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Collab Sotry, chapter 16Category: (general)
Thursday, 15 July 2010
06:51:21 PM (GMT)
Meaghan was bugging me to post the rest of our collab story, since I sorta lost it
there for awhile. 
So, if you care, here's chapter 16.
Find chapter 15 on Meaghan's account, I'll let you look yourself.

Chapter 16;  One Month
I woke up hazily an hour after sunrise the next morning. Me and Ed allowed Jin and
Aki to use our beds, since these houses don’t have guest rooms, and Ed and I ended
up sleeping on the couches. It was common courtesy, I can’t really argue. It was
rather annoying sleeping on a couch smaller then a Twin though. Not to mention, baby
Rin in the house over cried several times during the night, and I have never had the
experience of having an infant sibling waking me up at night. Painful on the ears, I
tell you.
The first ten minutes I spent awake, I pretended I was asleep. You wouldn’t believe
how many people would think I really WAS asleep while doing this. I’ve tricked
people more times than I can count. I’ve tricked Meaghan, Ed, Master, and even my
own mom.
Oh, I haven’t told you about my parents, have I?
Well, I grew up in a big city in NA, with my mom and her sister. I never knew my dad.
From what my mom told me, he disappeared when she was still pregnant with me, and
never returned. Since then, he’s been assumed dead. My mom, unable to handle living
by herself, moved in with her sister. They treated me with a harsh hand, always
making sure I was on my best behaviour. They dressed me nicely whenever we went out
in public, and their hard laws ended up making me a bit quiet and timid. Worried
about how I would take care of myself later on in life, I ended up running away from
home and sneaking across the pacific all the way to Japan. I had always wanted to
travel to Japan, and after a bit of research, I learned of an academy where
youngsters are trained to fight and taught amazing skills, on the condition that
after graduation, they would execute missions for the good of the country. I was
ready to agree to this, and signed up abruptly. I told every part of my past when I
signed up truthfully, except for my parents. If I told them my mom was back in NA,
they would call her, and she would take me back. Therefore, I lied and told them I
was an orphan, and in control of all aspects of my life.
Wow, I went into a little monologue there. Sorry about that.
So, yeah, where was I...? Oh yeah, pretend sleeping. I do it mainly when I don’t
want to be bugged. I would also have to pretend wake up after I feel like getting up.
Sometimes, though, I get a bit more than just being left alone. Sometimes, I can
overhear sensitive conversations and see how people act when they think I’m not
Today, I pretend-slept for awhile. Since my bangs were lying over my eyes, I took a
peek out at the living room. Ed was only just getting up out of bed, rubbing his eyes
with his left hand, and holding his back stiffly with his right. Guess I’m not the
only one who went stiff last night. He left his jeans on, and stripped his torso down
to his undershirt, and his golden hair was surprisingly tame. I guess not having a
big bed allows for tidy morning hair.
 His sleep-ridden eyes looked over at me, and I closed my eyes quickly, resuming my
pretend-sleep. I could hear him get up slowly, and walk up to my couch. Had he seen I
was awake? 
Apparently not, because he let out a small sigh, pushed my bangs out of my eyes
gently, and walked over in the direction of the kitchen.  Ok, you know what, Ed NEVER
acts like this, he’s gone all soft and protective all of a sudden. Most of me is
going “What the heck,” but there’s a small portion in the back of my brain
that’s telling me “He loves me”. Although, he’s already told me, he’s not
falling in love, and I know him well enough that he doesn’t go back on his word, so
I have a high instinct that something is just bugging him. I’ll ask him later.
I didn’t pretend-wake-up until Jin and Aki walked out of our bedroom, fully rested.
Conversation started with them and Ed, and I took that as a good excuse to
pretend-wake-up. I was wide-awake by then, but I forced myself to be slow in pushing
myself up to look believable. All eyes wet to me as I tried to look at them with a
hazy feel. 
“G’morning, Sam. Did you have a good sleep?” Ed asked me with a smile on his
“No.” I said with a chuckle as I got up. 
“Me neither.” All three of them said in unison, followed by quiet giggles. Well,
at least nobody was lashing out at people. I then stopped my tired act and walked up
to the kitchen, searching through cupboards to find something to make for breakfast.
In the back of my brain, I wanted to do some strange Japanese breakfast, but they
don’t really have any good breakfast food, so I dug deep into my Canadian roots and
found...nothing. Except for the really unhealthy stuff I ate on weekends. I was being
urged more and more to make a whole big amount of something called Crêpes,
originally a French food, but served on the streets and restaurants in middle-eastern
Canada. Despite living in western Canada, it was one of my favourite breakfast foods.
Wait, why am I talking in past tense? It still IS one of my favourite foods. Just for
the sake of returned back home through a meal, I decided to go overboard and make
this huge crêpe breakfast. The crêpes themselves are kind of like a mix between a
soft tortilla shell and a pancake. You lay them open, and put all sorts of whatever
on them. Fruit, whipped cream, even chocolate! My favourite combination, personally,
was nice warm strawberries, whipped cream, and powdered sugar. Afterwards, you roll
it up like a burrito. You’re supposed to eat it with your hands like a hot dog, but
I always found this too messy, so I just cut it up and ate it with a fork and knife.
One of my favourite foods ever, nice warm crêpes. 
As I hastily ran around trying to get toppings and crêpes made, I heard the back
door open, and the residents from house two standing admiringly at the door.
“What on earth are you making over here? It smells delicious!” Meaghan asked with
a hint of hunger. Mikino held little Rin in her arms, wrapped in her banana-patterned
“Crêpes, that’s what she’s making!” Aki cried excitedly as she waited
patiently at the table.
“Crêpes? I’ve never had a crêpe before...” Mikino said softly, holding a
finger to her lips.
“Hey, guys, I would love to serve you too, but our table only seats four, I’m not
sure where I’d put you...” I said with a hint of disappointment. Ryoki, not
skipping a beat, ran back to his house and returned with their table over his head.
It was a strange sight, seeing Ryoki holding up this small dinner table over his
head, and everybody couldn’t help but laugh.
Breakfast that morning was probably one of the liveliest meals I’ve ever been to.
There was lots of chatter, and lots of crêpes. Lots and lots of crêpes. One of the
best mornings I’ve had in awhile.
After everyone had eaten, most of them migrated over to House 2, and soon, it was
just Ed and I in house one. It figures they’d leave the hosts the dishes. Oh well,
I’ve gotten used to this sort of thing...At least Ed didn’t rush off too. He
happily offered to help me, so I gave him the duty of drying the dishes I washed and
putting them away. It may not sound like much to those who haven’t done dishes by
themselves before, but it cuts the time the chore takes in half. This was also a good
opportunity to talk to Ed about what was bothering him. He couldn’t hide it now,
he’s been acting strangely ever since the beginning of the month. It’s only been
two days, but it’s been consistent. I won’t let it go until I know...
About halfway through the dishes, I asked him.
“...Hey, Ed, are you alright? You’ve been acting differently ever since the
Lycans attacked. Is something bothering you?”
I asked with all the kindness I could muster, and Ed gave me a surprised look.
“What? Nothing’s wrong...” He told me unconvincingly.
“Don’t try and hide it, I would know if something was bugging you after 3 years,
Edward Elric.” I told him, getting right to the point. I always get shivers when I
say his full name. I’m not sure why, maybe it’s connected to my attraction to
“I-I told you, it’s nothing!” He told me hastily, turning away from me. Ah, a
“No, you did NOT say that. You said nothing was wrong. C’mon, Ed, I won’t stop
asking until you tell me.”
He still looked away from me, and started drying another plate.
“...You’ll know by the end of the month, one way or another.”
What the heck? The end of the month? Uhh, can someone clue me in please? Why a
month??  I AM SO CONFUSED!!
I wanted to ask more, but said nothing after that as we finished the dishes in
silence. Well, he DID hint to me he was acting like this because of something Meaghan
said, I’ll just go to her for answers. 
As I was getting ready to dash for House 2, I took one final glance at Ed, who had a
face of...what looked like sadness. What was making him sad? I didn’t want to
bother him though, so I just quickly dashed for it.
When I got to Meaghan’s house, it was surprisingly calm. I thought, with the six of
them, it’d be a circus, but no, it was all nice and peaceful. And that’s an
accomplishment, since this is the house of Meaghan and Ryoki.
Meaghan ended up not being hard to find; helping Mikino take care of Rin. They
noticed me shortly.
“Hey Sam, you made a killer breakfast, good job!” Meaghan said with a smile.
“Thanks...Hey, can I ask you something? In private?” I said in a lower tone than
usual. She gave me a strange look, but agreed and led me into their bedroom. I sat
down hesitantly, hoping I could get the words out.
“Hey, Meaghan, is something bothering Ed? He’s been acting strangely the past few
days. He said it was about something you said. Can you help me?”
“Well, that’s a conversation that Ed wanted to have with you, not me.”
“I tried asking him a few minutes ago, but he refused to tell me, but said I’d
know at the end of the month. Why is that?”
“Well, he asked me to leave it up to him, but I only gave him a month. If he
doesn’t tell you by then, I will...That was our agreement.”
I looked down, in thought.
“It’s the 2nd today...”
“Ed has another 28 days to tell you. That should be more than enough, but then
again, it’s a touchy subject he wants to talk to you about...” She trailed as a
strange smile grew on her face.
“...Why are you smiling like that?”
“Oh, this, I’m just...” She said, trying to think of an excuse.
“Never mind. Thanks, Meg.” I said as I got up and rushed back to House 1. After
getting back, I rushed into the bedroom and found a small calendar the Academy
included with the house. Calendars were never that useful to me, but I got out a pen
and circled the last day of the month. The last day of the month. By then, I’ll
know what’s been getting Ed to act strange; protective and soft. It’s not that I
don’t enjoy it...It just doesn’t seem like Ed’s his normal self. The answer, at
the end of the month, will hopefully shed some light on the situation. I have a
sneaking suspicion that the symptoms Ed’s having are only going to get more extreme
than just holding hands though...

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