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Through the Looking Glass Chapter One: A Desperate DreamCategory: A story I wrote
Friday, 1 January 2010
04:18:28 PM (GMT)
This is the third re-write I'm doing of this story, and I desperately need
Tell me what you like and what I can improve on.
Thank You
♥ Ali
Through the Looking Glass

Chapter One- A Desperate Dream

It was the week of the Jones High Prom and as usual every Junior 
had a date...except me as if I wasn't used to it. I had originally 
decided not to go, I couldn't understand why girls dreamt about 
these days as the "Best Days of Their Lives" of course there were 
alot of empty spaces...I was in the corner of the school
 gym wearing a tuxedo and drinking punch just watching all the 
couples dance surrounded by balloons to a slow, romantic song and I 
was pondering why I had even come in the first place...
	Something strange happened right then, a girl in a floor 
length red dress walks up to me and asks me to dance. I took her 
hand and she led me across the dance floor she ever-so gracefully 
placed her hand on my shoulder and I slowly and questionably 
took her hand, she must have been a size six. As I attempted to look 
in her eyes I realized I couldn't see her face...she was nothing but a 
blur and yet the dream continued. 
And I continued to watch in astonishment. 
	She pulled herself in closer and stroked my hair...
"I love you..." she said "and I always will love you..." 
"I love you too..." I replied "but there is something about you I must 
"I ask of you only a name..."
There was a moment of silence.
" name is..." 
Suddenly a blaring noise filled my eardrums I opened my eyes 
and directed my focus towards the alarm clock on the bedside table.
It was 6:20 on a Wednesday morning the alarm clock was blaring 
twenty minutes past que.
My name is Trent Tucker and I have fallen in love...with the girl 
of my dreams...literally.
	I am 16 years of age and a junior in High School starting
today. I'm just like any other teenager, vague and yet so very vivid I 
have always considered myself an outcast although I have always 
fit in very well. There was something about me that I couldn't quite 
put my finger on, I seemed to have it all; the popularity, the friends,
even the grades...everything but a girlfriend. I could've had any girl
at my Jones High School but they were all the same at Jones High 
those girls Narcissistic and shallow. They were always after the 
same things in life (or should I say school) to be popular to date a 
popular and to fit in with the popular crowd. 
	All the girls wanted was to date a popular boy in high
school. Of course I just had to be considered one of them...just my 
luck I suppose, I'm not like everyone else...I don't want to be 
popular...all I ever ask for in life is to be able to be myself and to be
accepted as I am for what I am for who I am, for being Trent not as 
the guy in a mask. But life is ironic like that, you almost never get 
what you want. All I ever wanted was to love and to be loved, I'm 
in love with the idea of being in love...and I'm in love with the girl 
in my dreams.
	I had perfect grades and a part-time job, considering 
everything the girls want and what I desire, girls didn't really 
matter to me much less did I have time for them...
"Trent! Wake up!!! It's time for breakfast!"
I angrily slammed the alarm.
"I'll be down in a minute Mom!!!"
Frustrated, I laid back down in the bed 
and tossed and turned desperately trying to fall asleep again to hear 
the name of the wonderful woman I had dreamt of.
I gave up, it was no use.
I stumbled out of bed and slumped to the bathroom to take a shower
Wrapped in a towel, I walked to my down the hall to my room.
I headed over to the mirror, put on a clean shirt and jeans and stared 
into the mirror. My brown hair and thin structure made me look 
unappealing...but that's my opinion, anybody else would love to 
argue with me over that.
I swung my backpack onto my back and raced downstairs.
Mom was leaning over her cup of coffee while I grabbed a
piece of toast, grabbed my keys, and slammed the door behind me. 
I was for sure going to be late for my first day.
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evetype says:   11 November 2010   356736  
I wonder who it is...
you write really good!*gives thumbs up*
‹α|!~♫~ ṫℌℯ~♫~Ḡαṫ☮ґ› says :   22 November 2010   886132  
Thank you so much...I take great pride in my writing...
this is actually and old project I worked on in my freetime
I'm working on a bit of a tear-jerker now...having a few 
problems getting it started, but I've got an idea and a plot
behind its a start I'll get there eventually... hoping to 
get it up and running soon, I'll post it on my other account
Thanks for the wonderful comments you have left me, its 
people like you that keep my passion for writing alive 
♥Ali McGator 


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