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Leech. [Chapter Ten]Category: Leech.
Thursday, 6 May 2010
10:30:03 PM (GMT)
I woke up feeling cold and I looked around the room to see that Viktor was
gone. I fgot of bed, walking to the guest bedroom to greet Ophelia. I opened the door
then walked inside  until she tackled me and pinned me down. She looked at me with
rage and desperation; I looked at her and started laughing.
"Are you gonna kill me, dollface?' I asked, grinning maliciously.
"I would like that but right now, we need to talk about something." She replied,
scratching my chest.
"I know. I know. I killed your baby and almost killed you. I get it." I stated,
She grabbed some roped and tied my hands together. I started laughing again then I
felt a sting going through my neck.
"This is a brilliant idea, dollface." I purred, my eyes clouded with lust.
"You just think this is exciting. But oh, this isn't exactly the idea."
She got up and went into my room  to get something. I sat up, looking around the room
for a knife to cut through the rope. I heard the shower go on then I sghed deeply; I
struggled a bit to free one hand from the rope, ignoring the rope that was digging
into my wrists. I finally freed one hand then untied the rope from my other wrist. I
got up and ran to the bathroom to see what she was up to; I pulled back the glass
door to see that no one was there.
A strange feeling swept over me that someone was watching me. I turned around and saw
that she was standing behind me with a knife in her hand.
"I told you before, Beast, you messed with the wrong chick." She stated, pointing the
knife at me.
"Put that down before you hurt yourself." I said, grabbing her wrist.
Her hand jerked and she tried to pull away but I pulled her closer to me whilst
removing the knife from her hand. I picked her up and tossed her over my shoulder,
she screamed then started clawing at my back.
"Let me go. I will kill you." She hissed.
"Oh, shut  up already. Or you'll end up on my platter." I growled, walking to my
I dropped her on my bed then tied her hands to the bedpost as she squirmed like a
worm. I climbed on top of her and opened the nightstad drawer then pulled out a roll
of duct tape.
"Please Beast, please don't." She pleaded, a tear rolling down her cheek
"Shush, you know how to take it." I assured her, licking her cheek.
I tore a piece of the tape and covered her mouthwith it. I went through my drawer
again then pulled out a condom; I tore open the package then slid it onto my penis. I
thrusted roughly whilst biting down on her neck until I broke the skin. I licked the
blood up as my hand started to roam her body like a ravage animal.

To be continued.....

‹Wallflowers♥› says:   6 May 2010   735231  
xD God damnit, she still didn't kill him.
‹schreimord†› says:   6 May 2010   230386  
xD LOL. More surprising twists to come soon.
‹Wallflowers♥› says:   6 May 2010   894067  
xD LOL. Yay, I'd love to turn this into a comic series but, that'd
take forever.
‹schreimord†› says:   6 May 2010   239983  
x] Yes it would. Cause comic books take a while to make with all the
drawing and writing.
‹Wallflowers♥› says:   6 May 2010   793666  
x] And this would take extra time because of all the detail that's
‹schreimord†› says:   6 May 2010   122057  
x] Oh yes, my graphic details.
‹Wallflowers♥› says:   6 May 2010   644053  
x] And, there's so many rape scenes in here, too. LOL
‹schreimord†› says:   6 May 2010   289502  
xD LOL. I get carried away, I need to lay off of Law & Order: SVU and
forensic crime shows.
‹Wallflowers♥› says:   6 May 2010   233958  
xD LOL. But, those shows are the best.
fly says:   1 July 2010   955081  
TINY TINA IN A TUTU (remember me :3?)
‹schreimord†› says:   1 July 2010   806235  
:o I'm taking a break, Kyle. Sorry.
fly says :   1 July 2010   795612  
c: That's fine then.
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