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Tuesday, 5 January 2010
11:27:44 PM (GMT)
Mana was the first to wake up, back stiff from sleeping on the ground, shivering
from dew, and face feeling hot and tight where she still had sunburn. She stood and
stretched slowly, proud and alarmed by how many heads lifted when she made any sound.
Eichiro kept trying to instate a nightly watch system, but with Takuya and Kiri on
such high alert it didn't seem necessary. CIA reflexes must be hard to forget.
          As soundlessly as possible, Mana retrieved a stick from her saddle and cut
a notch in it with the knife at her waist. There was one notch for every day they'd
been away from Earth. She did it daily, so she should have known how it was
accumulating, yet when Mana counted the marks she'd carved in the wood, she was
surprised. It seemed very mundane, after spending months training fencing and spells,
freeing princesses and trying to  slay dragons, or even after just running away from
home, but Mana was still struck by what she learned from her stick.
One hundred and four notches. She was skipping school.

       It's not that she wasn't learning, and she certainly didn't miss school
or anything about New York. It absolutely did not bother her a bit that she was not
at school. Not even a little. She'd never liked her school, or public education in
general. Hated it, in fact. Yeah, she couldn't stand it at all.

One hundred and four.

        In fact, it was a good thing she wasn't in school. She'd just get
bullied for disappearing the whole summer, and of course she liked what she was doing
now better then algebra. Mana was in a place where she was wanted and needed, and she
was helping doing very important things in this world.

Still though, one hundred and four...

       Mana looked around the sleeping faces of her companions wondering how many of
that would be at all bothered to learn what was going on back home. Takuya and Kiri
had presumably finished their schooling. Ato dropped out. Kiyomi... Did Kiyomi go to
      Sera and Shiki might mind, a little bit. But who else? Eichiro, Hiki and Mikan
weren't from earth, and Hana was basically a nomad. It was silly for Mana to worry
about, either.
      Spirits head popped out of the bag.
"What's wrong, Mana? You've been sitting there with that stick for fifteen minutes,
and I can't go back to sleep until I know you won't accidentally crush me with it,"
she said, her tiny voice not waking the others.
      "Sorry Spirit," Mana whispered as quietly as she could, and carefully replaced
the stick.
    You know what? I just talked to a sprite. I really don't care about
school! Mana said to herself decisively. She got up and went to tend the fire.
Kirti's Mind Theater Resolution 1/5- end

Side note: I wonder if Naono would care...
Last edited: 5 January 2010

SakuraBlossom_Haruno says:   6 January 2010   688093  
Is this a story? I don't quite get it, but it's really nice. ^^
Kirti says:   6 January 2010   581873  
It is, but it's not my story. My friend Miss_RolePlay1995 writes it,
but she has writers block, so I write stuff like this about the
characters to try and help. (And thank you!) 
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   6 January 2010   943527  
And help you do, I've been working on chapter 27 the past few days.
It's a loooooooong chapter.

Good job on the Mind Theater! 
Kirti says:   6 January 2010   736577  
Hurray for a lack of procrastination!

Meh. I've done better. 
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   6 January 2010   184767  
It's about time I got to the darned thing. How long has it been since
I posted chapter 26?!

It's certainly not bad work, I like it. ^_^ 
Kirti says:   8 January 2010   577821  
April sixth, 2009. (lucky Kupika saves the dates...)

Man, I broke my resolution! <-- hasn't published a Kirti's Mind
Theater in two days. 
Stupid lack of inspiration... 
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   8 January 2010   763349  
GAHH It's almost been a YEAR since anybody saw anything! D8

It's ok, I feel your pain. D; 
Kirti says:   8 January 2010   144089  
The worst part is that I had an idea, but it took so long to get it
even close to edited... 
Kirti says :   7 June 2010   166350  
Wow. I kinda fell off the bandwagon with this once-a-day thing, huh? 


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