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Saturday, 6 March 2010
03:55:47 PM (GMT)
McKenna:Do you think Regan and you would ever have a hcance?
Hayes:I'm not sure.She's my only best friend.
McKenna:So you're afraid of ruining that?
Hayes:Kind of.She's the only one i could spend hours to talking to about everyhting.
McKenna:Awww.So do you like her?
Hayes:Truly?Kind of.I'm confused.I mean I have Sarah.
McKenna:So if Sarah was never around would oyu and REgan be going out rightn ow?

Regan:So,McKenna told you?
Hayes:Why do you like me?
Regan:Becasue your so sure of yourself.You can mess up and make every one fall out of
there chairs wiht laughter to cover your mistake.
Hayes:Wow,I must be pretty hot and awesome than.
Regan:Actually,I like you for your personality.Other thne your freckles you don't
have much of a look.
Regan:I'm joking.
Regan:So we do have a chance?
Hayes:Yes and no.
Hayes:Yes because well.......And no because of Sarah.My girlfriend.She'd be crushed.
Regan:So how do you feel about me liking you?
Haye:Happy and sad.
Regan:Sad because I'm the ugliest girl in the class.
Hayes:No!You are not the ugliest.Far from it.Briteny's right.You arn't ugly.I'm sad
cause I'm dating Sarah.
Regan:Thanks.And oyu are happy why?
Hayes:I don't know I just am.
Regan:So do you like me?
Hayes:That's for me to know and you to find out.

Then he hung up.I spent almost twenty minuits talking to him last night.Told him I
liked him.McKenna hinted I was in love with him.I slapped McKenna on the arm.She held
my face to the wall.We faught and I turned off the lights and we messed around.Thing
is we forgot to hang up the phone and Hayes heard most of this.That is how most of
our sleep overs go.

About Jacob,I liked them both.Untill I found out Jacob is dating over four girls.So I
decided on Hayes.Whom I've been in love wiht on and off since last August.Heres some
songs about it.

McKenna chose this one:

‹hypnohsis› says:   6 March 2010   184375  
Newest coversasion:
Hayes:Hey,About last ngiht.Do you really like me?
Regan:Mhmm.Yes I truly do like you.
Hayes:Can you give me some reasons?
Regan:I told them to you last nihgt.
Hayes:I want to hear them again.
Regan:Becasue your so sure of yourself.You can mess up and make every
one fall out of there chairs wiht laughter to cover your mistake.
Hayes:I know.My whole life is a joke.But why do you like me?I'm the
wierdest in the class.
Regan:No your not.You truly arn't.
Hayes:Who is then?
Regan:I am!MWahahahaha!
Hayes:No way!We rule the wierdness together.
Hayes:Got to go.
REgan:Can I call you later?
GreenStar says:   6 March 2010   935624  
So, you had a ...... chance with him.
Well, I wouldn't have expected it.
But, well, maybe there's still hidden affections somewhere.
But I'm happy for yyeh regan!
‹hypnohsis› says :   6 March 2010   184061  
Yeah.He says I still have alittle one.And that's enough to give me


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