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4 Dream Collection Yay!Category: Dreams
Sunday, 25 July 2010
11:20:14 AM (GMT)
I know I haven't written my dreams down lately. I had several, but due to me being
lazy, I've forgotten most of a few. So I have 4 dreams for you. I'm going to start
with the most recent one since it's still kinda fresh in my mind. 

July 25th:

I was at some sort of an awesome space docking bay or something like that. And I was
being chased by some sort of authority figures for something that I didn't do. I was
trying to get help from some other people around, while on a hover bike and evading
the FUZZ! Somehow I was able to get the info on the situation to someone, who started
a red alert thingy and causing everyone to most literally pour into the docking bay
for this one huge ship in attempts to get on it. The people chasing me got closed
behind a door and I was safe, but I felt a time limit urge that I had to get to the
ship as well. But the ship was nearly inaccessible. But by using the fling manuever
from Portal, (somehow the portals were already placed) I was able ot hop onto the
ship. And the ship... was full of candy. I like candy. The end, more or less.

July 3rd:

I dream I had that night was a little broken up, but pretty neat. I was talking to
other people about what movie we should watch. Someone brought up a creepy movie and
we went for it. In the begining, this large hole was being dug in the desert, and a
headless skelaton was being thrown in. The skelaton was moved around a bit, then a
sad-looking skull was attached. The skelaton came to life and began freaking out at
the realization that it was, in fact, a skelaton. Somehow I became involved in the
movie as this guy in the courtyard of a desert prison thing (Similer to the Gerudo
Fortress) being led away. He was given a bunch of clothes and was sent off, where he
headed to the bathroom. He went into this HUGE stall and just sat, plopping the pile
of clothes before him. Then the stall kinda turned back into the courtyard and some
guy came and sat next to him and began talking about how much he wants to get out of
here. He then said that he was planning to escape into Atonement (the movie, as in
get into the theatre... wha?) But I tried to drop hints that there was a guard, like,
right there (with a big head >:D) The other guy didn't take the hints and turned to
go in, but spotted the guard and turned back around. Then my long nail on my left
thumb broke and it made me sad. I'm not kidding. That was the transition. After that
I woke up.

July 4th: 

I don't remember much of this dream, but I'll do my best.

At first it was me at my former Middle School, but with the kids at my current
school. I was late for class and had to hunt for it. Then I was hunting these people
in a Zelda-like fasion and they served Frieza. Yes. From Dragon Ball Z. Frieza. Then
somehow I crossed over to Ocarina of Time through some gate, but the Majora's Mask
moon was still there and was about to fall. Saria was there too, looking up at the
moon and saying "It's all over". Strange little dream. I woke up.


Flapjack (yes, Flapjack.) and I were at the middle school pakr where there were
several groups of people, each surrounding a flagpole. We learned that if you raise a
flag on the pole, you will recieve a chocolate meddallion *yay* so of course we were
like "Yay chocolate!" and raised flags on each pole. Unfortunatly, we learned that
you're supposed to give something in return AFTER we ate all the chocolate. So the
people tied us to one of the poles. I overheard them talking about how we could repay
them, and someone said that they already took two eardrums and a kidney from us. Lol

That's about it for now. I'll try to keep up more >_<

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