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Thursday, 5 November 2009
01:10:46 PM (GMT)
my friends and i have been talking about college (high school for americans) even though we don't have to apply for another year they all want to go to a different college to the one i want to go to i can't even order food on my own like hell i can go to college on my own but the one they want to go to is too far away, i'd have to get like three buses to get there i suck at making new friends and i'd be terrified to go to any of my classes i can't wait to go to college, i fucking hate my school but i'm scared to lose my friends even though this is a whole year away they might change their minds and i can't keep them forever. it sucks that the one friend who i know i won't lose lives on the other side of the world

Lyncheh says:   5 November 2009   653453  
I'd say DON'T go to the college your friends are going to if that's
the only reason you're going. You made those friends, didn't you?
Exactly, and you can make new ones, ESPECIALLY since it's a new start
and everyone is desperate to make friends. 
‹tinysparrow.› says:   5 November 2009   602742  
i don't want new best friends :/ i know i'll make new friends
whatever college i go to, but i'm way more likely to if i'm with my
friends. without them, i don't speak to anyone unless i have to
Oroborus21 says:   5 November 2009   815654  
sadly change is inevitable...you will part somewhat with your friends
face it, when you go to university or start working etc. yes i know
you might be saying yeah but thats years still to go and thats true. 
but the fact remains you will part from them sometime. 

fortunately with the net and our communication today webcamming,
cellphones, etc, its easier to keep in contact..and yes thats not the
same as being in person with them...

the bottom line im trying to say is that if its convenient to stick
wiht your friends then do so but if its not, dont fret too much, the
really good ones will try and stay in touch and see you too...but dont
go to extremes to try and stay with them because its only going to be
for a couple more years at most anyways that yoiu would all be able to
stick together...

its time to face maturity :-(   you will be ok though

and besides that fresh starts can be nice...the love and friends of
your life might be waiting for you at the college you go to...well
maybe not the loves of your life as thats probably gonna be at Uni...
‹tinysparrow.› says :   5 November 2009   802947  
yeah, i know. it's just weird to be without them, one of my friends
has been in every class of mine since nursery. i don't know how to be
without her

and yeah, without the internet i wouldn't even have one of my best
friends. but yeah not the same as being in person. 

i kind of doubt i'll meet the love of my life at uni e_e i hardly
expect to find the person i want to spend the rest of my life with
before i'm 21.

i hate the education system :/

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