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Hilarious failures in creative brainstormsCategory: (general)
Saturday, 5 June 2010
11:31:00 PM (GMT)
I know that only my friends are ganna read this, so a lot of you know Role.
(Miss_RolePlay/dramgontamer 1995.)

I got to know her through a story she was writing at the time (is still writing? I
dunno) and her story seriously derailed my creative process.

It's a good story but there are so many characters! >.< And they all have different

Which is why, for the longest time, whenever I would get an idea for a story,
somewhere in my brain I went "Oh, that sounds like something ____ would do."

Suddenly my creative idea was invaded by Naono.

Now I've attempted writing with plots and characters of my own since then, but
unfortunately they've all sucked. (Remember Lost Girl anyone? Well please

Despite these notably discouraging works, I want to start another story. This
diary isn't about what will be in that story, because I don't know yet.

The following is what I thought for a moment I would be able to write about.

1st idea) There are too many stories out there about teens. I should write something
about an old person.

Oh wait. I have no fracking idea what old people would do. I'm not old.

2nd idea) Okay, maybe I could generate intrest through strong character
To do that, I have to balance their personalities.

"Hm," I said, "The personalities of Dake and Tommy are balanced, because Dake is a
pushover who learned to stand up for himself in the military, and Tommy was arrogant
until his father exiled him and forced him to sell his body to make enough money to
live, so now heโ€™s resigned to being a pushover."

and I thought to myself "Could I do something like that?"

Pfft, no! I couldn't write about a truly arrogant person to start with, much less
create a situational counter to it.

3rd idea) Obviously thinking up characters first won't work. I'll come up with a


... Crap. Scratch that.

4th idea) What I need is a good plot. I'll come up with them, and surely the right
characters and plot will follow.


... Crap. You know, Kirti's Mind Theater never frustrated me like this!

My brainstorming session has not yet resulted in a story.
I do not exagerate when I say that seeing a comment makes my whole day.

‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   5 June 2010   995744  
"Now I've attempted writing with plots and characters of my own since
then, but
unfortunately they've all sucked. (Remember Lost Girl anyone? Well
God, that's how I felt about Wolf Story (ugh...).
Kirti says:   5 June 2010   340970  
That was actually good though, more so with the revisions.

I still can't come up with a good story. 
‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   6 June 2010   951276  
In my eyes, it deserved to be scrapped. >.< 
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   6 June 2010   588871  
Well, honestly, I've been meaning to revise the whole story over,
changing a whole lot. I got too many characters when I was asking for
them way back when, so, you're right, there are a LOT of characters.
The basic plot would be the same as of now, but the characters... I'd
probably get rid of/move some/changed the purpose of some characters.

But I know what you mean in the case of this diary, writing stories is
never easy.
I'd say, if you really want to write a story this time around, first
thing you focus on is the genre of what you want it written in. I've
been into fantasy since I was little, so that's what I chose for TLO.
What kind of books interest you? Once you got that figured out, it
should be easier to move on.
branches says:   6 June 2010   582704  
I want to write about old people.

I always seem to come up with weak plots but strong characters and
‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   6 June 2010   523622  
I have a hard time actually describing what's happening. The story
runs like a movie in my head: there are different camera angles,
lighting, and everything that sets the scene right. I can't write it
down so it sounds good, but I know what I want to happen. 
It always ends up with pretty much only dialogue.
Kirti says:   6 June 2010   527830  
I know I want to do a fantasy, one where there is an alternate
civilization and no contact with here. But that means I need to build
up a society that incoporates magic, but still has realistic and
complex sociopolitical issues.

And that's hard! D: 
Kirti says:   6 June 2010   726083  
It needs to be done more, there's not nearly enough, but I don't know
how to write one. How does it feel to continue to make every day
descisions with eighty years of past weighing you down? To feel your
body become a vestigial carrier for a mind more capable then of all
those around you- or worse, feel your mind and body fall part at

I can make it sound dramatic, but I have no clue how to do about
writing ^that^. If you start a story about the elderly, let me read it
Kirti says :   6 June 2010   508703  
I have that problem too, so I go back to get rid of dialog, only to
find that there doesn't seem to be enough. A good story isn't created,
it's recorded but thats a halluva lot harder. And I sometimes know how
I want it to end, and I know how I want the first 2/4ths to go, but
the 3/4ths section is just a mental blank.

... I have some more story element worked out in my mind... 


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