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Tuesday, 16 February 2010
05:04:00 PM (GMT)
Thank you for your support Izzle.


     The boy did not have the same reaction, his smile might have even grown more
wide. "You're Lindie Thorn, right? Yeah, Cane told us you were out for a few days.
I'm James," he put out a hand, which she shook. "This is Allison, she's Cane's
daughter." Allison tried to force a smile, but her eyes showed that she had immediate
distaste for Lindie. "He said you had an archer's build, not sure what that means."
     A tall man walked over to the group, his strides long. "Lindie Thorn!" He said
loudly, his tone as though she was familiar to him. 
     Lindie stepped towards James, and, under her breath, asked him why everyone knew
her name.
     "Don't worry," he replied, hand over his mouth. "they all know mine too."
     "You were out for a few days," he said, addressing Lindie. "You've got some
catching up to do. Do you know how to ride a horse?"
    "A horse? Of course I don't--"
     "Side-saddle, then, behind James. James, get the horse ready. Lindie, you're a
bit behind so we're going to jump right in at hitting targets while moving."
     "Hitting them with what? What are you--"
     "Allison, fetch us a bow and some arrows, will you? She's a short one, we'll
need the smallest one we have-- maybe the Elven one?" Allison and James left before
she could object, and Cane continued blabbing away. "Don't fall off the horse. You'll
need to hang on to James until you get close enough, but you'll need both hands to
shoot the arrow. Don't shoot yourself. Okay?"
      "I really don't think I'm ready to--" 
     Allison arrived with the bow and arrow set, which she placed in Lindie's hands.
"Knock yourself out," she smirked, and left.
     Cane showed Lindie how to put the strap around her shoulder, where to grip the
bow and where to place the arrow. James arrived before Cane could finish, the horse
at his side. When he mounted the horse, realization set in.
      "Oh, no. Bloody hell."  
     "Come on," James said, holding out a hand. Lindie was hesitant, but took his
hand anyway and somehow managed to get on the horse. "Don't worry," he said under his
breath. She recognized his London accent and relaxed a bit, just as they began
moving. She shut her eyes tightly, keeping her hands around his waist. 
      "Oh gosh. Oh gosh," she muttered.
      "If your eyes are closed, open them. You'll be a lot happier." As Lindie peeked
through her eyelashes, she noticed no difference. But when she fully opened her eyes,
she gasped. Trees and green, with dewdrops she could barely make out at the speed
they were going. She held on tighter to James, who smiled to himself. "We'll be
coming up to the targets soon; do you have your bow and arrow ready?"
     She shook her head no before remembering that James couldn't see her, then said
no aloud and took an arrow from the sheath on her back. She put the arrow against the
bow, holding the string with her other hand.
     "Here comes the first one," he said.
      The red and white targets had few feet in between each other, and with every
one she tried to hit, a different tree was shot.  This continued for quite some time
until she finally hit the edge of one target. Unfortunately, the bow fell as quickly
as it was shot. 
     "I really can't do this," Lindie said. "Can we head back?"
     "Are you sure?" 
     "I'm sure."

     The small woman sat by her bedside during the night, as Lindie had requested.
     "No, that's not it at all, I had a wonderful day." Lindie said, untying her
braids. "I just miss home. Why can't I go back?"
     "You're a hero, Lindie, or a hero-to-be, you and James."
     "I'm not sure I understand."
     "They call your hometown London, do they not? Those that reside there do not
realize what they're doing. What happens there happens twice as hard. We're the
parallel of London, in all honesty, and Lindie, we're dying."
     Lindie frowned. "What am I supposed to do about it?"
     "The Key. You must find the Key." The woman stood from the stool she'd been
sitting on and took something from one of the drawers. She placed the item in
Lindie's hand. It was soft, though rough at the same time. Lindie traced her finger
around the item, and realized it was a small bunny. She held on to it tightly, the
scent reminding her of her mother. "The Key will restore everything, taking
everything back in time. It's happened before, but only to the same fate. When people
get a second chance, they don't make a change. Nobody survives the restoration and
stays in the same state; it takes everything backwards, rewinds time."
     "So everyone dies?"
     "Yes." There was a long silence. "The children Erin kidnapped a few days ago,
they will survive. They are not from Scenery, you see. They will survive. You will
survive. But you understand why some would be so opposed to the idea, don't you?
Everyone would die even if Scenery was not restored, and the thick-headed residents
do not care for anyone but themselves." The women shook her head, though Lindie could
not see, and left the room.

Pastry says :   16 February 2010   997261  
Wonderful! >u<


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