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[So I just watched...] Black Jack: Two Doctors of DarknessCategory: (general)
Monday, 19 July 2010
11:22:50 PM (GMT)
Two Doctors of Darkness had the oddest art. Not exactly Tezuka's style. Pinoko
looked very off for most of it, but it was actually a lot of fun and very sweet.

Rock was AWESOME in it. Does Rock always have parental issues? ^^;; Oh, boy...

Rock and Midori were sweet.

Innocent little Tomo, the pinwheel, and the HORRIBLE explosion were the perfect way
to throw off the light-hearted mood the Pinoko pre-movie mini-feature set. xD

Black Jack operating under the most ridiculous conditions (wedged in unstable rubble)
practically in mid-air? Was so exciting it had me on the edge of my seat while
simultaneously making me laugh at how crazy this man is.

Black Jack is such a sweetheart. After that big deal he made of getting 50,000,000
yen, when the mother couldn't pay and the little boy offered the pinwheel, he
accepted a little green pinwheel as payment instead. x3

I like how Pinoko made Black Jack a plushie of her... and he actually held it when he
was uncertain.

Kiriko! I haven't seen him animated much before this.

AH! The blind old doctor! He's coloured differently than the anime series (he's
missing his blue glass eye; they're both white in this movie).

And the swordsmith who makes Black Jack's scalpels... was killed! ;_;

The plotline was a lot like that one manga chapter here Kiriko and Black Jack are
both hired to work on those sailors who were on that ship with the radiation and
such. Very much like it. But elaborated on and more dramatic, 'cause it's a movie.

Black Jack and Kiriko working together is always fun to see.

Pinoko found Kiriko handsome. xDDDD

Well, when her husband has a face like patchwork, two-toned hair AND two-toned skin,
is it really surprising what she finds attractive?

Plenty of spoilers past this point!

Aww, I actually liked that butch-looking woman with the throwing knife boomerang
thing. Even if, by that point, I was all "you're AWESOME and all, but you really need
to die. :|" because it was just getting too difficult and BAM. Bullet wound.

I was just all: ....... o_o Eep.

Be careful what you wish for and all~

It is so weird watching Pinoko use a computer and just, all this modern stuff.

Dear writers. One issue with this otherwise lovely movie!



It is simply not in-character.

... and certainly never for self-preservation! But, er, for the sake of those close
to him.... iffy on that, but. Kiriko? Really? xD;;;

Is he really that dear? Just kidding.

Polly was a cute Pokemon whatever-it-was.

I'm cracking up at the rather random fanservice of that one lady that hangs around
Master. What. xD I get it, it's hot out on the sea under all that sun, but it's funny
watching her wander around with her mid-riff showing when she doesn't normally ever
dress that way...

Because Pinoko doesn't want him to miss her too much. ♥

I find it monumentally cute that they both have plushies of one another.

... crud. Now I can actually sort of see where Pinoko gets the "handsome" vibe.

From the ending. Reunion! Cute even if Pinoko is so very oddly drawn in thsi thing.

Also from the ending. Kiriko is being difficult. Pinoko doesn't really seem to want
to deal with him, anyway.

Kiriko fanservice! Er, or something.

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