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Friday, 11 December 2009
07:06:29 PM (GMT)
I drink the blood.
The warm, savory taste engulfs me and draws me in.
I can't resist.
I am pulled farther and farther in until there is nothing left.
Then I mourn the dead.
I realize everyone dies and I did what I knew I had to do.
I hunt him down.
He begs to know of me.
I tell him I love him, but he turns away.
I grasp him and never let go.
Until it is too late.
And I realize what I have done.
I run and hide, screaming, wondering why it is me.
Why I have done what I did.
I beg to differ, but some things cannot be changed.
I drown in the pain, never to resurface again.

my death it is soon i fall crying a
tear on my face i kiss my love turn away and wait till i die

My love is gone.
Gone in the depths of death.
Never, ever to resurface again.
How could I have done this?
I shall never love again.
I walk this lonely road, on the boulevard of broken dreams.
Where the city sleeps, and I'm the only one and I walk alone.
My life is this.

i love i walk i do not die i tear down my face the beaty it is love is not there
till i see my child and my love gives my a passionit kiss sleep then die love does

I walk through a flood.
Have I created this flood?
And I have ruined lives.
It is only so that I would ruin my own life, if only by accident.

life is made and destrode not me i have done thourgh more thn u not a tear when i
kill the fact is that.

I do not make life my job is to destroy it.
But I destroyed the one life I wanted to hold so close to me.
I shall hide in this hole, this hole of rock.
Where no one will ever find me.
Where I mourn the death of my love.
I will drive myself to join him someday.
Someday, someday.
But someday is so far away.
I sit here in the empitness and watch life go by.
It rains, and the rain hardens my soul.

i blink and smash the skull drink the blood never ask my age

The blood pulls me in.
I glady destruct what has been made.
I destroy.
I hunt the earth for the ones who have mocked me.
I find them.
I destroy.

my lips tuoch the soft ground then my eyes meet hes he runs knowing what i am sadly
i fall in love quickly soon i have to kill him the young boy his eyes filled with
hope me i have to brake the hope of the one i love soon then i lay my head down to
rest the sunshine in my heart waiting for him till i die him with his soft lips warm
body and bright hopeful happy eyes when .i get ready. for the sight of my beatiful

I know I cannot love.
I loved once, and my world shattered when I killed.
So I must kill this young one here.
I lay against him, and feel the warm liquid fill my mouth.
Soon, his warm, soft body goes cold and rigid.
I back away.
I don't think about what I've done.
I kill.
I must.
I am destined to.
I must.

i run dont the alley crying for my love the 2 died and it is my fault

Hate is so much better than love.
I want to never love again.
I shall hate my whole life.
And not think of the dead.
They tormented me.
Harassed me.
They are good being dead.
Last edited: 11 December 2009

‹~+cαπ'T ι ευεƦ  βE hαρρψ?? ju$T øπc› says:   11 December 2009   573173  
~+cooL, watta lOnG pOeM.. +~
‹skeletonscorpio› says:   11 December 2009   791766  
But it's good.
Did you read it?
‹icanbeyourmelody. ♥› says:   11 December 2009   230767  
wow, dude.
that is, like, amazing. (:
it kinda reminds me of how Ellen Hopkins writes.
except this is kinda dark and gloomy.
but, it's still really, really good. (:
‹skeletonscorpio› says :   24 June 2010   174687  
I have no idea who Ellen Hopkins is. Heehee. But thank you. I wrote it
with my best friend. 


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