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Purposes for Shiny Leaves in HG/SSCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 31 March 2010
05:49:04 PM (GMT)

If you have already gotten one of the games and have happened to talk to your front
pokemon while following you and it says they've found something... A shiny leaf.
This may be a useful item for the trainer. However, a tough one to come by through.
Shiny leaves will do nothing at first, so I hear. But if you manage to let all
six of your party pokemon find one, I hear you get an object called a Golden Crown. I
don't know what that does yet, but it's definitely been proven to exist.

How To Find Shiny Leaves:
You don't particularly find one, but your front-line pokemon will. I'm talking
about the one at the front of the team, the one that follows after you and such.
Finding a leaf will vary on the location and you're pokemon's nature. You can
only find a Shiny leaf when you turn around in a brustle of grass to talk to your

How Can I Tell If It Found One?:
You'll know if you talk to your pokemon a lot of the time. First, a red exclaimation
mark will appear above it's head. It'll then do an odd dance, slightly resembling (if
you ask me) a light movement of the Kimono Girl's. at last, a green music note will
appear above it's head, and then what do you know! You're pokemon has a shiny leaf!

Can I Give the Shiny Leaf to Another Pokemon In My Team?:
You're reading this from an experienced trainer of that case. I tried many times to
receive the item from my Rattata, Rarida, the first holder of my first Shiny Leaf.
You cannot give it to another. The leaf is forever with that pokemon and
cannot be taken away nor viewed, it will remain on them.

How Easy Is It To Find A Shiny Leaf?:
At first it should seem fairly easy, kind of comes out fast if you enjoy the game as
much as I do. However- the more you find the harder it will get. But again,
you may just be at the right place- at the right time- with the right pokemon, kind
of that simple, ya'know.


And that's all there is so far to know about the deal with Shiny Leaves, if you were
How many leaves do I have?
I got one on Taunt, my Croconaw at the moment, who found it only momentarily ago.
Pokemon tend to seem very lovable and shy after finding one, btw.
My other is on Ninda my Nindorina. Then one's on Rarida my Rattata. And Enie my Eevee
has one as well.
Mary, my Flaaffy is having a rough time finding one, but she does so many cute things
and loves to cuddle and play around. :]

I'm sure I can answer any other questions if you want to know, so don't be afraid to
But I may or may not know but ahwell.

‹♥An*Evasion*From*The*Truth♥› says:   31 March 2010   374771  
This has nothing to do with ur diary xDDD

HI :3
‹♥DesireHope♥› says:   31 March 2010   890437  
This helps me alot erika :D thanks for posting this

ps: I see you chose to start off w/ Totadile but I chose.....can you
guess which one?
‹+ ⑨ Re + Mix + ⑨ +› says:   31 March 2010   818302  
You're wecome. However, I have recently learned something is odd with
the leaves. I have six now. And all six are on my team, nothing
happened. So as I was going through summaries, I took notice to the
placement of the leaves, some are more to the side than others, so I
think there has to be a match or something. That's just what I

PS: I wanted to try something new. I usually pick grass types and once
Fire in the Hoenn region, so I figured Totadile would be a nice
change. And I was right.~
...HMMMMMMM. I wanna' say Cyndaquilll. 
‹♥DesireHope♥› says:   1 April 2010   601534  

Oh realy, that seems interesting~ but I still cant find one yet....

ps:You know me so well 
‹+ ⑨ Re + Mix + ⑨ +› says:   1 April 2010   500882  
Hm. In my experience, certain routes seem to work beast for me. First
I had found one at the route right before Azeala Town and afte rthe
Union Cave. Another place is the route right before Golden Rod and
after the Ilex Forest. And the route north up to were the sudowodo was
blocking your path and below Ecruteak City were my best places at
finding them.
I also found two others in the route before the union cave and after
Violet City.
Hope that helps. D:

‹♥DesireHope♥› says:   2 April 2010   808459  

It actually helps...since I figured different natures=different
‹♥DesireHope♥› says :   2 April 2010   935535  

It actually helps...since I figured different natures=different


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