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Can you name 11 people?Category: (general)
Wednesday, 27 January 2010
04:15:57 PM (GMT)
Quickly copy & paste; Don't wanna spoil it.
Name 11 people you can think of, right of the top of your head.
Don't read the questions below until you write the names.

This is a lot funnier if you randomly list the names.
No cheating!

1. Gaara
2. Suigetsu
3. Tobi
4. Mitsuki
5. Sakura
6. Hinata
7. Shizuka
8. Naruto
9. Ino
10. Tenten
11. Temari

How did you meet # 4?
Well I met her when I was just a child going around challenging people and I was like
"HEEEY! you wanna go?" and she was like "YEAAAAH" and then she whooped my ass, and
that was the start of the most fcked up friendship ever. >_>

Do you like love anyone on here?
YEAH~ <3 Love them all

What would you do if 6 and 2 were going out?
Try to stop Mitsuki and Naruto from commiting suicide xD

How did you meet 8?
I was the best student at the academy and he was the worst, so we got into a friendly
rivalry and it developed into a FRIENDSHIP which sometimes gets mistaken for being a

what do u think of number 7?
She was my best friend, until she started dating this guy named Daisuke and now she
often ditches me and Mitsuki when she goes home to talk to him on her cellphone...
*Emo* And then she forgets that she was even was hanging out with us before, until
she realizes it after a while T_T

What would you do if 5 confessed they love you?
Say "thank you for everything", hit the back of her head to knock her out, and place
her on a bench >_>'

Is number 2 your best friend?
Nope :D ...Just kidding xD YES, sadly

who is 10's best friend
Definately Temari xD

Do you miss number 1?
No, he's right over across the room playing the new Shippuden game for wii! xD

Is number 9 cool?
Sure, when she's not being a stalker :D

What is your opinion of number 6?
She's amazingly awesome, because she's the only one who can actually beat me at the
quiet game xD And all quiet people rock my world because...well...they don't talk!

What do you think of #3?
He's evil...VERY evil...and he's hiding something, something big...maybe the fact
that he loves Deidara? o_e'

What would you do if 1 and 4 were going out??
Warn Mitsu about Gaara's random spazz attacks xD

Do you have any special things you do with 1?
ohh, you have NO idea ;D XD Kidding...

Have you ever been inside 10's house?
Yeah, one time she and Temari tied me up in their basement and forced me to say evil
things o_o xD

Do you love #8?
=_= do you KNOW how many times I've been asked that question? seriously, I've told
you again and again, NO Dx

Have you ever kissed any of them?
*Dies*...This must be a yaoi fangirl giving me these questions...

repost - can you name 11 people

TemariChan says:   27 January 2010   746245  
Hey! I dodn't mean to tie you up! Your just, well you!
‹Inactive. On hiatus. Sorry guys› says:   27 January 2010   934728  

Thanks Temari xD that makes me feel special inside =P 
TemariChan says:   27 January 2010   820495  
I made you feel special! 
‹Inactive. On hiatus. Sorry guys› says:   27 January 2010   523611  

Yeah you sure did xP 
‹ғяєακazoid› says:   27 January 2010   741526  
I'm going to steal this from you. C:
‹Inactive. On hiatus. Sorry guys› says:   27 January 2010   720225  

Be my guest~ i don't mind xD 
‹ғяєακazoid› says:   27 January 2010   975702  
Yay! x3 
‹♥ Doo ♥› says:   27 January 2010   932642  
What would you do if 5 confessed they love you?
Say "thank you for everything", hit the back of her head to knock her
out, and place
her on a bench >_>'

Hilarious! XDDD
‹Inactive. On hiatus. Sorry guys› says:   27 January 2010   481927  

xD Why thank you, it's quite genious, isn't it? 
SakuraH says:   27 January 2010   664023  
How could you! 
-clenches fist and pouts-

I thought we were passed that...
‹Inactive. On hiatus. Sorry guys› says:   27 January 2010   727281  

o_o...oh hi there, Sakura...*Awkward* 
SakuraBlossom_Haruno says:   28 January 2010   390280  
(( Ohoh, I think it was better not to make a Sakura roleplay
character, there are so many Sakuras already. TT^TT But I couldn't
help myself XD Don't blame me. ))
‹Inactive. On hiatus. Sorry guys› says:   28 January 2010   934194  

((xD It 's the same with rping as Sasuke, I've seen some more Sasukes
on here too)) 
SakuraBlossom_Haruno says:   28 January 2010   945951  
(( Yeah, but it's better if a group of Naruto roleplayers stay
together, and another group together. It's better that way, isn't it?
‹Inactive. On hiatus. Sorry guys› says:   28 January 2010   716402  

((Yeah, we're probably the funniest group xD But we're very
non-serious and we all mix our real personalities into the character's
o_o xD

What anime is it?)) 
SakuraBlossom_Haruno says:   28 January 2010   611314  
(( Ikr? XD

Lucky star...  In real life, I'm actually lkike Kagami, she's my fave.
We're so alike. XD ))
‹Inactive. On hiatus. Sorry guys› says:   28 January 2010   131608  
((oh dude, I've watched that before xDDD my personality is a lot like
hers too...always chill and blunt =P I love how super random that show

SakuraBlossom_Haruno says:   28 January 2010   583643  
(( I know! :D I used to like Tsukasa, but, eh... She's too shy and
all.... I like Kagami because she's all in academics, and she's scary,
just like me when I get angry! X'D Kyah~! ))
SakuraBlossom_Haruno says:   28 January 2010   874094  
(( Though the show sometimes gets real perverted... ))
‹~Sebbi~DirectionallyChallenged<(@.@<)› says:   28 January 2010   105622  
YES!! You admitted i'm ur best friend!!! HELL YES!!! IN YOUR FACE
GAARA!!! *smacks butt* WOO!!! XDDDD
Tobi_chan says :   29 January 2010   823444  
Tobi's not evil~!

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