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Acadmey De DamoréCategory: Book/Drama
Monday, 9 August 2010
08:37:49 AM (GMT)
So While I Was Out At My Lake I Couldn't Continue With My Current Chapter Because I
Needed To Search Up Some Stuff So I Ended Up Writing This:

Violet, 2010

	I had always wondered what it would be like to live in the olden times, dreamed of
how it would be if I was actually in the olden times and yearned for a passionate
lover from the olden days. It just seemed like back then the world was full of
possibilities and promises, even if those days were sort of dark for women. We were
still well respected at times. Like Queen Elizabeth, or even Queen Cleopatra.
	Maybe that’s what finally made me decide to join the prestigious school, Academy
De Damoré, or maybe it was because my rich parent’s tight leash on me was becoming
chokingly to tight, that and probably the fact that I yearned to be with my lover,
Damon Daughtry. Or it could have been the un-doubtful desire to learn from these long
thought dead great people, like Julius Caesar and Cleopatra, even if I would have to
stay late into the night to get all the classes from the vampires that I wanted to
learn from in. 
	I suppose it could be all three reasons, but going into this, moving into the
Academy, meeting new people, friends, teachers and the Headmistress. Along with
learning how to hold a tea cup probably, how to drink tea probably and what was the
right fork to use over what fork you shouldn’t use for this meal or that meal was
something that made me fiercely bored.
	But it was all a part of learning how to be a lady and being at this school, so I
had to learn it, just like I had to learn to wear corsets that made sure I couldn’t
breathe because they were tied so tight. Either than that the school was great and
the uniform was beautiful, all light blue and fashioned in the Victorian style or
fifteen hundreds, which ever style you preferred, I myself had the Victorian style
and the fifteen hundreds so I could vary my uniform rather than have six of the same
outfit every day that would be sent away to be dry cleaned after being worn once. 
	The only thing I hadn’t expected to happen at this school was to meet thee Count
Dracula’s son, Mason William Dracula or as he’s more known as, Spike because of
how evil he was and sharpie just didn’t seem to be an evil sounding nickname. 
	I also never expected for him to try and tear me and my lover a part because it was
a game to him, a fun sport, to torture us and make me regret ever loving him. Because
to Mason, love was a game, a thing to be played with and a way to hurt people over
and over repeadtly. Now I don’t know why he thought that, maybe daddy dearest
didn’t treat him the way he wanted or maybe deep inside Mason had insecurities, but
either way Mason soon became my worst night mare.

	“It twas the night of great fright when the beast stole thy maiden’s hearts.”

Chapter 1; Dawn’s Delight
Violet, 2010 

	“Look Vi! There’s the new vampire Prince of Academy De Damoré and the town of
Rosenberg, thee Count Dracula’s son, Mason or as he’s more known as, Spike. He
even over passed your boyfriend Damon, Violet!” Leslie shouted to me as a boy with
shaggy brown hair that was tied up by a blue ribbon walked by, his hair parted to the
left with bangs to hide his left eye. He was also dressed up in a Victorian styled
uniform much like mine, his cuffs had white bodice lace on them and so did the
neckline of his white button up shirt. The light blue vest snugly fit him and the
light gray trousers looked excellent on him as his black loafer’s heels clicked as
he walked down the corridor with Headmistress Lissea Rein, they were close together,
they’re heads bent towards each other as they talked, he had also offered her his
	“God, he’s the only man that can wear that god forsaken old fashioned uniform
and still look hot. Especially with his hair tied back in the ribbon like that, I
usually don’t like guys with long hair or in that uniform but he pulls it off! Far
better than Damon too!” Jaylee muttered as she stomped the heel of her black laced
up boot on the gold lined white marble floor and went; mmm, mmm!
	I laughed at the both of them and motioned for us to move on from staring at the new
dark Prince who was growing popular quite fast amongst the ladies. Besides why would
I want a man like him? I had my Damon, my sweet no ex-Prince of this school, Damon
Daughtry of Birmingham Yorkshire, a vampire son of James and Ulrika Daughtry. The
proud owners of Daughtry industry and real estate, they were a rich family and also
the only vegetarian family around. All they ever fed on was animal blood and left the
humans alone, unlike the rest of the vampires that inhabited this town.  Although in
the town of Rosenberg after a vampire claimed you or you were in a relationship with
one no other vampire could touch you or take your blood without your vampire and your
	I was the lucky one; Damon was mine and would never bite me. I was mark free for my
whole life unlike my poor friends here.
	Beautiful and witty Leslie would forever be marked by her vampire boyfriend Knox.
Leslie had shiny red silky hair that was as bright as Anne of green gables, with the
pale skin and freckles she might as well be Anne of green gables. 
	And then you had Beautiful and courageous Jaylee who spoke her mind, long blonde
almost always tied up in a single braid that she pulled to the left of her body. She
also had pale skin but had sparkling brown eyes and a sing song soft voice.
	These two incredible ladies were my best friends of the entire world and this
school. I adored them so and was loyal to them; I also goofed off with them and ran
away from hungry vampires with them. We were the three model girls of this school,
even though we were just freshmen here. The ages of sixteen and one of us still
fifteen because their birthday was around the end of the year.
	“Hey Vi did you hear about the debutante ball coming up next month?” Leslie
asked me, her head still looking back at the disappearing figure of Lord Mason
Dracula. We turned right towards the garden that was shining under the moonlight’s
	“No I didn’t, why do you ask?” I answered, letting go of them and walking on
ahead, if I chatted for any longer I would miss my music lessons with Beethoven and
many other great musicians. 
	“Because this ball is special way beyond the others, at this ball the lady who is
rewarded with the reward of being the most lady like and will be praised, admired by
the whole school. Aside from that we get to buy pretty dresses and look wonderful
while dancing.” Leslie continued, finally turning her head back to face us. I
smiled and pulled out my little whitish beige fan with the gold trim and silver birds
on it, I fanned it about and thought about the debutante ball. Thought about how I
would look, how I would walk into the grand hall with Damon on my arm, dance the
night away in a dress and wear the soles out of my shoes before the sun came around.
Yes the debutante ball would be something magical. 
	“Hmm I’ll think about going, but for now my pets I must hurry along to class and
so should you! Bye Lady Leslie, Lady Jaylee!” I called to them as I started to run
off towards the music building in the south side of the Academy,  which meant I
really had to hurry since I was on the east side of the academy, unless by some
miracle something carried me there like magic, then I would be spared the lecture and
	But of course that was never to happen so I was stuck with running in my black laced
up boots with the two inch heels. I just hoped Beethoven wasn’t in a bad mood
today. He couldn’t see but he could sure speak, that man. 

It Turned Out Alright I Guess XD

Kirti says:   9 August 2010   221614  
I think you should mention that the women you named were only
respected because they were beleived to be the only human beings in
the country who had Gods (or The Gods) approval. It wasn't that women
received apperciation, it's just that not having absolute loyalty for
those two meant eternal suffering.

The quality of the writing itself is nice though! Er, the paragraph
that describes the ball that is the reward could use some editing,
CrazyMeaghanJellieBeanie says :   9 August 2010   523393  
Ah Yes Right I Should Have Mentioned That, I Completly Forgot About
That >.< 

Really? Thank You ^.^ Yeah The Ball I Need To Decribe More Lol 


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