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This union, a battle fought and lost.Category: (general)
Sunday, 21 March 2010
06:05:01 PM (GMT)
Answer all of these questions truthfully!!!! Or you can lie if you want, but it
won’t be as fun. 

1. We’ll start off easy. What is your name? 
George W. Bush. 

2. If you like your name say ‘Yay!’ 
Who wouldn't wanna be named after the best president existing? 

3. Good job. Okay, so did you notice that number 2 was not a question? 
No, but I noticed that the answer was. 

4. If you could get a website, what would it be called? 

5. What was the last song you illegally downloaded? 
Not sure. I haven't had my laptop in ages. 

6. Do you wish you had a webshow like iCarly? 
Yeah, but it would be SO much cooler than iCarly. 

7. Scary movies? 
Are pretty great. Gore makes me happy. 

8. What is your favorite genre of music? And be specific. 
A cross between sounding like you're getting castrated and whiny emo kids complaining
about their lives. 

9. Do you believe in God? And why or why not? 
I AM God. 

10. Laughter: The Best Medicine, or would you rather take an aspirin? 
Laughter ftw. 

11. When you go to sleep at night, do you leave your door open or closed? 
I keep my door open AND closed. How does that work? Look at the 9th question. 

12. You like mangoes. 

14. Is grey hair sexy on old people? 
Oh, definitely. Grey hair always gets me hard. 

15. I bet you were so busy thinking about mangoes, you didn’t notice that there was
no question 13. 
I bet you were so busy thinking about fucking a dog, you didn't notice that I said
"hard" in the last question, when I'm a female. 

16. You just won the world supply of every color sharpie KNOWN TO MAN!!! What do you
A gigantic multi-colored penis. 

17. Do you have your closest friends phone number memorized? 
Question 9. 

16. Do you like adding double letters to words? Ex: Text me or Texxt mee. 
No, makes me sound noobish. 

17. Is it possible for blondes to be prettier, just from hair color? 
No. Look at me. 

18. Itunes, Limewire, Winamp, or what? 
Limewire and iTunes. <3 

19. How many songs do you have in your music library? 

20. Keep it up, this note gets better and better! 
How do I answer this? 

21. Why did you decide to complete your FIRST note survey thing? 
Pure boredom. Why else? 

22. Do you remember being born? 
Sorry, there was blood in my eyes. 

23. Glasses: smexy or not? 
On some people. 

24. Do you like to leave your window shades up when you sleep, to see the sky? 
No, because what if a stalker watched you sleep? : 

25. Twenty-five; you get a QUARTER!!!! 
Really? A quarter? How about I slit your throat with this shiny quarter? 

26. Did that last questions make sense? 
Yeah, I slapped my knee. 

27. If you were on a deserted island, what one American Idol personality would you
take? (Judges, hosts, or contestants.) 
Tim Urban, hands down. <3 Right, Tash? 

28. What time was it two hours and forty-three minutes ago? 
Are you fucking retarded? 

29. Did you answer number 28 in your head, or use a calculator? Or just not bother
doing it? 
I didn't do it because the maker of this note is a douchebag. 

30. Are you or were you more happy to turn 16, 18, or 21? 
My sixteenth birthday was fun. (Note that it was yesterday.) 

31. Love conquers everything? 
Hahaha, next. 

32. Watch the food network? 
Morgan used to watch it all the time when I was at her house. XD 

33. If you could accomplish any task right now that needed to be done, what would it
I have no tasks right now. 

34. Do you love playing music loud when no one is home? 
Yes, and dancing around the house. :D 

35. Your favorite website besides facebook? 

36. Your cell phone is your best friend: T or F? 
False, but it comes close. 

37. You are a battery, AA or AAA? 
AAA, because it's triple, like triple X. XXX. :D 

38. LOL! Are you really gonna laugh out loud? 

39. If you could sing really well, would you show the world this talent? 

40. !@#$%^&*(): Awesome, isn’t it? 
Did you just insult me? 

41. I would eat a hippo for a billion dollars. T or F? 

42. Kleenex or rip-off brand? 
The fucking rip-off brand. 

43. You can only shop at ONE store forever (But your body doesn’t need food or
toiletries and stuff), what is the store? 

44. You’re listening to music as you’re doin this, aren’t you? 
Karissa just turned off the crappy country shit that was playing on TV. 

45. Do you like black people? 

46. Do you enjoy asians? 
I really do. They're quite enjoyable. 

47. Wow! This notes almost nearly sorta kinda over (not really), did you have fun
with it? 
It was pretty lame, to be honest. Dear maker of this note, please stop making notes.
Get a job. 

48. Chat speak; spawn of satan or, ttly convenient way 2 say things fast! 

49. Gay marriage? 
Woo! :D 

50. Abortion? 
Do it. 

51. They WERE questions, I promise! 
How do I respond to this? 

53. >.< ..try and make that face in real life. 
I will, but only because of question 9. 

54. Did you do it? Did it look oh so funny!? 
Ask question 9. 

55. Have you noticed this survey is getting lazy and half of these are not even
Yeah, but it's entertaining. 

56. Wow. You’re smart. 
Future mathematician. 

57. What grade would you relive in school if you had the chance? 
Eight or nine. 

58. 11:11… Make a wish? 
9:11, make a wish! 

59. When you listen to music, do you feel self-concsious about your taste? 
Hellz no. My music is amazing. 

60. What is the most meaningful, moving song that you have ever heard? 
Ahh, there's a lot. 

61. Are you proud of how amazingly long I have kept this note going!? 
No, I think you should go drown or something. 

62. Do you think disney shows are cheesy or just funny? 
Most are pretty lame, but a few are kinda good. 

63. If you grow up and have exacty as many kids as you wanted, all the gender you
really did not want, do you try for more? 
No, I just get pissed and throw the ones I don't want in the trash. 

64. Slow songs or fast songs? 
Both are good. 

65. Ninjas: hot or not? 
Super hot. 

66. Least favorite tv show ever? 
How To Be Indie. Nobody wants to learn how to be a terrorist. 

67. You are the only person in the world, and can bring back three people. Who would
you bring, and what would you do? 
Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber and Chuck Norris. Just because. 

68. If you invented a new color, what would you name it? 

Decipher says:   10 April 2010   683880  
c: Yes Lets name it Ellis C:
weallrollalong says:   10 April 2010   622491  
LOL, let's do it! XD 
Decipher says:   10 April 2010   544601  
if we find two can we name the other Patrica 8D?
weallrollalong says:   10 April 2010   445776  
Decipher says :   10 April 2010   184953  
c: Totally funny.

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