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My Masters Part 1: WARNING LESBIAN SEXUAL CONTENTCategory: (general)
Monday, 18 January 2010
05:49:04 PM (GMT)
About 5 years ago, my rich daddy who I only see every few years, bought me a huge
mansion as a "sorry I haven't made an effort to see you in so long" gift. I'm single,
I have no friends. So this mansion was a horrible idea, it's just me all alone in
this big empty house. I was so lonely. I had never had a maid before, but I decided
to hire a few. It would be nice to have some other human contact in this house.
Through a maid service, I hired 4 maids. Cherie, Kim, Laurie and Vicki. When they
showed up on the first day of work, that's when I realized my sexuality. I don't know
how to explain it, but somehow I fell in love with Vicki. She was a short women, with
dyed red hair and a New York accent. She wasn't the most attractive women, but
somehow she turned me on. Kim was probably the sexiest women in the house. Somehow, I
found Vicki more attractive though. Maybe I liked redheads, I don't know. But Kim had
black hair and a perfect tanned body. She was a very curvy women and any lesbian's
dream. Cherie, she was cute. She was a short blond haired women, with tiny features.
Laurie was from Kenya. She was the color of chocolate, with black hair and she was
slightly chunky.The maids and I developed a friendship over the years, and eventually
all of them moved in with me. I had always had a crush on Vicki. One day, while we
were sipping tea out in the conservatory I zoned out and started thinking about how
to remodel one of the rooms in the house. When I came back to reality, I heard all
the maids laughing and Cherie blushing. 
"What are you guys talking about?" I asked with a giggle.
"I can't believe we've been friends this long, and I never told you guys I'm gay."
Cherie said blushing.
Laurie, Kim and Vicki burst into another round of giggles. My smile faded.
"How is that funny? I think you have a lot of guts to tell us that Cherie." I wanted
to tell them I was a lesbian too, but not so sure now if this was how they were going
to react.
Finally Laurie stopped laughing enough to explain. "The rest of us are lesbians too.
And we've been hiding this from each other for so long."
Cherie and me stared at them with shock.
"W-what?" I finally managed to say.
Kim smiled. "Wait so Sassy, you are the only man-loving chica within miles of this
place!" she laughed.
This was the perfect time to come out, as long as everyone else was. "Guys, I'm kind
of gay too..." I said awkwardly.
The all looked at me, no one blinked.
"Well this is great!" Vicki said uneasily. "No one has to feel uncomfortable in this
I sighed, this made living with them more difficult. Now that I knew they preferred
"tacos to sausage" as some might say, how could I not think dirty thoughts about
them? I wondered if they felt the same way. 
Two weeks went by, without much communication between the 5 of us. Most of them found
excuses to go out of the house. Great. Maybe they would start moving out soon. I'd be
all alone again. One day as I was reading a book in the library, I heard a weird
muffled sound coming from up above. Cherie's rooms was up above the library. I
thought no one was home. So I left the library and took the elevator to the second
floor. I heard giggling and then a weird sound. Was that what I thought it was? A
moan? I knocked lightly on the door, everything went silent in Cherie's bedroom. 
"Cherie? Are you in here?" I asked.
"Um, yes. I'm kind of busy..." she said, sounding as if she was annoyed with me.
"What's going on? I heard a weird noise. Is everything okay?" I asked with concern.
"We're fine." Cherie said.
"YOU IDIOT." I heard Kim's voice whisper audibly. 
I was so suspicious as to what was going on. I flung open the door, rudely, and
gasped as I saw Cherie, Kim, Laurie and Vicki all tangled together. Cherie has
Laurie's pussy in her mouth, Laurie was sitting on her face. Cherie had her legs
spread and Kim was laying between them. Vicki was sitting behind Kim with her fingers
in her own pussy. They all looked at me guiltily. 
"What's going on here?!" I said jealously. 
No response. I scanned my eyes over their sexy wet bodies. I wanted to join in with
"Is this the first time you guys have done this in my house?!" I screamed. 
Vicki took her fingers out of her pussy. I stared at her bare cunt, then scanned my
way up her body. I became incredibly horny, the women I had crushed on for so long
sat there naked in front of me.
"No..." Cherie finally said.
"How many times have you guys had these FOURsomes in my house?!" I screamed.
"We usually do this in the attic, where you never would hear. But today it just kind
of happened here. We didn't want you to find out!" Kim said, ashamed.
"We started doing this after we all came out of the closet." Vicki said.
"If you want us to move out, we understand." Laurie said sadly. 
They all stood up and started putting their clothes back on.
"It's okay." I said.
They looked at me.
"Is it okay if I join in? I've never had sex with girls before. Or any sex before..."
I asked.
They all dropped their clothes back on the floor. I don't even know what hit me but I
was laying on Cherie's bed with Kim's boobs hanging in my face and someone was trying
to take my pants off.
"We're so naughty" Kim breathed. "Are you sure you want to do this?"
"More then anything." I said, so horny. 
I felt the hot air in the room hit my exposed legs. I propped myself up on my elbows,
so I could see who was undressing me.
Vicki sat between my legs, about to take my thong off.
Then Laurie took my tube top off by unzipped the zipper on the side. 
In a few seconds I was completey naked. Laurie threw my bra aside and Vicki flung my
"You have nice breasts." Kim said.
Cherie's boobs were in my face all of a sudden then she planted her lips on mine.
It's pathetic to say; but that was my first kiss. Cherie started kissing me roughly.
I wished it was Vicki kissing me. But Vicki was massaging my inner thighs. I moaned
in to Cherie's mouth.
Kim's hand came down on my left breast, then Laurie's hand came down on my right.
Then they both started to squeeze my boobs. I never realized I had such sensitive
boobs, I moaned into Cherie's mouth again and she pulled away. Cherie moved the hair
away from my neck and started kissing around. Then her lips brushed against a spot on
my neck that felt really good. I told her to keep kissing there. Cherie started to
lick my neck. I panted in pleasure in response. Kim and Laurie were still massaging
my boobs. Vicki stopped massaging my thighs and just watched. I didn't realize my
boobs had leaked some milk, but Kim and Laurie were licking each others hands. Cherie
stopped kissing my neck and moved down to my belly button. She slid her tongue into
it and I could feel her saliva pool in it. She licked around and then sucked the
saliva back out. It tickled. Then Kim and Laurie stopped licking each others hands.
Cherie got up and went over to her dresser and opened the first drawer and took out a
little purple vibrator. I knew I had a sensitive body so I told them to be gentle.
Vicki leaned in and kissed my pussy once. I moaned softly. Then I heard the hum of
the vibrator being turned on the lowest setting. I don't know who pressed it against
my pussy lips but that felt good enough for me to moan loudly. It was slowly pushed
inside of me. I begged them to push it in farther.
"It's all the way in." Cherie said.
I moaned in response and started bucking my hips. This thing felt amazing. There was
no other feeling in the world like it. I begged them to turn it up a setting. I
screamed when I felt it start to vibrate more rapidly. I felt a strange feeling
building up inside me, it was nothing like I'd ever felt before. Then all of a sudden
it ripped through me with intense pleasure, I don't even know what I screamed out as
my first orgasm happened. Tears were running down my cheeks. I blacked out.
Next morning I woke up and everyone was gone. A strange scent was in the room. I
through on my clothes and walked out in the hallway. I heard them talking downstairs.
They all teased me about how I fainted from my orgasm. I giggled. We got to talking
and then Cherie suggested the idea that we start kidnapping people and make this huge
house a Playboy Mansion. I think she was just kidding, but then soon enough everyone
wanted to do that. I was dumbfounded.
ILLEGAL." I shouted in protest.
I don't even remember what happened after that. But 10 years after this happened, we
had a secret sex society running in my own home. After I was convinced to go along
with this, we got started on remodeling the house.

Broken_Dreams_angel says:   21 January 2010   180273  
Ur story was really good ;D
BlehBlehxo says:   23 January 2010   532149  
Thank you! 
Broken_Dreams_angel says:   25 January 2010   583086  
No prob, will  you write more? :D 
BlehBlehxo says:   3 March 2010   369801  
Broken_Dreams_angel says:   3 March 2010   608853  
Awwww okai
You should come play with me ;D 
x_my_bootie_x says:   4 March 2010   439056  
 luvd iit 
BlehBlehxo says:   6 March 2010   165822  
I'd love to ;D 
‹♥KenslieHasBigDreams♥› says:   7 March 2010   140053  
your stories are reallyyyy good. ;]
Broken_Dreams_angel says:   7 March 2010   297291  
funnymoney says:   2 April 2010   406579  
very good story..
LivingDeadGirl says:   9 August 2010   914751  
I love this one!
Sam125 says:   14 July 2011   336381  
‹Sexy_Horny_Lesbian› says:   29 July 2011   697529  
SUPER amazing
Im_OpenMinded says :   3 May 2013   197336  
I loved it

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