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Chapter 21Category: Sam & Meaghan Stuff
Thursday, 15 July 2010
07:51:16 PM (GMT)
Okay So It's Here, Now Your Link To Ch.20 Since I'm SO Kind XD
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Chapter 21: Shall I Go On And Explain, Or Would You Rather He Strips?	
                I could hear every word people were saying outside my bedroom door. 
I had finally begun to believe I wasn’t dreaming. But yet me, and my mind still
refused to think and believe what Ryoki had said to Sam about me. It was just one of
the things that if I did believe it, would make me go crazy. 
	So I sat there in my bed, thinking of what master had said. It rung like bells in my
ears, painful bells, bells that were nails scratching on a chalk board. 
	“You know what you must do young warrior, look to the flash forward you had when
we first met.” I still didn’t know how he had figured out what I had seen so many
years ago. But with that, I guess you could say I saw this coming. And did absolutely
nothing to stop it, because being me, I let fate be fate, because in the past I had
always been able to defeat it afterwards, and had never failed to. 
	But then again, being me... Sometimes I just wanted to sigh and give up. But the me
I really knew had never let me do that, no matter how much I wanted to. It was like
how I was when I was racing, or running. I wouldn’t stop, not even for a second; I
pushed myself to go harder so I could be better. I called it training; others called
it cruelty to my body. But hey I had gotten nice muscles thanks to that so,
	I stopped thinking about how pathetic I was acting when I heard commotion outside my
bedroom door. And loud voices.
	“CEDRIC?! What the hell are you doing here?!” A voice cried outside my door, and
then suddenly my door busted open and there stood Dr. Umeda. 
	“What the fu?!” I yelled as he ran over to me, a young dude around my age
hanging in his arms. Umeda hugged me and then pulled back.
	“What’d you get into now?” He asked me, squishing the neck of the guy in his
	“Nothing much.’re kinda killing that dude there.” I said, pointing to
a boy with spiky blondish brown hair, only the bangs hanged down, the rest was spiked
up in a style that I knew...
	“Oh, right. Sorry young boy.” Umeda said, setting down the boy, who then grabbed
his throat, gasping and rubbing it.
	It was then that I saw everyone in the room, Ed and Sam stood at the doorway
confused, Aki was running over to the new boy.
	“Cedric! I will kill you for coming here and ruining my fun with my brother!”
Aki yelled. Oh so this boy was named Cedric... I knew this name from somewhere, I
just couldn’t remember where.
	“Um Meaghan? Who’s this Dr. Um-whatever to you?” Ed asked me, looking at Umeda
	“My 27 year old lover.”
	“You’re 27 year old lover?!” They asked with shocked faces.
	“Nope, I’m her cousin.”
	“You’re cousin?!” They went on.
	“Nope, my father.” I continued.
	“YOU’RE FATHER?!” They yelled together.
	“Nope, I’m her son.” Umeda said.
	“Nope, he’s actually gay and my uncle.” I smiled at them.
	“You’re GAY uncle?!” They all asked, confused. Bahaha, me and Umeda did this
to everyone whenever they met him.
	“Yep her uncle. I like men if you don’t mind.” Umeda said, winking at Ed, who
then shuddered. I laughed as Sam got an angry look like she wanted to smack him. Me
and Umeda smiled at each other then and laughed at them.
	“Hey, what’s all this commotion?!” Ryoki asked, pushing past a shocked Ed and
Sam to see what was going on. I turned away from him and took a sip of my water that
was on the floor beside me.
	“None of your business.” I told him, shrugging him off. Geez last thing I needed
was HIM in my mind. The coughing from Cedric finally stopped and he looked up from
where Aki was patting his back to look at me, and then his face changed from surprise
to, wonder, and finally joy. Jeez this boy had problems.
	“It’s Meaghan!” He yelled, running towards me and then hugging me in a death
hold. Everyone froze with their hands stuck out at him as he squished me.
	“Um, yeah... NOW LET GO!” I yelled at this Cedric.  But the boy didn’t let go,
winking to Umeda, he understood and went into his act, flipping his hair to the
	“Shall I strip for you?” He asked Cedric. Immdetly Cedric leaped off of me and
ran to pull down Umeda’s shirt that was ever so slowly lifting up...
	“PLEASE! I BEG OF YOU! DON’T EVER DO THAT me.” And with that Cedric
turned back to me and smiled.
	“Um, what you freak?” I asked. I would’ve slapped him, but my health power I
didn’t want to use up on such a useless guy.
	“You don’t remember me?! Well maybe not...since I watched you from a far and
fell in love with you. I love you! I’m Cedric, or some people call me sexy
bastard”—this dude fucking winked while saying that. Maybe I should use my power
to slap him...—“I’m fourteen and Aki’s partner because no one else would take
this bitch. And she said I was sexy. Oh and my power is water!” Cedric told me.
Laughing I spat out the water in my mouth and if I could’ve moved, I would’ve
rolled over with laughter.
	“WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST CALL YOURSELF?!” I yelled at Cedric, the boy who I
couldn’t believe that was older than me, sat down and laughed, well a gay giggle
really... God was I gonna have another Ryoki in this freaking house? And he was just
like him, gay personality, gay looks, and a stupid power, water. Like really?! Water,
what else could that do but be fire’s natural enemy? 
	“I called myself sexy. You’re so funny.” Cedric said, rocking back and forth.
I could see Ryoki flare up, I could swear he was gonna let some flames burst on this
kid. Yeah well tough luck bastard. 
	“Someone, no, EVERYONE, out of my room. NOW!” I yelled. Everyone stared at me
and then shuffled out of the room, except for Cedric, who had to be dragged by Umeda
out of the room, all the while shouting ‘no my love!’. Jeez that boy was a creep.
 I mean, really what WAS that boy’s problem. I guess I’d have to stick around to
figure that out. Not that I was going anywhere...
	Knock, knock. The soft sound sounded at my door. Sighing I yelled for them to come
in. I was expecting Ryoki to run in and yell at me for letting such freaks into the
house, but it was Mikino and Jin that entered instead. Jin was holding a tray and
Mikino was carrying some fresh water. Yeah I didn’t really drink water after it had
been sitting for awhile... I’m picky okay? I HATE tropical fruit, that’s how
picky I am. 
	“We thought you might be hungry.” Mikino said in her soft voice, setting the
water down beside me and taking my old one.
	“Thanks.” I said. She smiled. Jeez seeing these two reminded me how there was so
many people living in our house now... It was only built for two. Jin put the tray
down on my lap and looked at me. “I’ll eat myself...” I said. Jeez I don’t
wanna be treated like a baby...
	Closing my eyes I conquered up my healing power and focused on it, a faint bright
white light popped up and I could feel my arms and back again, and with that, I
pushed myself back up against the wall and began to eat my meal.
	I rolled and tossed in turned in my bed that night, troubles all over my mind. Words
of what everyone had been saying to me today, and all the new faces that had showen
up. And the flash forward that I had had so many years ago...
	I ran with my small feet through the dark forest with the tallest trees ever as the
rain and thunder boomed on upon me. I was scared lighting might hit me, but the me in
my body wasn’t, it was furious and in a rage. It was confused, annoyed and wanted
to kill someone.
	Seeing light ahead, the little me ran towards it, thinking it to be lighting, this
was my chance, it wouldn’t be the way I wanted to go out, but it would have to do.
Running I hit the light, only to find it was a car coming right at me.
	The car swayed and tried to pull away from me, it’s wheels screeching as the
windshield wipers worked furiously to wipe away the rain preventing the person from
seeing. I was sucked back into my body then. And without screaming, I covered my face
and hid my eyes from the sight as mud splashed me and the car zoomed off. I stood
like that for a few seconds more until I heard a boom and a crash.
	Taking my hands away from my face, I looked at the mud on my tiny body, the rain
that was washing it away, and the black bear that stood across from me, staring at me
	“Sleep.” It said in my head. And before I knew it, I was crashing, falling to
the ground, the world going hazy and black. My mind holding on, trying to dig out of
the blackness and trying to stay calm as it consumed me into it. 
	Flashes passed in my brain, many many flashes, I saw all of them clearly, but the
ones that my mind stopped at where the ones I saw the most.
	“Ed run!” a person that looked like me yelled in an open field while a big
creature took me away. And another clear flash showed the person in a mountain with
the animal, snarling at it like I snarled at the cougars in my area. And then there
was a swipe at the person’s chest and I felt it, and I wanted to scream, but both
me and the person didn’t scream. 
	And then the person was sitting in bed, pale and gray, struggling to grasp onto
reality, confused and annoyed, wanting to break down and give up, but wouldn’t. The
next screen was them at night, still in bed. But this time there was a shiny small
white light that glowed in their hands, which they moved across their legs before
they moved, crawling out of the room and heading towards another.
	Then I heard crashing sounds and a bottle landed in the person’s hands. The bottle
had black liquid with white swirls in it, and the person drank it, wincing as they
downed the bottle, but they were confident about it and didn’t stop to spit it out.
And then the rest of the flashes passed by fast, not letting me see the whole scene,
but the last one I did see, scared me too much.
	I woke up, wanting to scream and hit something some more, I wanted to head on
another rage fest, but my body wouldn’t let me. I cried out to the sky, yelling
words at the navy blue of it, angry at what it had shown me. 
	When I had calmed down enough to just stare, I turned to the side where I could feel
eyes staring at me, and there stood a man, not old, yet not young, He had fuzz on his
head that was black and he was wearing a robe like outfit, that was something you
never saw on people in Canada when they were outside.
	We stood there staring at each other, but didn’t say anything, I was the first to
move, wiping the mud off of my white jeans that were totally ruined by now. And that
was when the man moved, he came over to me, draping a long dark green blanket around
my shoulders.
	“Hello young one, what a fine night for rain, don’t you think?” The man said.
I nodded and took my thumb out of my mouth; I had to stop biting my nails.
	“What’s your name?” He went on. I looked at where I had seen the bear, or had
it been this person?
	“Meaghan Eclipse.” I said without hesitation. This wasn’t my real last name,
but I had never revealed that to anyone.
	“Well Meaghan, what do you saw about coming to my academy in Japan and joining me
there to become a warrior?” The man asked. I wiped my glasses on the blanket and
then swished them back on.
	“Sorry mister. But I don’t know you, so I could never possibly do that.” I
answered. The man smiled and reached into his pocket, a card was in his hand then.
	“Well if you ever change your mind, come to Japan, met me at this address, and
phone this number.” He said, slipping the card into my hand. I looked at it, and
when I went to say something again, the mysterious man was gone.
	I shook my head and looked around my room. Jeez I always had dreams of things I
didn’t want to relive. Those flashes of that “person” was actually me when I
got older, but the six year old me hadn’t known that at the time.
	But the flashes had only reminded me of what I had to do, and master’s words. I
knew they didn’t want me to drink the blood, honestly I did, but there was a reason
I needed to. And even if I did turn into a lycan, did they honestly expect me to down
without a fight? I might not be able to fight it off, but I’d have to try right?
	Summoning the healing power I got enough white light glowing to power up my legs
again, brushing it down my legs and arms I got up and walked, even though in the
dream I had crawled. 
	In a clumsy walk I reached the kitchen, I knew where they had hidden the blood
because of the dream I had had before, so without hesitation I reached above the
cabinets by climbing onto the counter and grabbed the bottle. I took one look at it
before I gulped it all down. I gave a slight wince as the chemicals in the blood
whipped and scratched at my throat, as if there were miny hands inside of the drink
with nails.
	I started to shake, grabbing onto the counter I tried to stop, but it was
uncontrollable. And I was sucked into a miny world.
	In the world I was falling, falling down a black hole, red skinny hands with long
red nails scratching and lashing out at me as I fell, and once I hit the bottom, two
hands sunk into my neck, I stared at them in fear, but I knew what this meant
already, so I should really just relax, because if I didn’t it would hur—AHHHHH
CRAP that’s too deep...too deep...
	I felt the shaking continue and pressure on my shoulders as my eyes rolled in my
head, trying to focus on something as the miny world went on inside of me.
	“Meaghan! Meaghan!” A voice was yelling, I could hazily see the outline of Sam
and Ed standing in front of me, Sam was hysterically worried and Ed looked horrified,
and I knew why. They could see what was happening on the outside, foam was escaping
my mouth as the new saliva that was Lycan took over. This change would be slow and
painful, it would take three days, and this was only the first one. But I had to go
through it, because the Lycan had told me that I could only get my soul back by
becoming a Lycan. So I’d wait until I had turned into one, and then fight...fight
for my life, my soul and my original body.
	I was able to grab Sam’s shoulders, and I tried to look into her worried face, I
could feel her fear and how she felt so helpless.
	“You used the magic of tears to save Ed, Sam. I know because my soul had joined
with yours for that split second to help heal him, your soul, Ed’s and mine helped
him repair. But your tears and love is what got rid of it, that’s what had caused
the light. Have hope. And no matter what, don’t stop my change; it is the only
way...only way to get my soul back. I have to become a lycan in order to get it
back...I’ll find a way to become human, believe in me. Umeda knew this would
happen, that is why he is here. He is here to help...let it happen...magic of
tears...”I told her in a rush as I began to subside to the pain in my side. Sam
screamed at me, yelling my name as I slumped backwards, Ed tried holding me, trying
to get me to continue breathing, and the last thing I saw was Ryoki in the back
ground, a single tear escaping his eyes as Cedric ran up behind him and towards me,
yelling non sense. I patted Sam’s arm, and then gave up to the darkness of the
change. I would seem dead to them, I wouldn’t breathe, I wouldn’t speak, I may
touch them with my hands, but that would be the only thing I would do either than my
heart beating. Until the third day. But even though that’s what my body would be
doing, myself, the real me would be going through a raging battle on the inside to
fight off the lycan and find my soul, so I could return to them normal...
	My only wish was that no one would cry. And that I would wake up in two days after
this battle.

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