered myself to him. Forever. 

This Is The Fictional Entry For Round 1 But I Guess It Is Also Considered Romance,

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